Bitterwood Outrunning a winter storm in the north Captain Faran of the King s Guard his men and a young mage named Meric find shelter at the ancestral home of the Daenes Bitterwood Manor Faran and his troops

  • Title: Bitterwood
  • Author: Rowan Speedwell
  • ISBN: 9781611241808
  • Page: 375
  • Format: ebook
  • Outrunning a winter storm in the north, Captain Faran of the King s Guard, his men, and a young mage named Meric find shelter at the ancestral home of the Daenes, Bitterwood Manor Faran and his troops have been searching for six weeks for both a powerful unknown mage, and for a mysterious, lion like beast that reportedly haunts the uncharted northern woods.Faran finds theOutrunning a winter storm in the north, Captain Faran of the King s Guard, his men, and a young mage named Meric find shelter at the ancestral home of the Daenes, Bitterwood Manor Faran and his troops have been searching for six weeks for both a powerful unknown mage, and for a mysterious, lion like beast that reportedly haunts the uncharted northern woods.Faran finds the first clue in their quest the Daene family heraldry a gold cat on a red field Meric finds something much interesting the son of the house, Eissa For his part, Faran is fascinated by the powerful figure of Joss, a widower who manages Bitterwood and its environs with a strong, steady hand.Together they will need to brave the oldest, darkest part of the Bitterwood in the coldest, deepest snows of winter, to find the legendary gold cat and the prophesied mage, for time is running out for Meric, and for the kingdom.

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    1. Bitterwood by Rowan Speedwell was good. I wish the characters had been a little more developed initially, and the world/magical system could have used a more intricacy but those are quibbles. This was gay fantasy romance, and graphic at times, but sexy and if that's what you want/like I think it's one of the best I have ever read of this type. I enjoyed it very much.

    2. ~Review of second edition~Bitterwood is a high fantasy set in a world with kingdoms, lords, castles, healers, and mages. It has a Middle Ages historical feel but with magic. Same-sex relationships are not forbidden in this world, but they're not encouraged either (families want heirs). The story is told from two different third-person POVs: that of Faran, a captain in the King's guard, and that of Meric, a young mage. Faran and Meric, along with their troops, are on a quest to find a magical bea [...]

    3. 3.75 StarsI enjoy this author's writing very much. She sets the stories so nicely. Her men are strong and honorable. It's nothing over the top or intense, just nicely paced and lovingly written. In this book we get two love stories.Joss and Faran. Joss is the Lord of Deanewood or Bitterwood. On a stormy night Faran a Captain of the King's Army shows up at his door with his men asking for shelter. Faran is travelling with one of the King's Mages, Meric. They are on a secret mission, which if it f [...]

    4. A quest into the heart of the wintry north country for a mythical cat and a powerful mage takes Captain Faran, his men, and Mage Meric to the estate of Joss Daenes, Lord of the Bitterwood. The journey is wreathed in secrecy and desperation, but the blizzard keeping them inside the manor of Joss and his sons brings an unexpected result. Faran is amazed at what he finds in this far north corner of the kingdom- the industry of the people, their loyalty to Joss Daene and the kingdom, and their distr [...]

    5. Why this is a 5 stars story?How many times did you read a book without stop to sleep or eat? How many times you wish the world could stop, and just you and your book would go on in time? That's how I feel, I couldn't STOP, and I didn't want to STOP, even when I was forced to!The fantasy is very well explored in this story. Magic and magic creatures, curse, a realm without a king, a group of men defending their land from menaces, strong characters, romance subplot EVERYTHING! There is ALL in this [...]

    6. This is one of those books that you can’t judge by its cover.Captain Faran has spent two months crisscrossing the northlands with the young Mage Meric in tow looking for a legendary cat and a Great Mage when they come upon Bitterwood and its Lord Joss Daene. The Daene’s heraldry is the picture of the legendary cat that they seek, giving the Captain hope that they are close to the end of their quest for Meric, his young charge, is running out of time. Bitterwood holds more than an answer to a [...]

