The Ward

The Ward Sixteen year old Ren is a daredevil mobile racer who will risk everything to survive in the Ward what remains of a water logged Manhattan To save her sister who is suffering from a deadly illness th

  • Title: The Ward
  • Author: Jordana Frankel
  • ISBN: 9780062095343
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sixteen year old Ren is a daredevil mobile racer who will risk everything to survive in the Ward, what remains of a water logged Manhattan To save her sister, who is suffering from a deadly illness thought to be caused by years of pollution, Ren accepts a secret mission from the government to search for a freshwater source in the Ward, with the hope of it leading to a cuSixteen year old Ren is a daredevil mobile racer who will risk everything to survive in the Ward, what remains of a water logged Manhattan To save her sister, who is suffering from a deadly illness thought to be caused by years of pollution, Ren accepts a secret mission from the government to search for a freshwater source in the Ward, with the hope of it leading to a cure.However, she never expects that her search will lead to dangerous encounters with a passionate young scientist a web of deceit and lies and an earth shattering mystery that s lurking deep beneath the water s rippling surface.Jordana Frankel s ambitious debut novel and the first in a two book series, The Ward is arresting, cinematic, and thrilling perfect for fans of Scott Westerfeld or Ann Aguirre.

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    1. 3 1/2 starsEver since I was about eight years old, I've had the same recurring nightmare that can be pretty much summed up by this picture:Needless to say, over the years I have developed a rather intense fear of deep water, waves, the ocean in general and drowning. I know this latter fear is probably shared by all remotely sane human beings but I'm talking about an irrational fear of it. Basically, I tend to avoid watery situations altogether. Now, let's ask: what is good dystopian fiction? Is [...]

    2. Another one to bite the dust. I haven't had the best of luck with dystopians lately. It may just be that I'm burnt out from them in general, though I'm likely just tired of the same formula in every single one. Sure this one had a slightly original premise with the world being in water etc, but it's unfortunate that this wasn't used in a more appealing way; except for a few words here and there about the world going to hell and high water, we don't get any explanation at all on how this world ca [...]

    3. Wow, NYC under water? How did that happen? We don't know. Are there other cities/states that are underwater? We don't know. They have a fresh water shortage. Can't the federal government help, or is there still a federal government? We don't know. Why wasn't this unlivable/flooded city evacuated? We don't know. Okay, well can you at least give us more details on this disease, like when it began, whether it is a problem world-wide, how it is transmitted, etc? No. So, you want us to forget that an [...]

    4. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: A fantastic dystopian similar to Mad Max. On the search for fresh water, the main character discovers much more than the truth.Opening Sentence: This is no ordinary flea-bitten day — not for me, it ain’t.The Review:When The Ward by Jordana Frankel was first brought to my attention, they told me it was about a dystopian society searching for freshwater. If you have read the synopsis, you might get the same message out of it. But let me t [...]

    5. At a Glance:The Ward was a high adrenaline story that had all the elements that make you feel things in books. There were car races and chases, government conspiracies, cities covered in undrinkable water, loves that rival any I've read about, and huge surprise that completely changes what you thought this book was going to be. Though bits were confusing, overall I really enjoyed this book a lot.The Audiobook:This was one of the best audiobooks I've listened to in awhile. The reader Merritt Hick [...]

    6. OverviewJordana Frankel’s thrilling and imaginative YA dystopian novel The Ward is set in a near-future New York City. A catastrophic flood has washed out Manhattan, leaving the rivers polluted, and entire neighborhoods underwater. Some areas are quarantined because of an outbreak of a deadly disease.The illness, known as the Blight, is killing sixteen-year-old Ren’s sister. Desperate to save her sister’s life, Ren agrees to lead a secret mission from the government to search for a cure. B [...]

    7. 4.5 starsFirst off, thank you to the Firstreads giveaways for sending me this advance copy.So, like many frequenters, I always seem to come across those people who have received around seventy or so ARCs of books, and I have found myself becoming very jealous of them for getting to read books early. I now see that, upon receiving my first ARC, jealousy was a very reasonable response. This book was AMAZING.Jordana Frankel's novel is a dystopia about a flooded Manhattan featuring Ren (aka Renata) [...]

