Keisha to the Rescue

Keisha to the Rescue Five young girls prove that they can do and be anything anywhere

  • Title: Keisha to the Rescue
  • Author: Teresa Reed
  • ISBN: 9781575130705
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five young girls prove that they can do and be anything anywhere

    One thought on “Keisha to the Rescue”

    1. A cute children's books (better for girls) that brings up some good conversation topics about race, responsibility, etc Great for girls with a good imagination!

    2. I never liked the premise of this book; no one in their right mind would let a 10 year old be a lifeguard. Not happening. I know MA are fantasy, but that's ridiculous even by their standard. Keisha is discriminated against by a shop owner early in the book. I don't understand why Ellie wouldn't tell her parents or call the owner and give him a piece of her mind. HELLO, what you're doing is ILLEGAL. Nope, we'll let the ten year old handle it. There's a blatant case of class discrimination during [...]

    3. This was really cute. I just didn't think that Keisha's real life problem tied in very well with he adventure problem. It was similar but her real life problem was much more serious.

    4. I enjoyed this book, but I thought it was pretty unrealistic, even by "Magic Attic Club" standards. Like why would a young girl like Keisha be a lifeguard? Isn't that more of a job for a teenager or adult?

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