At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

At Knit s End Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much The tangled life of the knitter is the subject of inspired nuttiness in tongue in cheek meditations from the Yarn Harlot Stephanie Pearl McPhee At Knit s End captures the wickedly funny musings o

  • Title: At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much
  • Author: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
  • ISBN: 9781580175890
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • The tangled life of the knitter is the subject of inspired nuttiness in 300 tongue in cheek meditations from the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl McPhee At Knit s End captures the wickedly funny musings of someone who doesn t believe it s possible to knit too much and who willingly sacrifices sleep, family, work, and sanity in order to keep doing it Covering everything fromThe tangled life of the knitter is the subject of inspired nuttiness in 300 tongue in cheek meditations from the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl McPhee At Knit s End captures the wickedly funny musings of someone who doesn t believe it s possible to knit too much and who willingly sacrifices sleep, family, work, and sanity in order to keep doing it Covering everything from the deadly second sock syndrome to a pile of yarn so big it can hide a washing machine, this hilarious collection will have knitters in stitches

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    1. Why have I not reviewed this book here? PROBABLY I WAS TOO BUSY WADING THROUGH ALL THE YARN IN MY HOUSE, HAHAHAHA.Look, I like the Yarn Harlot's cohesive books, though they are kind of a guilty pleasure for me because I don't really relate to them, and thus my consumption of her lifestyle feels more like a voyeuristic semi-mocking. I do knit and produce items, but I'm simply not this type of knitter. However, I still appreciate that she's a little bit crazy about yarn--there are things in my lif [...]

    2. Bullet Review:The things you find during 's Christmas salesThis was one of those $1.99 books that was practically giving during the most recent holiday season. Being a big knitter/crocheter (I don't judge!), I thought, why not?This is a fun, little booklet with a quote, followed by a brief anecdote, closing with a "lessons learned" tiddly bit. They are pretty light-hearted, goofy, showing the love of knitting and the foibles of having a crazy hobby.That said, I'm glad I paid only $1.99. Most of [...]

    3. It may be important to note that I checked the audio out on OverDrive at a time when life was quite stressful, every evening found me too exhausted to knit or do anything else, and I'd just discovered my new glasses were wrong and that's why my eyes were watering heavily in the evenings. (So sorry, Mrs. K we'll be happy to replace them. It will just take 10-14 days.) So I collapsed into bed every night longing to knit or read or something, but I just couldn't. One night I decided to try for an a [...]

    4. This was recommended to me by Lalla Ward as she thought that as another knitter I'd be very amused by it. She was right! It was fantastic! There were perhaps a little too many references to ones children, and the writer had clearly been an obsessive knitter many years longer than me, but it had SO much truth in it. And it was so very funny! I marked down all my favourite passages so I could share them with my friends who knit. I will be buying them copies and passing them out so they can find th [...]

    5. Fantastic read! I couldn't put it down! As a new knitter and a lover of pithy sayings this book was a treat to my inner knitter and nerdy soul.

    6. A collection of short, little snippets about knitting and knitters, At Knit’s End was my first introduction to the Harlot and was enough to get me completely and totally hooked on her writing! I love Stephanie’s humor, wit and insight into the joys and perils of being a knitter. I totally melted when she reported that her husband is knitting her a sock (notice that it is a singular sock, not a pair) which he has been working on veeeeeery slowly for five years and how much she will love and a [...]

    7. This is the book that got me re-obsessed with knitting. I picked it up in a bookstore in Jasper on a whim (I am amused by puns, so the title attracted my attention) while on a ski trip. I read the majority of it during the day-long drive home. Mrs. McPhee has such a way with writing (a clear, but humourous style, in a truely Canadian fashion) that made me really excited about the topic. I'd learned to knit way back when, from my grandmother, and I thought, "hey, I don't know what this "interstas [...]

    8. Remember years ago when in a Family Circle or Woman's Day magazine you would read that Isabel Homemaker would be receiving $10 for sending in her household hint and that when you read the hint, you recognized it as something you did all the time? Well, this book reminded me of that. At Knit's End has lots of thoughts and tidbits about knitting and yarn--all of which knitters have probably thought at one time or another. Difference is, Pearl-McPhee wrote them down and published a book. And just i [...]

    9. I am a knitter. Self taught, in 2007, while working at a job that had an insane amount of downtime. I love it. I find it relaxing, and love the sound of clicking needles. I am a bad knitter. I'm a chickenshit knitter. I hate hate hate double pointed needles, knitting in the round, charts, and many other things that I don't understand and am terribly afraid of. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee makes me want to knit. She makes me want to make socks, and shawls, and sweaters. She just makes me want needles i [...]

    10. You know, I wasn't sure if I'd like a book like this. It's a bunch of quotes, mostly from famous people, related to knitting. I found the book in the religious books section at a library book sale and just had to have it - it was a good choice! Stories range from the hilarious to the profound, from personal anecdotes to general observations on yarn and life, and as a capital-K Knitter I see myself in just about all of them. Great addition to my shelf, and I can see myself picking it up over and [...]

    11. I just love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She is witty, intelligent and she knits! What's not to love? Her insights into the mind of a knitter are spot-on. She even comments on her own knitting eccentricities and obsessions in the most funny ways. I will probably read this little gem over and over to remind myself that as one who is a bit knitting-obsessed, I am not alone and I am somewhat normal (as knitters go.) I highly recommend this book to all knitters, but especially those who are a little craz [...]

