Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Vol. 1

Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol The only cookbook that explains how to create authentic French dishes in American kitchens with American foods Teaches the key techniques of French cooking permitting many variations on a theme Over

  • Title: Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Vol. 1
  • Author: Julia Child Simone Beck Louisette Bertholle
  • ISBN: 9780394721781
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • The only cookbook that explains how to create authentic French dishes in American kitchens with American foods Teaches the key techniques of French cooking, permitting many variations on a theme Over 100 instructive drawings.

    One thought on “Mastering the Art of French Cooking: Vol. 1”

    1. Mine is the 1971 printing inscribed to my mother from Helen, her mother-in-law (my paternal grandfather's third and final wife, whom we disliked). Helen was a pretentious cook who liked to show off - she thought of herself as a cultured Southern belle living a romantic drama - she had her bad poetry published by a vanity press. My mother was a modest homestyle cook from PA Dutch farm roots, who enjoyed baking birthday cakes. Helen gave this book to my mother to belittle her cooking skills. I do [...]

    2. I’ve had Volume One of Mastering the Art of French Cooking on the shelf for forty years and although I’ve not utilized in quite the way Julie what’s-her-name did by cooking all the recipes and writing a book about it, I have cooked a bit from it but more importantly, I’ve LEARNED so much from it. Julia Child and cohorts were great instructors in processes and whys and wherefores. So I finally got Volume Two just to have them side-by-side on my shelf – haven’t dipped into that one yet [...]

    3. Yes this classic cookbook seems formidable. But, really, it is anything but. Julia Child's way of walking the cook through her recipes guarantees no missed steps. The ingredients you need for each step are clearly laid out, along with the time each step takes, the equipment needed, and any variations that may work. This is more than a cookbook; it is an entire cooking class, just as Julia Child intended. Even now, forty years later, the recipes are just as current as ever, especially since Julia [...]

    4. This is not a review on the content which is excellent. To be very brief here are the nitpicks regarding the specific imprint 9780241956465:1. The book size is that of a novel (20cm x 13cm). To open it properly and follow a recipe, once would need to crack the spine and force it open at 180 degrees. It does not stay open at any one page without mechanical force holding it there.2. The paper has the same newspaper feel as a mass paperback. The font is minute. The height of the non-caps letters is [...]

    5. When you start to use this cookbook, it is easy to understand why it has remained a classic since 1961. It is not like the usual cookbook with big, beautiful photographs, a long list of ingredients and directions on putting everything together. It includes commentary by Julia Child that is really funny sometimes and very useful in understanding how the various ingredients work to make the dish. And, not all the recipes require hours to assemble. The vegetable dishes, in particular, are fairly ea [...]

    6. i don't understand why there are people who give low ratings for this cookbook (especially on amazon) complaining that the recipes are tedious and fussy and time consuming. IT'S FRENCH COOKING for godsakes! that's what french cooking is - long, fussy and tedious! that's why french food doesn't taste like american food! if you want to eat 30min meals watch rachael ray.

    7. The Oeufs en Cocotte section of the book intrigued me so much that I decided to make them myself.Since my mother loved the movie so much, she decided that she absolutely had to have "Mtaofc" herself.After the movie's success, many other people apparently had the same idea, and for the longest time, Sold Out signs sat on the place where the cookbooks should be.Finally, after watching "How To Train Your Dragon" for the second time, we went to the Indigo across the mall strip and were overjoyed to [...]

    8. Not surprisingly, this cookbook is an absolute delight. I jumped on the Julia/Julia bandwagon and bought the book after reading through Julie Powell's memoir, and I'm glad that I did it. Given the fact I like to read cookbooks just as much as I like to actually use them, I appreciated Julia Child's (sometimes lengthy) introductions to her recipes.Having said that:I've had to tweak some of the recipes, mainly cutting the amount of salt used in a given recipe and increasing the amount of vegetable [...]

