The Very Noisy Night

The Very Noisy Night Disturbed by the many peculiar sounds he hears while trying to get to sleep Little Mouse repeatedly asks to get into bed with Big Mouse

  • Title: The Very Noisy Night
  • Author: Diana Hendry Jane Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780525462613
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Disturbed by the many peculiar sounds he hears while trying to get to sleep, Little Mouse repeatedly asks to get into bed with Big Mouse.

    One thought on “The Very Noisy Night”

    1. This is a really sweet book about a fearful Little Mouse who shares a room with Big Mouse, listening to the various sounds of the quite night, howling of wind, hooting of an owl, tapping of branches and thinking instead that its ghosts, and other imaginary intruders. He asks Big Mouse if he can come to his bed but each time, the reluctant Big Mouse climbs out of his comfortable bed to reassure him that it’s not the case and thinks of a reason why Little Mouse cannot come to his bed. However, h [...]

    2. It's a very noisy night in the mouse household and little mouse is finding it hard to sleep so he wants to sleep with big mouse. But big mouse doesn't want to share with wiggly little mouse. Little mouse hears so many different scary noises in the night which big mouse points out to be nothing out of the ordinary. Will Little mouse ever get to sleep? Or perhaps more importantly will little mouse let big mouse sleep? Jane Chapman accompanies this familiar and endearing story with some beautifully [...]

    3. This charming little story is all about a little mouse who gets scared at night by a succession of strange noises. The book follows a pattern which makes it easier for younger children to anticipate the outcomes. You could use this book for some PHSE topics such as bedtime routines, what makes us scared, caring for each other. I liked it because Jane Chapman's illustrations are delightful, they help to fill out a minimal text, giving clues to the environment the mice live in.Little mouse tries a [...]

    4. The Very Noisy NightHendry, Diana Bookshelves: picture-books, fantasy-fiction, organization-trait, voice-trait, conventions-traitRead: November 2017Rating: 3.5Description: Little Mouse, the main character we follow, feels scared when he lies in bed at night. From the sound of the wind, tapping branches, the hoot of an owl and all the bumps in the night, he struggles to fall asleep. Although he asks Big Mouse to come in his bed every time he gets scared, Big Mouse does not want to share his bed a [...]

    5. Hendry, Diana. The Very Noisy Night (1999) In this adorable night time adventure little mouse lays in bed and hears all kinds of noises and misinterprets each one of them! The tap, tap of a branch on the window could be a burglar on the roof, the hoo-hoo of an owl could be a ghost, and the drip-drip of a leaky faucet a huge rain storm. Each time little mouse hears a sound he wakes up big mouse who he wants to sleep with. But little mouse is to wriggly and big mouse sends him back to his own bed [...]

    6. Excellent story and enchanting illustrations. Little Mouse keeps hearing things at night, and he can't sleep, but wants to climb into bed with Big Mouse. Big Mouse patiently tells Little Mouse what he is hearing - the wind, a branch tapping on the window, an owl, a dripping faucet - and reiterates why he does not want Little Mouse in his bed. You know where Little Mouse will end up, don't you? A very good story for children who are a bit afraid of night noises. The pictures are absolutely wonder [...]

    7. A sweet story about a little mouse who is too fidgety to sleep. He hears all kinds of noises and needs constant reassurance that they are normal noises that don't require attention.My son demands this book every night. And has for the past 5 months, ever since we got it. It is a very cute story. On every page, with every noise, Little Mouse asks to crawl into Big Mouse's bed and is turned down. This is definitely something little kids can relate to.The pictures are well done. There are little bu [...]

    8. In this book it is a typical child and how he cannot fall asleep. The tiniest things scare him and this causes him to stay up all night. Little does the big mouse know that if he would of let little mouse sleep in his big right away they both would of been to bed a lot sooner. The pictures in this book were very broad. They showed the mouses house to be very cozy. All the things in their house were common household items they could of taken from the house owners. This book is a very cute tale of [...]

    9. This book could be used to teach children about the emotion of being afraid. We could talk about all of the reasons that little mouse is afraid and have the children describe a time when they felt the same way and why. We would also discuss what they did during that time, as well as how their parents helped them through it. Even in the classroom environment, children are sometime afraid, so this book is a good way to relate to and address those fears.

    10. My kids laughed and laughed when we read this book. Little mouse keeps hearing noises in the night, much to Big mouse's frustration. Loving and patient, they look to see that each noise is something ordinary and benign. This goes on all night, until dawn, when Little mouse finally falls asleep, in bed with Big mouse.

    11. This was one of the first books we bought my son. I just love the relationship between Big Mouse and Little Mouse and I can totally relate to explaining what's going on and the "What IF" questions Little Mouse asks. And (as today) being totally exhausted because MY "Little Mouse" got to sleep, and I am sleep deprived!

    12. This book was an okay book. It was about a mouse who was afraid to sleep in his own bed because of the noises he heard. The parents of the mouse would not let him in his bed so they let him be afraid, which was a little weird. But in the end, he does end up sleeping in his parents bed but it was already morning. I do not think I would recommend this book.

    13. In diesem Buch geht es um eine Mäusefamilie, bestehend aus einer kleinen und einer großen Maus. In der Nacht fürchtet sich die kleine Maus vor einigen gruseligen Geräuschen und raubt der großen Maus damit den Schlaf.Dieses Buch ist mein absolutes Lieblingsbilderbuch und sollte ich mal Kinder haben, werde ich es ihnen auch vorlesen. Ob sie wollen oder nicht :D

    14. This is a cute story about two mice at night. One of them is very scared of the noises of the night, and the other does what he can to quell little mouse's fears. Ultimately, they get to sleep, but it is very late when they do!This is a longer story, but could be helpful for a child who is having a hard time falling asleep at night because of the noises he/she hears.

    15. I refuse to feel guilty, because this is still a book right. RIGHT. Also the house they live in is adorable (minus the roaches), and I hope to have an apartment one day with a similar level of coziness <3

    16. A darling book about two mice during a restless night. The smaller one can't sleep for numerous reasons and reminds me of my son when we're traveling. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be sad when it returns to the library

    17. One of my favorite read alouds. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and I still love comparing the details from one scene to the next. Kian claims I have never read this one to him before. I bought it for Angie years ago.I completely relate to Big Mouse's woes.

    18. There's so much to see! A good book to enjoy one-on-one, as kids (and adults!) can point out the different mice "furniture"!

    19. This comforting bedtime story is set in a colorful, cluttered house. Great picture detail, children can recognize items that are in their house as well!

    20. A pretty predictable book but, it's cute and would be good to use with kids who are afraid of night noises.

    21. This book was very relatable for students who get afraid or lonely when they go to bed. I feel that it is a very easy read and the graphic are very well designed considering the story is about Mice.

    22. A sweet story about a mouse afraid to go to sleep. The illustrations truly make this book a five star. I love to hear my son giggle when he sees Little Mouse in Big's Mouse's bed.

    23. A sweet story about a little mouse who is too fidgety to sleep. He hears all kinds of noises and needs constant reassurance that they are normal noises that don't require attention.

    24. Another book that we got first from the library and then had to own. The illustrations are charming and the story is sweet and funny. My boys loved it.

    25. little mouse can't sleep with all the noises that he imagines, until he is allowed into big mouse's bed. they are both so tired, they don't hear the alarm clock.

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