    7. ~*~*~ REVIEW FOR THE 2nd EDITION ~*~*~*~3.75 stars rounded upInsta-love aside -- which is the major downside for me because I really dislike reading about people immediately knowing their true love within days! -- I thought this was a good fantasy-adventure-quest novella. I don't usually jump into high fantasy tale, but I've known Rowan Speedwell's writing so I figure I will be okay. Captain Faran leads his men to the North in order to support a young mage, Meric, and find the mythical mysteriou [...]

    8. Rosalie's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsI LOVE anything Medieval! And Bitterwood definitely did not fail to deliver! Something else this book had that I adore is dual POV's. The POV's in this read are from Meric and Farran. We get to explore both of these characters, as well as their sexy relationships, through the alternating POV's.Faran and Meric are on a journey to find a magical cat that has been stated to help Meric get over the illness he has. Along the way, Faran [...]

    9. Book: BitterwoodAuthor: Rowan SpeedwellRating: 4 StarsBitterwood is a high fantasy set in a world that has magic and castles, and lords and ladies. And because it is high fantasy and modern world problems are not included same sex relationships are not forbidden although families would still like to carry on their line it is also something that isn’t exactly wanted either. It is an medieval historical timed story that includes magic which are two of my favorite things in this story. One of my [...]

    10. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from this book, but I think it was more than what I actually got. There’s a bit of romance, but it’s mostly lust, there are mages and a little bit of magic, there’s the mystery of the cat, the mystery of Meric, a snow storm and lots of wandering around in a wood, but it’s pretty slow going and although a light, easy read, it never quite caught my attention as I’d hoped.Part of this is because of the romance, or rather complete lack of it. There [...]

    11. (Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews with a copy provided by the publisher / author for an honest review. Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 Love Bytes.)Have you ever read a book that you kept hoping wouldn’t get to the end too soon? This was one of them for me. I even made excuses to do stuff around the house to delay it. I know, right? To slow myself down…I even trimmed that damn Bougainvillea out front! I have the scratches to prove it!But I digress. Back to the book. So what did I like? Pretty [...]

    12. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsI really loved this world. I felt like I was completely immersed in a new place with histories and mysteries that were lush and captivating. Faran and Meric tell this story, though most of it is filtered through Faran. He’s a good soldier, and sworn to protect Meric at all cost—even if it means hiding important information from Joss. The magic is constant and yet never overwhelming. There are no cheap parlor tricks, just a deep understanding of the energies in [...]

    13. 2.5 starsThis book had a solid idea and a solid writing foundation, but I found it lacked excitement. The author can write, but there was no real drive. Even when one of the characters is given an ultimatum, that didn't really give the story as much action as it should've? The opening was also very lacking. I'm of the opinion that books should start with an action-driven opening to pull the reader in, but this started with the description of a castle that wasn't really relevant in the end. I als [...]

    14. I enjoyed this story. I will admit, I found the first quarter rather difficult to follow and suspend disbelief. This probably had far more to do with my own reading history and genre's that preceded this read than the authorship of 'Bitterwood.' Once I had the characters square in my mind, it was thoroughly a joy. I particularly liked the way it ended. There was just the right mixture of surprise and predictability, and did I mention surprise? Yeah, there were elements that you pretty much figur [...]

    15. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read from beginning to end. It pulled me in from page one and left me feeling good with it's HEA ending. Meric is a 17 year old mage with a powerful curse laid on him. The prophesy says that he must be led to a great golden cat like beast by a most powerful mage by his 18th birthday or die. Captain Faran leads his men and Meric to the last of the ancient forest known as the Daenewood as a last ditch effort to find this mysterious creature. A wicked storm brews and [...]

    16. 3.5This world that Speedwell builds is so beautifully crafted, I easily felt a part of the story with all the details (without overwhelming the reader) about the area and way of life for the characters.The characters in the story are lovable and endearing and I love how they just act on their feelings.It was a sweet enjoyable read, but I did feel like I needed more in the story to be fully satisfied, everything feel into place very easily.Great read, beautiful writing!

    17. What a story! Loved every minute reading it. Joss and Faran are fantastic, what older (not old) lovers should be, and Meric and Eissa are at the beginning journey of what lovers are. Such a wonderful story of mystic tales, magic, love and adventure. I hope we see more of this world, and of Joss and Faran, Meric and Eissa and the Bitterwood.

