All Mates Together

All Mates Together It s the summer holidays and the gang have some very welcome visitors to stay in Cornwall Lucy Nesta Izzie and TJ from Mates Dates

  • Title: All Mates Together
  • Author: Cathy Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781853408045
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s the summer holidays and the gang have some very welcome visitors to stay in Cornwall Lucy, Nesta, Izzie and TJ from Mates, Dates.

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    1. 16/11/2012All mates togetherBy Cathy Hopkins All mates together was about Cat a teenage girl whose mother died when she was around 5 years old she has 3 younger siblings Emma 5, Joe 12 and Luke 9 her father has recently got engaged to Jen. They all moved in together and us you would imagine they had something’s to get used to.Her best friend’s Becca ,Lia, Nesta, Lucy, Lizzie, TJ and new boyfriend Jamie all stick by her and because of this everything works out.It’s a simple story with not a [...]

    2. "All Mates Together", by Cathy Hopkins is an oustanding book and is excellently written. I have read all the "Truth or Dare" books and I think that by far this is the best out of all of them. I really like the idea that each book is written in the point of view of a different character. I like that the characters of the "Mates, Dates" series are united with the characters of the "Truth or Dare" series. I love the idea of entire series. I feel that many teenagers can relate to the strugles that L [...]

    3. this book combines all the characters in "mates and dates" and "truth or dare". point of view of cat this timet's dad is finally going to remarry. but she is also moving, being separated from best freinds and new best friends is going to be very painful. with their relationship so deep they had another truth or dare, and it is they will never forget or leave each other. changes is what cat's is expecting, but there weren't the one that cat were expecting. a lot she wants to be the same, but mayb [...]

    4. I'm glad that all the characters from both series' were included in this book, however, I felt the storyline could have been a bit better. The hen night was fun, though, and I found myself laughing out loud at the boys' dance.

    5. Can Cat tell her friends about what was in the trunk but will she tell. Find out in this exciting book made for generations after generations. well maybe not all generations but the 21st century it will.

    6. I didn't really had anything that resembled me in this book, like there's just books where the situation is one you've been in as well or can put yourself into but I couldn't with this one.

    7. There is no way I could have managed the horrible teenage years without this series! I read it multiple times!!

    8. BookTubeAThon Day 1-Finish a book without letting go of itDressing up and brushing teeth was fun. P.S. : Is it bad that I'm still team Ollie? After all these years?Anyway, It was a nice ending!

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