    8. I really didn't expect much when I started reading this novel. I just saw some positive reviews around the blogosphere and wanted to read it soon. But hey, I liked it a lot! The Ward is an amazing piece of Young Adult Dystopian literature and I'd recommend it to everyone who's into this genre. The novel is set somewhere around 2110. New York has been destroyed by the Wash Out. A meteor who collided with the Earth caused a global rise in sea level. Now, about 60 years afterwards, people still try [...]

    9. First book? Pretty damn good for a first book!!I was sooo excited when i found this book! An awesome female lead who's st rong, daring, and who's smart. And funny!" Ten seconds. She says it so kindly. ladylike. Classy. Makes me think I'm headed for a ball, not a brick wall."I love Aven, I love all the characters. And I love how it all feels so REAL. Nothing makes me think that these are stupid characters with only one personality. Everyone everyone is a PERSON, complete with feelings and changes [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsThis was hard to star. I couldn't decide between 3 stars or 4 stars. Normally when I give a half star to a book, I would round up. But I just didn't feel like The Ward deserved the 4 stars, even though it was actually receiving 3.5. But I came down to giving it 4. I wanted to stick to my rules of rating.So the The Ward was actually really good. Ren was the hero of the book, saving the world from a deadly disease, yet along the way, she has her heart shattered and mended quiet a few time [...]

    11. WHY WHY WHY WHY IS THIS COMING OUT IN APRIL?!!!!!! I hate these late review dates. NO. NO.look at the cover you guys! It'S NEW YORK FREAKING NEW YORK.UNDERWATERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.Seriously? Get me an ARC and I will be your best friend forEVER.

    12. Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!3.5 out of 5The Ward was a fun read. It was a breath of fresh air in the post-apoc/dystopia genre that seems to retread and reuse the same ideas and themes over and over again. Catastrophes hitting the US with dire consequences are not uncommon, but the "Wash Out" event that left New York and Jersey underwater is. This is a fun, fast-paced, fresh and creative; Jordana Frankel has hit the ground running with her debut novel. Full of adventure, intrig [...]

    13. BookNook — Young Adult book reviewsOverall, I thought The Ward was a really interesting and intriguing story. In some ways, it surprised me. The Ward has more of a fantasy spin than I originally anticipated. I think I expected a lot more realistic science; and while The Ward does have science in it, it's more rooted in fantasy (in my opinion). They do try to pass of the fantastical elements as science, but I didn't quite buy it. But whatever. It was still a good read!This story is very much fo [...]

    14. For this review and more, visit my blog: Diary of a Wimpy Teen Girl This book was very good and enjoyable but I had some major issues with it that I just can't ignore.Well Let's start with the good things. First of all, I think that Ren was a fantastic main character. She was exactly how I like female main characters to be - strong and kick-ass. She didn't need anyone to save her. The opposite - she saved everybody eventually Ren didn't have any friends who are girls. She was surrounded by guys [...]

    15. Posted on Dark Faerie Tales.When The Ward by Jordana Frankel was first brought to my attention, they told me it was about a dystopian society searching for freshwater. If you have read the synopsis, you might get the same message out of it. But let me tell you, it is so much more than that. I was excited to read The Ward, only for the promise of infinite possibilities where Frankel could have taken me. She not only exceeded my expectations, but she managed to make a lasting impression. Now let m [...]

    16. If you're like me at all and feel compelled to finish a book once you've started it, don't start this one! As I sit here trying to decide what word best describes this story and writing, sloppy is what I come up with. I get what she was trying to do, but it just fell flat. There was something about the main character, Ren, that was annoying and you never really got to know any of the other characters that well. I felt compelled to finish this even though I was not enjoying it and then found myse [...]

    17. I got this book from Katherine Tegen Books through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.I have to admit, its been a while since I read a Dystopia book so I was really excited about this one. The cover gives you a glimpse of what the book is about, and I found it pretty (yup love my covers)The story takes places in a futuristic New York City, after the Wash Out happened. It revolves around Ren, a female Mobil racer who becomes a sell out to the government after her sister (not biological) ge [...]