    12. This was such a cute little book. My dear friend Lindsay gave it to me last year, when my knitting obsession was just in its infancy and the title didn't quite apply to me yet. I picked it up a week or so ago when I ran out of yarn for my current project & got a little twitchy, and it did not disappoint. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is hilarious & the quick little sections are perfect for reading when, say, your hands need a brief rest or your current project is driving you up the wall. Defini [...]

    13. I laughed myself silly while reading this book. Especially everytime I read something that described me. I would read some parts aloud to my daughter just so we could laugh together.Some things were informative, they made me think 'Wow! Why didn't I think of that?' or 'Just what I need to try.' but mostly the stories were just enjoyable. I frequenetly was amazed because of how much I agreed or was just like her comments.

    14. It's somewhat superficial. I think it was her first book, and I've read later ones that I thought were better, but the problem is that the more of her books I read, the more sameness they have about them. When you get that kind of review from someone who has a long-standing habit of reading every book she can find on a given subject, who is currently into her dozenth or so book about the Tudors, you know you've become pretty tedious.

    15. I listened to Stephanie read her own book and fell in love with her and her work all over again. I normally won't listen to an author read their own work usually is a huge FAIL. This was not.I loved her Canadian accent. I could "hear" her eyes twinkle when she talked about her projects.I loved the quotes she used at the beginning of each "chapter" and put a number of them "up" on my Facebook page.Thank you Stephanie. This was Totally a GOOD Read!

    16. Some really funny bits that resonated with me perfectly with a few pages that had me grinning and laughing but several of the jokes seemed to be told more than once in this book, the "omg I love yarn" was done to death, and I also have to say that I'm perplexed by her digs at crocheters.

    17. Cute book. There are things that knitter's just get and this book is one of them. Probably her best book so far.

    18. This was cute, I guess. I knit, though not near as much as the author, but enough that I related to many of the antidotes and struggles of too much yarn, cats that lay on your knitting piece, friends that don't get it, a partner that likes socks, etc. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 2.5, is that there are some pretty good quotes that start each "meditation" (more like antidotal knitting mishap generally interpreted for a larger life lesson). The quotes, however, are mostly from [...]

    19. Entertaining enough, but I thought the quotes at the beginning of sections were excessive. I usually skip past quotes when I'm reading but I couldn't do that when they were being read aloud. They annoyed me. Not gonna lie. It felt like the book was half quotes. I liked the original content. Worth a listen if you knit. It's only about three hours long. That was the decreasing/end of one hat and about an inch of ribbing at the start of another.

    20. I like McPhee's books. My sister bought 3 of her books one for each of the 3 sisters in our family that knit. We are to read the book, put our own notes and ideas in the book then pass it to the next sister. Finally you will get your own book back with all the fun notes in it. What a great idea for knitters who love each other.

    21. I actually restarted to book (audio version) so my husband could listen along and start understanding some of my knitting mania. Stephanie made me laugh out loud many times and realize that I'm not alone in my crafting craze. =)

    22. Some really sweet and witty observations about knitting and most other forms of craft. I definitely related to it. Probably best to dip into and out of this book rather than listen to it all at once but it was still enjoyable.

    23. The audiobook is a bit like guided meditation! It's very relaxing and soothing, and has funny moments as well. I would recommend this book to dyed-in-the-wool knitters, and people who know them.

    24. Entertaining, though slight. Nicely read by the author. The parts about finding new places to store your yarn stash, though repetitive, really spoke to me!

    25. I got this book as a gift years ago, read about a third of it, and stuck it back on the shelf, unamused. I'm a knitter, though not one as accomplished or dare I say obsessive as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Recently, I thought to pass this book on to a friend who might appreciate it more than me, but before I gave it away I gave it another spin. And just like the first time I read it, I found the first half tough slogging. I was annoyed by what is now, in the age of Ravelry, a cliche -- the ravenous, [...]

    26. "Knitting finally takes its rightful place on the spectrum of personal obsessions, alongside golfing, fishing, and gardening. The tangled life of the knitter is the subject of inspired nuttiness in these 300 tongue-in-cheek meditations from the self-proclaimed yarn harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.At Knit's End captures the wicked — and wickedly funny — musings of someone who doesn't really believe it's possible to knit too much, and who willingly sacrifices sleep, family, work, and her sanity [...]

    27. A wonderful little book, full of thoughts, ideas, musings, collective wisdom, and suggestions. (Thanks to my Secret Snowflake!) I've been dipping in and out of it for a while - this isn't a "read straight through" book.It includes such gems of wisdom as:"Myriad ways have been devised to help knitters keep track of how many rows they have knit or where they are in a pattern. Some knitters use a row counter; others use a clicker. Many make marks on a piece of paper, and some cross out instructions [...]

    28. This is Pearl-McPhee's first book, filled with quotes and thoughts on her knitting. As per all of this author's books I was not only nodding my head in agreement, I was laughing out loud. (Which, apparently, makes you look a little crazy while you're on a plane.) The author has managed to point out just how obsessive we are about yarn and is dead on with her classifications of what it's like to be obsessed with knitting. The thing is, even someone who DOESN'T KNIT, but loves a knitter, would app [...]

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