Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Stories

Randy Bachman s Vinyl Tap Stories Randy Bachman has been rolling out chart topping songs his whole life You Ain t Seen Nothing Yet These Eyes American Woman Taking Care of Business and since treating fans to a lifetime of st

  • Title: Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Stories
  • Author: Randy Bachman
  • ISBN: 9780670065790
  • Page: 442
  • Format: ebook
  • Randy Bachman has been rolling out chart topping songs his whole life You Ain t Seen Nothing Yet, These Eyes, American Woman, Taking Care of Business and, since 2005, treating fans to a lifetime of stories on his hit CBC Radio show Randy s Vinyl Tap.His approach is always fresh even the most hardcore music fans will be surprised by what they can l Randy Bachman has been rolling out chart topping songs his whole life You Ain t Seen Nothing Yet, These Eyes, American Woman, Taking Care of Business and, since 2005, treating fans to a lifetime of stories on his hit CBC Radio show Randy s Vinyl Tap.His approach is always fresh even the most hardcore music fans will be surprised by what they can learn from Randy Writing music and lyrics, performing live and recording 1 songs, producing new music, organizing reunion tours Randy has done it all Music is his life, and his anecdotes put you at the centre of it all.These are his best stories Even with all his success Randy is still that kid from Winnipeg, and his enthusiasm for great music is as strong as ever Hear how after years of dreaming Randy finally got to see his musical heroes, The Shadows, play live, and then got to record a Shadows tribute song with longtime friend Neil Young Encounters with celebrities and rock legends abound, but it is the music that is the driving force behind his extraordinary career, and what brings us back for stories from Randy s Vinyl Tap.

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    1. Written in a very informal style, written by a fan of music rather than a celebrity. I had heard many of the stories before, but still worth a read. Good for fans of Randy's work and anyone who has an interest in some stories behind the music.

    2. Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap Sto­ries is a non-fiction book by the famous rocker. Randy Bach­man, a musi­cian from Win­nipeg who was in the Guess Who, BTO and other bands tells about his career and the peo­ple he met.This is a short book with many short sto­ries. Mr. Bach­man has sat down and wrote down great mem­o­ries from a great career, read­ing the book I felt as if he would play a song after each story.My favorite story is one of the longer ones about Les Paul. Mr. Bach­man saw Les [...]

    3. Randy Bachman of Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) fame has a radio show called Vinyl Tap. This book came into being after fans requested transcripts of his shows. It's a collection of memories of people, places and guitars that Randy experienced in his years in the music industry.I'm not sure what I expected from this memoir - maybe a bit of sex, drugs and rock and roll type scandals or revelations. But while Randy is all about the rock and roll, he's not about the other two. It's fu [...]

    4. I always loved Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive fame, and this is a great book on his career, his love of music, and his friends. If you're a fan of rock music and great guitar players, this is a very fun and insightful read.

    5. I happened to pick this up while looking at other books in the music section and it caught my eye. I had never given much thought to The Guess Who, their songs were part of the radio landscape I'd grown up with and maybe had taken for granted though I really loved the hell out of "Star Baby" for some reason. I remember liking BTO for a couple weeks in 10th grade until the jocks adopted them as their band and I could never quite get past that, sorry music is so personal and swayed by the oddest f [...]

    6. Ahh, the simple pleasures of Bachman-Turner Overdrive (You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Takin’ Care of Business), the working man’s band who proved that normal dudes could hit Number One, too. Was your brother in a band? He rocked some BTO. Bachman has been in the music business forever, and this book perfectly captures the conversational tone and relaxed, been-there-done-that vibe of his Sirius radio show, Vinyl Tap. The appeal is that Bachman ain’t no Keith Richards. He’s Randy Freaking B [...]

    7. I don't listen to CBC and I've never heard of Bachman's show, Vinyl Tap. Though I'm not a huge fan of the Guess Who or Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO), I like a lot of their songs.I do like reading bios, books by Canadians and music. I was attracted to this book because I thought Bachman would have interesting stories to tell and he did. He is indeed still just "a kid from Winnipeg" who has had some experiences, both good and bad. He sounds like a nice fella who is very hardworking who hasn't fo [...]

    8. I liked this book. You know who will LOVE this book? Fans of Randy Bachman (founding member of The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)) and fans of guitar music, acoustic or electric. Bachman shares his memories of his early days on the Canadian rock scene, as well as the many personal connections that he has made with other guitar greats, like Neil Young, Les Paul, and Eddie Van Halen, among many. Bachman currently has a hit radio show, in Canada, called Vinyl Tap, and many of the stor [...]

    9. Guitar player/singer/songwriter for The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive turned CBC radio broadcaster tells stories of the music that influenced him and the people he met during his career. Originally from his radio show, Vinyl Tap, the stories have been edited for reading instead of listening and collected in this volume along with the playlists from the shows. Bachman is great storyteller. Among the pages are such gems as the various guitars that influenced music, their players, and the [...]

    10. I became obsessed with Randy Bachman when he moved into our area when I was a young pre-teen. Later, I was able to mow his lawn and take care of his yard. The best part was learning to play guitar at the feet of the master. I was also lucky enough to get to be a roadie for one of his Ironhorse shows. Man that equipment is heavy ! I was also able to do other things like camping and such with him as he was one of my Boy Scout Leaders.So, with that in mind, I love Rock history and the stories behin [...]