    9. My friend got this book for me for my birthday and I was ecstatic! Like others, I too was inspired by the movie Julie&Julia. I would have loved to be friends with Julia Child, and reading this cookbook is almost like having a conversation with the woman herself. She describes each dish and cooking technique with precision and detail. I've attempted a few of the recipes, but others are quite challenging. There are some black and white sketches in here for the visual learner in us, but I would [...]

    10. This is the classic cookbook, in its entirety--all 524 recipes."Anyone can cook in the French manner anywhere," wrote Mesdames Beck, Bertholle, and Child, "with the right instruction." And here is the book that, for more than forty years, has been teaching Americans how.Mastering the Art of French Cooking is for both seasoned cooks and beginners who love good food and long to reproduce at home the savory delights of the classic cuisine, from the historic Gallic masterpieces to the seemingly artl [...]

    11. I've been in a cooking slump so I dusted off Julia Child and I'd forgotten how accessible and delicious this cookbook is! I also immediately remembered I've been holding off on relying on this too heavily in our weekly meals because the kitchen is a disaster afterward. No matter how much my taste and cooking repertoire changes over the years, I always love the recipes in this cookbook. Every recipe I've ever used has been fabulous and most every recipe all 4 of my kids will eat without complaint [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book, although I didn't actually read every word. It was very interesting--I read some parts, skimmed others and enjoyed all of the illustrations. I remember watching "The French Chef" on TV as a child with my mother, and reading this book brought back some fond memories. (Note: The copy that I read only has 684 pages plus an index of 32, so I don't know where the 1,111 page number comes from. It does have the same ISBN number.)

    13. Now I didn't actually read this book cover to cover but there are bits and pieces that I did read that I found to be interesting. I will probably attempt some of the recipes included in the book but I don't foresee attempting to pull a Julie and Julia type of thing. Don't think I would have the guts to try some of those recipes on my own.

    14. After listing to the audio version of My Life in France and also being a lover of cookbooks, I knew I had to own this book. A very thoughtful friend gave it to me as a Christmas present this past year.

    15. This had been sitting on my shelf for the past 5 or 6 years and while I've made a few recipes here and there throughout the years, lately I am doing a lot of stuff from here. Recently reading part of the correspondence between Child and her long-time pen pal, Avis DeVoto, inspired me to revisit this essential cookbook.

    16. For all that Julia Child can go overboard on the requirements for her recipes, this cookbook is a classic for a reason. The recipes are reliable, tasty, and often dramatic. They are rarely "quick" fixes, but are almost always worth the planning and effort. One tip - since the cookbook isn't modern, sometimes procedures or cook times have to be adjusted for more efficient equipment.

    17. The bible of French-cooking. All the background of French eating culture, basics of cooking, and those classic recipes. After more than 40 years in circulation, this book is a definite essential for anyone with food in their hearts.

    18. A ClassicI borrowed this from the library. I wanted to make sure the Kindle version would be easy to navigate and have a comprehensive index. I will definitely be buying it. Julia Childwhat more needs to be said? And yes, I suddenly have an urge to watch "Julie & Julia."

    19. I use the second volume for the authentic French bread recipe. If you find yourself with a weekend to spare, prepare this bread! Crunchy exterior and fluffy, light airy wholesY.U.M.

    20. French cooking seems too rich and heavy for modern lifestyles. Lots of primarily meat recipes and she used lots and lots of cream-sorry Julia!

    21. We hav got this book as a wedding present from Paris. Offering deep details and a very deep insight into the French mastery (and mystery) of the cuisine art.

    22. Easy to understand. I expected that I wouldn't be able to cook most of these, but she has a way of making me not feel like a clutz in the kitchen.

    23. This cookbook is incredibly interesting and completely detailed from equipment to ingredients, all the way through the recipes.

    24. Most of the recipes are Really Hard, but a lot of it is very interesting, if only to learn and fantasize about what you could do with more time and money. Then you go make noodles with butter.

    25. Great referenceDefinitely a helpful book to have around. Thorough and efficient. Timeless. 9 more words are required for this review. Hope Taylor

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