    18. You can read this and many other reviews on my YA book blog The White Unicorn! I have so many feelings about this book. I honestly didn't know what it was about going into it. I had heard a few good things floating around about it and the cover grabbed my attention, but I still had almost no clue when I opened the book about what I was going to read. But I loved what I got.Jordana Frankel has created a new and interesting world for her dystopian novel. Taking a place that many people know (New Y [...]

    19. Review originally posted on my blog: A Book ObsessionAs a mobile racer, Ren puts her life on the line each time she gets into her craft. But racing is the only way she has to make money she needs to take care of her dying sister. The seawater covered Manhatten, known as the Ward, isn't exactly the most forgiving place. Fresh water is more precious than gold as they are completely dependent on rainwater for drinking. So when the government caught her doing something she shouldn't have, she quick [...]

    20. While not perfect, "The Ward" is full of badassery. You want some magical reality with that dystopian book? You got it. You want drag racing ON ROOFTOPS? You got it. You want plagues and a post-America and a crazy new Earth? You got it. You want all of the feels of a sisterly relationship? You got that, too. I'm pretty sure "The Ward" is going to have something that appeals to everyone - dystopian fans, magical reality/paranormal fans, and action fans all alike. At first I thought this one was g [...]

    21. 3.5 stars It has been far too long since I put on my old review shoes but it’s time to catch up! This epic catch up starts with The Ward! I have very mixed feelings with this book, which is yet another example of post-apocalyptic dystopia that left me wanting more. With that being said I still think there are a lot of good things about this one in particular as well! The Ward is basically about Ren a mobile racer who races to support herself and her sister Aven. The world is based off the idea [...]

    22. Riveting, breathtaking, suspenseful, and unexpected. Jordana did an outstanding job in creating an imaginable world that you could only hope never happens. After reading the summary of this, I was sure I knew what I was getting into. Wrong. The turn of events provided excitement and moments that make you catch your breadth. What you think is going to happen doesn't, but something better is always on the next page. Ren, Aven, Derek, and the doctor were amazing. Their own bit of history, glimpses [...]

    23. Based on the cover and the synopsis, I'd expected it to be one of the best. Talking about a letdown! I didn't feel the connection with the characters. Heck I didn't even know anything about Ren, expect that she loved Aven like a sister and liked to race. Besides, there should have been more descriptions on the world. There was next to nothing when it came to the detail given on what happened to the country.The story moved too fast. Normally I would appropriate a fast-paced book, but this one was [...]

    24. HBNC floods the town with sick people, and an Orphan named Renata must set out to find a cure for her sister's growing tumor. Set in a decaying Manhattan, Renata must find the cure or lose everythingThis Novel was brilliantly written! I normally find something to pick on within the novels I read but I couldn't with this one! The pace was well set, the incorrect grammar put you in the mind of the character, -and it's not hard to get into at all. With Blood Red Road you have horrific grammar mista [...]

    25. ****FINAL RATING: 3.60 STARS****CATCHALLI'd honestly barely heard anything about The Ward when I first received it, but it didn't take me very long to fall in love with the idea. And I definitely wasn't disappointed! The Ward certainly was not a perfect book, but it definitely had all the elements of a thriller that I adore. It brings new things to the table, and although at times it felt oddly cheesy or stereotypical, this didn't keep me from loving it immensely and rushing through it at breakn [...]

    26. Review:The Ward was one of my most anticipated releases of 2013. A city buried under water, a mysterious plague yep The Ward had all the makings of a stellar Dystopian. Unfortunately this debut while very interesting in concept stumbled quite a bit in its execution. Normally I wouldn't start a review off with the negatives but feel this one is to big to not point it out.In The Ward next to the plague, water shortage is the biggest problem the characters face. Now here's my problem, the water isn [...]

    27. Hmmm Hmmmm. The best way I'm going to describe this book is: You know when you're at, say, a diner, and they have those really pretty desserts? Like, the desserts that look incredible, make your mouth water, but then you bite into one and it's good, but definitely not as scrumptious as you were hoping for? You try to convince yourself that it wasn't a complete waste of calories, and that you deserve a treat because of how hard you've been working at the gym, and that taking a night off from your [...]

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