    18. It was very slow, with some insta-love thrown in. The fantasy story had some fascinating bones and a lot of potential, but being locked up in the manner house for all intents and purpose for the first half of the book turned into drudgery for me. At the end, I felt like the book just got started. I have a feeling those who love "pure romance" will enjoy it more than I did.

    19. I liked the concept of Bitterwood, but the story itself felt really slow. The characters were interesting as was the prophecy and its resolution, but again, the book dragged. Every time I started a new chapter and saw that it was more than 10 pages, I groaned. I was also not expecting the sex scenes to be as graphic as they were; they felt a bit out of place, especially the first one. To reiterate, I thought the concept and characters were good, but the pacing weak.

    20. bianchianita1971/2Ecco un bellissimo fantasy, di quelli che piacciono a me! Il capitano Faran e i suoi uomini stanno scortando il giovane mago Meric nella sua ricerca di una mitica creatura e di un potente stregone; per sfuggire ad una terribile tempesta di neve trovano rifugio presso Bitterwood Manor, il possedimento di Joss Daene. Troveranno molto di più che rifugio e sicurezza: troveranno entrambi (Faran e Meric) un amore inaspettato e la speranza per il futuro.Questa storia mi ha conquistat [...]

    21. I didn't really like the fantasy aspect of the story, the made-up kingdom, the looooong search through the woods, or the time period. Unless I missed it on page one, I didn't get any kind of description of any of the characters other than Joss, which would have helped give me a better idea of who I was reading about. The story was alright; the dialogue was fine, the idea was ok. It just didn't stun me like Kindred Hearts did.

    22. 3 stars-ish? I appreciated the style of the writing, but could not have cared less about any of the characters. Would have been a DNF had I not read Rowan's other books.

    23. Book – BitterwoodAuthor – Rowan SpeedwellStar rating - ★★★★★No. of Pages – 167Cover – Perfect.POV – 3rd person, dual POVWould I read it again – YesGenre – LGBT, Fantasy, Magic, Historical** I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR MY READING PLEASURE **Reviewed for Divine MagazineI've been looking forward to reading this ever since it was a pre-order, so I was disappointed that work and life commitments kept forcing me to push back my reading date. Finally, we had our first date and the [...]

    24. Rating: 2.5 stars. This book was just okay for me. To me a story begins and ends with the characters and the characters in this one failed to really grab my attention. Not sure why. I ended up skipping a lot of the book. Did enjoy the ending, it was the middle that dragged for me a bit. Such a shame because I really looked forward to reading this book. Just didn't live up to my expectations.

    25. I must admit that I hesitated to take on the review of Bitterwood by Rowan Speedwell because it came across as a fantasy novel. I normally don’t care for fantasy, being a mystery lover at heart. But I readily confess that I was very mistaken—not about Bitterwood being in the fantasy genre—but about my worrying that I would not enjoy the novel. Frankly, I loved this novel and wish it had been longer simply so that I could visit with these characters for just a bit more—revel in their love [...]

    26. I loved this book and the world the author created. Meric and Eissa were sweet, and I would totally read more of their story. Faran and Joss were very passionate together, but had to work more for their HEA.

    27. Reviewed for Just Love: Romance blogI received an advance review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.It’s been a lifetime since I dove into a medieval romance, never mind an LGBTQ medieval romance, and I’m quite happy I took the plunge. I enjoyed Bitterwood and found it to be well written and uncomplicated , with an interesting plot complete with mysterious quest. While not a novella, it was somewhat on the short side, which I felt worked to its benefit.I thought the world-building [...]

    28. Captain Farren of the King's Guard has been charged with finding a mysterious mage and a golden lion-like creature. He and his men and Meric, a young mage, are in the last days before time runs out. They have come to the far north of the kingdom, to Bitterwood, the Forest of Lord Daene, where a similar creature was rumored to have been spotted. A storm traps them all at the household of Joss Daene and his two sons. It turns out that the symbol of the Daenes is a creature very much like the one t [...]

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