A Piece of Heaven

A Piece of Heaven With her acclaimed hardcover debut No Place Like Home readers enthusiastically welcomed Barbara Samuel into the ranks of bestselling women s fiction applauding her stirring novel of loss and redemp

  • Title: A Piece of Heaven
  • Author: Barbara Samuel
  • ISBN: 9780345445681
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • With her acclaimed hardcover debut, No Place Like Home, readers enthusiastically welcomed Barbara Samuel into the ranks of bestselling women s fiction, applauding her stirring novel of loss and redemption In A Piece of Heaven, she shares another poignant tale rich in atmosphere and insight that explores the complexity of relationships, the importance of family, and the heWith her acclaimed hardcover debut, No Place Like Home, readers enthusiastically welcomed Barbara Samuel into the ranks of bestselling women s fiction, applauding her stirring novel of loss and redemption In A Piece of Heaven, she shares another poignant tale rich in atmosphere and insight that explores the complexity of relationships, the importance of family, and the healing power of love In the sun baked hills of New Mexico, Luna McGraw has lived a lifetime of regrets, struggling to conquer the demons that destroyed her marriage and caused her to lose custody of her beloved daughter But as Luna fights to rebuild a relationship with the troubled teenager, she remains haunted by images of her own childhood and the father she barely knew Strong and resilient as the houses he builds, Thomas Coyote comes into Luna s life one extraordinary night when his grandmother nearly dies while conjuring a fiery brew of spiritual enchantment Luna does not need a man especially one with a needy ex wife to complicate her fragile dreams of the future Their attraction pushes them both beyond reason into a place where there is only possibility Yet it will take than passion to recover the tattered pieces of Luna s soul, than time to forgive the sins of an offending husband, and than promises to mend the broken heart of a child A Piece of Heaven is an irresistible novel full of colorful characters and lush settings spiced with the magical flavors of the Southwest, a brilliant tapestry of romance and realism by a master storyteller.

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    1. It is a no-brainer that when you read one of Ms. Samuel's romances, you will find the characters are common folk with all of the appearances, personalities and problems that many of us face today. If you don't already know, I have a soft spot for imperfect characters as long as there are no TSTL moments. That said, if you insist on the most gorgeous heroine and the handsomest hero without angst, then be warned and stay far, far away from this author. ~Just a note: initially she wrote under the n [...]

    2. This is a lovely read with a reminder of some life lessons. Set in New Mexico amid vibrant cultural sights,aromas and sounds, a woman struggles with her past mistakes and current struggles with trust and self esteem and forgiveness. Her mother,sister and daughter play large roles in her struggles. The female family dynamic was engaging along with interesting secondary characters.Truly a contemporary romance amid imperfect people.

    3. Luna McGraw was wounded as a child when her much-loved father left home one day and never returned. She and her younger sister were raised by a loving mother who struggled to provide the material things for her daughters--but the love she provided was deep and constant.An over-achiever, Luna wanted to leave her New Mexico hometown and not look back. She meets an ambitious young man in college, marries him after graduate school and finds herself living in Georgia where social-climbing is importan [...]

    4. This was such a fantastic read! Loved each and every character, very realistic scenarios. Every now and then i stumble upon a book that not only touches me but is able to teach me something as well. This is certainly one of those that i will be thinking about for some time.Update:Six years later and this book taught me some lessons I had forgotten. Even if you're scared to be hurt again, don't hide away. Try to the things you've been putting off; so years later you don't lament about wasted year [...]

    5. A beautiful book about love and family and life. If you like character driven over plot driven novels you’ll love this one.

    6. First let me say that Barbara Samuel places most of her books in the same part of the country as this - New Mexico or Colorado and it is evident that she knows the area and the different ethnic groups native to the area very well. She is able to bring a distinct voice to each group of very distinct people that inhabit this area in a way that brings the people and the region alive.The plot of this novel, an alcoholic mother who lost her marriage, her child and her career and is slowly rebuilding [...]

    7. I admit that it took me awhile to fall in love with this book, to get fully absorbed, but by the end, I was, indeed in love, and fully satisfied in a very meaningful and deep down way. The book lingered with me for a couple weeks afterward. I kept thinking about it. I agree with what Library Journal said about it in its review, "Samuel has created truly three-dimensional characters, filled with flaws, strengths, and idiosyncrasies. (The reader will never look at Barbie dolls the same way again.) [...]

    8. I really liked this book a lot. It is full of love and as I read parts of it I could seeethe colors as they are described by Luna. Almost smell the food as she talked about it, I love the closeness of the family. I felt the pull of loneliness as Luna suffered in her past. I felt sorrow when Abuelita saw her house burn down. Built something so good came from her losing her house. Within this beautiful book are so many stories as they come together you will go through emotions with the characters [...]

    9. I picked up this book on a sale table in Johannesburg. I liked the picture on the front of the girl staring at the faraway mountains. The synopsis sounded good. I have read this book several times now and I'm amazed by it. I'm not actually sure why. The story is good, the setting seems lovely. So different from where I am and I enjoy reading about different places. But there is something about the characters in this book that is real. Not easy lives; not the best choices. Alcoholism, broken fami [...]

    10. This story set in Taos, NM, is about Luna McGraw (and her family) as well as her new relationship with Thomas Coyote (who comes with baggage of his own). This is a realistic tale about life with all of its ups & downs with a theme of second chances. I liked that the author appeals to an "active" reader who can delve into each character.Thanks to the Inner Circle for the copy of this book.

