One thought on “Go the Fuck Away”

  1. Perhaps I will find this funnier when I'm older and have grown children, but for now I found it crass and uncreative. Most older persons I know actually want their kids around, without the kids being a sponge, of course. I can see where the author(s) were going with the "quit being a leech and grow the F up" anglebut the rhymes were lacking and therefore not funny.I don't have a problem with cursing in literature but I feel curse words should add something instead of the word "fuck" just thrown [...]

  2. "We never saw a night alone. We never had coffee a deux. Yet we know how other parents live and what peace and quiet must be." -Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dickinson, parents of Emily."Story of my life! Whydya think I drink so much?" -Mrs. Irene Reilly, mother of Ignatius."Five daughters still at home? FIVE!? And one of them's Lydia! The only time we ever smile is while reading this book." -Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, parents of Elizabeth (et al)."My Howie wouldn't just go and get his PhD, and now look! What t [...]

  3. I received this volume in a First Reads giveaway. This short parody of the infamous "Go the F*** to Sleep" explores the lives of parents who have to deal with their adult children who won't wellgo the f**k away. Some of the stanzas were really funny and cute and I caught myself laughing a few times but I also felt that some of the stanzs were missing someoomph. Some I felt were awkward wounding and others I felt needed an additional rhyme to make the parody sound more like a verse. It was still [...]

  4. I got this book from a First Reads giveaway and read it aloud to my husband when I received it. We were both laughing our butts off as I went through it. If you need a good laugh, especially if you're a parent, I highly recommend this short little book.

  5. I won this book free through . I'm a fan of Go the F*** To Sleep, and this was an amusing parody of it (a parody of a parody- what a concept). The stick figure drawings were hilarious. Let's all hope our children don't end up bothering us like this in our old age.

  6. A really clever and cute parody of a parody-- based on Adam Mansbach's "Go the F**k to Sleep." I see this book as even more of a children's book for adults. An answer to what happens after your kid grows up and promptly moves back into your house. Couldn't be better done!

  7. received the book for free through First Reads Sorry-not even worth reviewing-1minutes read at best. illustrations of a 2year old-just trying to ride the shirt tails of Go the F*** To Sleep.

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