Play It Again

Play It Again R J Brooks left Tinseltown behind long ago to become a matrimonial detective in New York City But he finds himself facing ghosts from his past when his celebrated mother is murdered in Manhattan To so

  • Title: Play It Again
  • Author: Stephen Humphrey Bogart
  • ISBN: 9780812551624
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
  • R.J Brooks left Tinseltown behind long ago to become a matrimonial detective in New York City But he finds himself facing ghosts from his past when his celebrated mother is murdered in Manhattan To solve this case he needs both his street smarts and his Hollywood connections One way or another he has to find the killer This is Bogart s first work of fiction.

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    1. I got this book in one of those grab bags of books (mystery books in this case) that a friend got me for my birthday. Otherwise I never would have picked it up. Luckily it was short. This book was just so strange. I felt like the characters were all fairly two dimensional with the possible exception of the main character RJ, and he only felt a tad less two dimensional because it was narrated from his point of view and the author described his thoughts. In way too great of detail.Overall I just d [...]

    2. I liked this book a lot. I expected a bit more Sam Spade, but it had sufficient interest in spite of it not quite being noir. Set in New York, the story makes the reader wonder how much is from the author's real life and how much is pure fiction. Certainly any author derives much of non-fiction from experience and observation, so whether it is mostly fiction or in large part a reflection of the author's experience is merely a point of interest, not crucial to enjoyment of the story.The story is [...]

    3. This is what happen when I visit used bookstores while on vacation - I ended up finding and reading all kinds of interesting things. This one made me wonder about the Oedipal undercurrents, as it involves a private investigator who is the son of a famous actress. The famous actress is killed off and the son has lots of unresolved mommy stuff. The writer is of course the son of a famous actress and a famous actor. Yikes! It was an enjoyable old school murder mystery, though, with lots of snappy o [...]

    4. This book has been on my TBR pile/shelf for years, so I finally go to it. I enjoyed it for the most part. You could kind of figure out where it was going, but he's a good writer, so I liked it.Interesting to find the references to Sam Spade - not many, but some.

    5. “Play it Again” is written by Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart´s son. That is pretty much the only thing of interest I can say about the book. The plot deals with a private detective, R. J. Brooks, that´s the son of a famous Hollywood couple! While his father died long ago, his mother, Belle Fontaine, is still alive and still a diva. Their relationship however is distant and cold, a result of Belle caring more about her career than being a good mother during his childhood. However when Be [...]

    6. Yes, it's the son of the actor . . . and so I fully expected this curio to be pretty ghastly. My expectations seemed confirmed by the fact that it bore a laudatory cover quote from Connie Chung; all this proves that Bogart is pals with Connie Chung. Still, you know the principle: You bought it, so you better read it, buster. And in fact it's quite good . . . although I found some aspects of it a bit disquieting. As the front-flap blurb explains, our hero, R.J. Brooks, is "the only son of a legen [...]

    7. The name is for real: the son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall debuts with an uninspired tale of New York PI R.J. Brooks, son of has-been movie star Belle Fontaine. The unsavory R.J. sleeps with his clients, wonders what he ever saw in his ex-wife and worries about his son from a distance. R.J. never got along with his famous parent, resenting her for being an absentee celebrity mom, but he nevertheless feels obliged to investigate when she and a man are found shot to death on a massage tabl [...]

    8. This book was a totally unexpected find. I was wandering through the stacks at our public library when I spotted the name Bogart. I was intrigued after scanning the cover and decided to check it out. It was a very enjoyable read. There is a sequel to this book titled, "As Time Goes By". "Play It Again Sam" and "As Time Goes By" are apparently the only fictional books written by the son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

    9. I wanted to like this book, considering the family heritage and that I am a big fan of Bogart's. It seemed there were unresolved issues with his mother at the time he wrote this. At least, that is how it came off to me. I didn't make it very far before I had to stop reading it, so I can't provide a complete review. Maybe my opinion may have changed had I kept at it, but I just couldn't make myself read another page. My apologies to Stephen if my initial impression was completely off base.

    10. Set in New York City, R.J. Brooks is a young private investigator who primarily handles cases to obtain evidence on a cheating spouse. He's pretty much estranged from his mother and has a lot of issues regarding her which also dampens his ability to deal with emotional issues. Things change when his mother is murdered and he becomes involved in helping to find the murderer.

    11. just cause your dads famous doesn't mean you can write. i was really hoping to like this book since at the time (in 1995) my b/f's dad was friends with the guy. we each got a signed copy and i knew if wanted to i could meet him.i should have met him before i read his book because afterwards i didn't want to.

    12. Read some of the other reviews, but they were too harsh. I liked the book, found it entertaining and well written. No, it will never become one of the great books of all time, but it was very good. I did buy the book because it was written by Bogart/Bacall's son, and I have always been a big fan of both. I would recommend the book to anyone who likes mysteries.

    13. it took a while for me to get into it, but once I did, I was hooked. Many parallels to Bogart's life.I mean, come on Belle Fontaine?? Really? I think we know who THAT was based on! ;)

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