    11. Randy Bachman is a pretty marginal figure in the history of rock, at least if you're not from Winnipeg. But this book is surprisingly enjoyable, mainly because his focus is so tightly on the music. The book originated with the stories he's told on his CBC radio show, which were built around a theme for a playlist of records by him as well as other artists. He talks very specifically about different guitars and different players and what they brought to the table. He retains the enthusiastic obse [...]

    12. This book is mostly stories from his radio program with some bits of how he got into the music business. There are a few stories about the Guess Who and how they got together and why he left. Also about how he would go about writing songs. He then talks about BTO and how they got together and a few of the hit songs that they had. He does not speak badly about any one that he worked with which was nice and for the most part he would say it was time to move on. He did talk about the different peop [...]

    13. For fans of Randy Bachman, a lot of these stories are old hat, but there are still many surprises in here. His knowledge of the guitar is well known. Although he is a huge name in Canada still, it was a kick to see his guitar in the lobby of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (now to get the Guess Who inducted!)Good stories about people like jazz player Lenny Breau, Neil Young, Moe Koffman, Hagood Hardy, Dion Dimucci, so many others. The accidental birth of songs like "American Woman" "Takin' Care o [...]

    14. This isn't my normal fare, and was given to me on loan by my much-more-into-this-kind-of-thing-stepdad. On a positive note, this book discusses a lot of sweet music and is pretty impressive in how extensively Randy Bachman can name-drop. However, that makes up a huge portion of this book. While some of his experiences are pretty cool, specifically his "Lenny and Neil" chapter, I didn't really get into a lot of what he covers here. While I definitely respect him as a musician, this book really di [...]

    15. I just finished this book , which took a little longer to read than I anticipated as I could not find myself interested enough in the content to keep at it for any length of time, which is a shame. While I did enjoy learning more about the Canadian music industry I found the format just a bit too "chatty' for want of a better term. There seemed to be no continuity in the story line which is something I look for even in a non- fiction work such as this.Overall, not a bad read , but not one I woul [...]

    16. This was the stuff of school daze. BTO was such a guy trucker band with songs you cranked on the radio and shouted along to with your buds ridin' around town killing time in your shit box wheels. With the Guess Who you got a band that could rock it and drop in killer ballads. Some great back stories in here on the songs and who he rubbed shoulders with. Especially enjoyed the inspiration for my fave tune No Sugar Tonight. A fast, easy read that surprised me on how big their songs became. Let it [...]

    17. I loved this. He writes of his experiences in the music world, people he's met. I especially appreciated his descriptions of what it means to be a musician-so much more than I realized. We learn of recording details, guitars and their differences, how music is composed and the different styles of playing. To top it all off he comes across as a normal, nice person, definately not the stero-type of a famous rock musician. Thank you Randy, you didn't disappoint!

    18. This book used an unfair advantage to earn my five stars - Bachman grew up in Winnipeg. His descriptions of the city and its ambiance (yes, the city has one) made this a must-read for me. The music I loved and still hear today is a bonus and is what most readers will find interesting. His musical and personal friendship with Neil Young has not received nearly enough consideration by musical historians, but here they can get a start on it.

    19. Fantastically entertaining and wonderfully laid out, Randy's vinyl tap stories kept me glued to the book for hours on end.Being from Winnipeg, I took this press copy as an opportunity to celebrate and to learn more about a home town hero.He delivers great and minuscule details of song histories and interesting things or events about bands or stars he has run in to.Most certainly worth the read.

    20. A wonderful collection of anecdotes by a nice guy who just happened to be one of the great rock and roll guitarists in the '60s and '70s. Bachman has told these stories countless times and they are seasoned with a little-boy wonder and surprise that he found himself in these situations. Bachman has a weekly radio show on CBC in Canada where he spins old tunes and talks about them. I could listen to his stories all night.

    21. This book is a lot of fun! Any fan of classic rock or guitars or great music in general will love this book. Bachman tells all kinds of fascinating stories about his journey through rock history, tells about his encounters with other musical greats, and how some of his most well known songs came to be. At the end of each chapter, he provides a list of songs he likes that are applicable to the stories from that chapter. This book is a fun, quick read and I highly recommend it.

    22. A great book of the who's who in music from one of the driving forces behind the Guess Whoo and Bachman Turner Overdrive. Not only does Randy reminisce about all the people he's met, but he describes the type of music they are important for, what kinds of instruments they made the music on, and often what personalities drive these influential people. A must read for anyone who loves music and grew up in the 60,s and 70's.

    23. A fun read. Having grown up in Winnipeg, I remember seeing the Guess Who, Brave Belt, Lenny Breau and many of the performers Bachman mentions. The book is a great trip back to a vital and vibrant time on the Winnipeg music scene. How wonderful to have a look at that time from the 'inside'.

    24. I felt it was part of my required reading for spending a lot of time in Canada. Well worth it for the stories and all the people Randy has met. Through the book he remains as a bigger fan fo rock than a show boat.Plus BTO 1 was the first rock album I ever purchase.

    25. He is quite a good storyteller. The tales of his childhood and early musical forays in Winnipeg were very good. He has certainly lead a very interesting life and his talent has earned him a very well deserved spot in the musical annals of Canada

    26. This is an enjoyable read tracing Randy Bachman's music career with his CBC radio show. The early days of his career in Winnipeg are really interesting.

    27. Fast fun light read. A series of vignettes. Randy has met nearly all of rock royalty and here he tells you about it.

    28. I absolutely love this book and basically couldn't put it down. I can't write much right now but the book was an easy read and provided a lot of information.

    29. In a world of sex, drugs, and rock and rolls nice to read stories from a man who was in it *just* for the rock and roll. Great stories!!!

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