Dark Star

Dark Star Leigh s marriage to Ruiz Aldoret was purely a business arrangement made so that Ruiz could comply with the terms of his grandfather s will and inherit the large estate of Carastrano in Mexico The inte

  • Title: Dark Star
  • Author: Nerina Hilliard
  • ISBN: 9780373012688
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Leigh s marriage to Ruiz Aldoret was purely a business arrangement made so that Ruiz could comply with the terms of his grandfather s will and inherit the large estate of Carastrano in Mexico The intention was that after a short time at Carastrano, a quiet annulment would arranged.But now Leigh was not at all sure that she wanted their marriage to end.

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    1. Great book! The heroine is 25 year old Leigh. She is engaged and madly in love with Bruce. Unfortunately she finds out that Bruce and her glamorous, movie star sister have fallen in love but won't fulfil their love because of her. She decides that she must break her engagement in such a way that they won't suspect that she knows about them. As luck would have it her icy, cold boss had asked her to enter a marriage in name only so he could fulfil the terms of his grandfather's will. She had turne [...]

    2. This was a fun entertaining story about a young woman who happens to stumble upon her fiancé lip locked with her sister and professing his undying love. She decides to remove her self from the situation by pretending she has been secretly in love with her boss and is now going to marry him instead. Her boss (a rather cold unfeeling man) has proposed a very short marriage of convenience so that he can inherit his family estate.It was fun to watch him "thaw" out as he got to know the real woman h [...]

    3. I love this book. I think it's one of the better marriage of convenience stories out there. Ruiz and Leigh both go into the marriage fully aware of the kind of deal they make, and yet they find themselves slowly becoming friends, feel attracted to each other, and fall in love.There's several things I love about the story. It's 40 years old, so it has a lovely oldie British 60s vibe to it. (Esp the early scenes with Leigh's family have this a lot.) There's even a best friend that I'm convinced is [...]

    4. This is the story of Leigh's marriage of convenience to Mexican hero Ruiz Aldoret.She enters the marriage to escape after finding her sister Stella, the Dark Star of the story, in the arms of Leigh's fiance Bruce.The marriage works out surprisingly well but Stella's entry into the picture threatens everything.A very sweet marriage of convenience with another of Hilliard's charming and very discerning heroes.

    5. Seems like a typical secretary-boss romance of its time, but it isn't. It is so much better!h has a large family, amongst whom is a movie star, of sociopathic tendencies. said sister detaches h's fiance, h overhears/sees them accidentally, breaks up with fiance by getting engaged to boss (who just happens to need to get married to inherit). Plot-wise, we've seen it before. Or rather, in the years since this was written, this plot element is one of the most overused! (still is!). What makes the s [...]

    6. I read this book several years ago but I still remember it fondly. I would still own it if not for the fact that I lost many of my books while I was away at school and my father decided I "really didn't need that many books". Anyway though, this book was extremely realistic and I liked how the relationship of the H/h didn't happen overnight like in some MofC books. Ruiz was. mmmmm. that's all I can say. One of the kind of people where you see the crack in the sophisticated veneer that hides his [...]

    7. I read this book for the first time sooooo many years ago. More than thirty years ago. It is one of the Harlequin Romance novels that I have hung onto. I am delightfully surprised to see could even find it. I was drawn to this story because Leigh is adorable and I love the 'Apache war paint' scene. I also love that Ruiz is from Mexico and you get to see so many delightful places in Mexico. Perhaps this is where my love of Mexico and the Spanish language began.

    8. Old harlequin, but such a lovely story. The couple starts of as a marriage of convenience (between boss and secretary). The boss needs to be married before he can claim his inheritance and the secretary found out that her fiancé is in love with her sister, so she wants to make it possible for them to be together without feeling guilty about her, since she will be married to someone else.I liked that the couple respected each other as colleagues before their actual relationship happened. It's al [...]

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