One thought on “Living Prayer”

  1. A book on prayer that I will return to again and again. It is obviously written by someone who is primarily a pray-er which is refreshing compared to so many books on prayer theory. Prayer is a practical activity and this books helps the reader get started or go deeper with their prayers. I particularly liked his section on meditation - scriptural and affecting how we act (not just mystical).

  2. Eight chapters of wisdom on prayer and some of the forms we find ourselves entering into when we pray.Too much to take in in a single sitting.A book to return to. I found the chapters on 'The Lord's Prayer' and 'Meditation and Worship' particularly useful this time around.

  3. condensed book. I think there are couple of books u must read before starting it just to b sure u get the concepts he is talking about. writing about praying is not easy as u must live the life of deep praying before writing about it & i think the writer was living it.

  4. This is a book that will take repeated reading and reflection. Not a light read by any means, with no easy answers. The chapter on the Lord's Prayer alone is worth the price. Profound and challenging. Highly recommended.

  5. Each chapter was a stand-alone essay. Some were good, others just okay. His other books on prayer are much better.

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