    11. I really enjoyed it.It's a classic story of learning to let go of the past to embrace new beginnings and possibilities, but at the same time it was just sodifferent. I really loved the New Mexico setting - reading about the place makes me want to go there :-)

    12. I read this under the nom de plume Barbara O'Neal and I'm a huge fan of her work. This book did not disappoint. I identified so much with the characters and I just loved them. Luna's house is also a character in the book with its colorful and artistic decorations. The story between Luna and her mother, and Luna and her daughter, and Luna and her sister were particularly fascinating although I didn't mind the sex scenes either between Luna and Coyote (I know but really it was fun).

    13. This is the second of books by this author that I have read. I liked the first one better but this was good. It was 300 pages and took me a couple of days. Parts were slow to get through but it was a good story. About a mother who was a recovering alcoholic, had lost her daughter, but got her back when she was 15 and the rebuilding of their relationship, allowing herself to let a new man in her life. Basically second chances all around. All in all I did enjoy it.

    14. Going to the library today to find another book by Barbara Samuel. She is amazing. Her characters are all so multi-dimensional and real. I loved this book on so many levels. It's a story of relationships, hurts, healings, love lost and found, and lessons learned. I could just read this book over again right now! I fell so in love with the characters and how 'real' they were.

    15. MUST READTotally enjoyed this fast moving story about real life and it's non sugar-coated complications, love and fear of moving forward in this not so easy world of stress, loneliness and insecurity.

    16. I love books by Barbara Samuel but this was not my favorite. The story is slow to develop; predictable and many of the characters lack depth. The setting in Taos NM is described beautifully.

    17. The best thing about “A Piece of Heaven” by Barbara Samuel was being transported into the world of New Mexico, to the town of Taos more specifically. That setting enchanted me; it sounds so exotic; the adobe houses, the art community, the Native American origins mixed with century old Hispanic culture. The way the author brings it to life, with all the colors, you would think you are in the middle of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. I can only presume that the author really knows this part of [...]

    18. This was a well-written, amazing book. It was about love, redemption, loss and self-acceptance. Luna lost her father when she was young, and later went through a divorce and lost custody of her daughter. She has worked to rebuild her life, and her daughter is returning to live with her. Thomas has also gone through a divorce, and has his own life issues. When they meet they are strongly attracted to each other. Is this another self-destructive choice or can this be the chance for something incre [...]

    19. Another Barbara Samuel book that's going straight to my keeper shelf! She just writes the most sigh worthy books of almost anyone else. And the descriptions of place put me right there in the books smelling and seeing every moment of the Southwest. Such beautiful pictures she paints with her words. And she does the same with her characters - I will forever see Thomas Coyote and that beautiful hair, I am such a sucker for all that hair. I loved every moment of Luna and Thomas and all the people i [...]

    20. A Piece of Heaven is another great book from Barbara Samuel, of which some of my most beloved books have been written by. This is a wonderful story of Luna, which is one of my favorite heroine's Ms. Samuel has written so far. She is so strong, and has overcome and grown from the mistakes of her past. Her fears are real, and I so identified with her on several levels. I loved her mother, and Joy, her daughter. They have a solid bond, that shows throughout the book. Thomas is definitely someone wh [...]

    21. The thing I love most about Barbara O’Neal’s characters is that they aren’t all pretty and young and perfect. They are your sister and your cousin and your best friend and the co-worker that you really don’t like very much and your weird uncle. Luna is a recovering alcoholic, a single mother, who suddenly has her daughter living with her and is on the brink of a new relationship. It’s a recipe for serious stress and I loved reading about how she navigates her life and all its changes. [...]

    22. Good character developmentbut some of the storyline felt like it was added as an afterthought and didn't add much to the story-the main character's sister's loneliness and the daughter's relationship with her step mother. It was also odd that the main character's boyfriend's grandmother was known as a witch, but that story didn't develop or add anything to the plot either except that she was a little old lady who was odd. Not my favorite read, but kept my interest to the end.

    23. A wonderful story of family, love, and second (third, fourth) chances. These type of character driven stories can take a bit of time to get invested in, but I found this one easier than others. It's worth the time to get to know the characters, to see their journeys - good, bad and ugly. A look at realistic people in real world situations. Free copy provided by the author's Inner Circle group. Opinions are my own.

    24. Another good book by Barbara Samuel/O'Neal. This one had a great story, as usual, but her forte is really her characters. They are always complex, interesting people, warts and all, who develop and learn through the events of the story, and end up learning a lesson different than the one they (and I) expected.

    25. A lovely story set in Taos, New Mexico. A former alcoholic mom who lost custody of her now teenage daughter. Taos is describe with such accuracy and detail. I loved that the author knew the side of Taos that tourists don't see. The characters are well written and very easy to identify with. I want to read this book again and again. It's a really "Good Read". Enjoy!

    26. Another solid novel from O'NEALThe author is consistent in her full story lines that keep the reader engaged. There is a lot of sensuality and passion incorporated into the authors lively books. This is one of my favorite of her books. Later stories get a little to hot and bothered for me.

    27. This was a well written book, but it didn't really do anything for me. It was just really calm. Too calm. Everything that happened, you saw coming from the very beginning. And none of the secondary characters intrigued me. The main couple, Thomas/Luna were oketty unique characters with lots of baggage.Basically, I saw this could be a really good book, just not for me.

    28. It took a while for me to get into this one. But I do love that Barbara Samuel's characters are always flawed--some very much so--but in the end you always find a way to identify with and appreciate them. Loved all the details about New Mexico again. This time it was Taos.

    29. A wonderful story about love, caring and forgiveness. It's how humans are all flawed and that by helping one another we get through the tough times. It's amazing how real the characters are and how detail the world is described. You ended up wishing you could be part of the story.

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