Texas Pride

Texas Pride A PRINCE AMONG MENCarla Reece had never met anyone infuriating in her life The blond giant who swaggered up to her door had no right to take over half her ranch no matter how stupid her brother had be

  • Title: Texas Pride
  • Author: Leigh Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9781402263965
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • A PRINCE AMONG MENCarla Reece had never met anyone infuriating in her life The blond giant who swaggered up to her door had no right to take over half her ranch no matter how stupid her brother had been gambling it away in a high stakes poker game Her new foreman claimed to be some foreign royalty who promised to leave in a year Still, a year was way too long toA PRINCE AMONG MENCarla Reece had never met anyone infuriating in her life The blond giant who swaggered up to her door had no right to take over half her ranch no matter how stupid her brother had been gambling it away in a high stakes poker game Her new foreman claimed to be some foreign royalty who promised to leave in a year Still, a year was way too long to spend with a man who made her madder than a wet hen and weak in the knees all at the same time A HELLION AMONG WOMEN Ivan may have charmed everyone in town into thinking he was the perfect gentleman, but Carla knew better There had to be a chink in his armor a red hot passion under that calm, cool gaze But once she finds it, she may be in for than she ever bargained for

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    1. I was happy when I won this from a giveaway. Though to be honest, part of me was a bit weary after learning that the writer was a man. I wouldn't say I'm sexist towards male writers, but my reading preferences tend to go towards female authors. I've never read a romance book by a guy before so, I was interested to see how this book would be. No one can write from a girl's perspective better than a girl herself, so I didn't know if the romance was going to be up to snuff. The book started out we [...]

    2. I received this book for free as a First Reads giveaway.I have to be honest. This book really didn’t do it for me. I like characters to grab my interest in the first few chapters and keep me wanting to come back for more. It was a good story but it seemed to drag on a little and I just didn’t have that connection with Carla and Ivan. Others did seem to enjoy this book, so I am assuming it was just not my type.

    3. TEXAS PRIDE is a stellar addition to the Night Riders series by Leigh Greenwood. Entertaining drama, fabulous characters and an emotional love story make this a western romance to treasure.Carla Reece loves her brother Danny, but sometimes he can do some pretty stupid things. Like gambling away his half of their ranch in a poker game to one of the most rotten men in Texas, Laveau diViere. Furious, Carla waits for Laveau to come claim his half, but instead a young man from Poland rides up to her [...]

    4. Penniless nobility, female ranchers, treachery, action, and loads of romance set in 1870’s Texas--TEXAS PRIDE has it all.Impoverished Polish prince Ivan came to America ten years ago to seek his fortune. What he found were the privations of war as a soldier, backbreaking work as a cowhand, and betrayal from someone he thought a friend. When that same false friend offers him half a ranch he won in a card game if Ivan works it for a year, he is understandably wary. But selling his half of the ra [...]

    5. Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspCarla has been taking care of the ranch since her parents’ deaths and can’t believe that her brother would be so dumb. He bet his half of the ranch with a gambler in town and lost it! Mr. Greenwood writes a well-paced story with lots of action, a smoldering romance, cultural differences and a good look at western history. There is enough in this book to hold your interest until the end.Carla is a strong young woman fighting for acknowledgement and a [...]

    6. I don't really have much to say about this one. I received a copy of this book through a win and it was an advanced copy but unfortunatley it took me a while to get reading it. The book did a good job of making me feel like I was in Texas during the plot takes place in. I didn't even notice that it was a male author until I was about half way through the book when I read another review of it. So there's that. Hmmoh, I did have a complaint about the first and only sex scene in the book. It seeme [...]

    7. No blurb to be found on , what a horror. Now I have to say something, but then again this review will go on my blog and I just have to look harderAnyway. A cowboy prince, now that is something new for me and I liked it. Not to mention most books I have read about cowboys have been modern ones, but here we got real cowboys. And I do love cowboys.Carla loves her ranch. She is outspoken and is being courted by two men, cos she is pretty and the farm is big. But she wants something else. I did like [...]

    8. I did enjoy this story but it became a bit more than I could take when our hero plays stupid just a wee bit too much. We all know he's smart and kind but he story doesn't focus as much on that as it does on a furious heroine and then our hero.Carla Reece is a stubborn western gal who is trying her darndest to keep the ranch that her mother and father left to her and her brother afloat. Also trying to raise said brother who is still wet behing the ears is a tough job to handle so when he comes ho [...]

    9. Ugh. Did not like this. I think it was the writing, I have never read this author before but her writing style did not work for me. Instead of things being felt, I felt things were being explained far too much for my personal liking. I liked Ivan but he was just TOO perfect and I didn't mind him and Carla togetherbut again, I just didn't feel them and the whole going back to Poland storyline annoyed me. I didn't mind the storyline with the rustler's and thief's and stealing of goods (this is Tex [...]

    10. In this story you are transported back in time to Texas in the 1870's. Carla and Danny Reece own a ranch in Overlin, Texas. Carla has to come to grips with the knowledge that her younger brother has lost his half of their ranch in a poker game. She meets the man who has come to take possession of half her ranch. Ivan, who claims to be an exiled prince from Poland, says he will run that half of the ranch for one year and then sell it so he can return to Poland. Carla has conflicting emotions abou [...]

    11. I have been a Leigh Greenwood fan for years. Now, when I say years we are talking since I was a teenager and let me say that teen years were many moons ago :) In my opinion, he is one of the best and deserves to be recognized as such.I, along with my mother, have an extensive collection of Leigh's books that will forever be on our shelves as we revisit them often and each time find ourselves caught up in the emotion and grandure of his writing style.Texas Pride is no exception. Emotional, entert [...]

    12. 3 1/2 stars!The plot is as fun as an old-fashioned Western movie, as Carla and Ivan move toward the moment when a decision has to be made: stay together and move to Poland or separate and live the rest of their lives longing for the one they love. I loved sweet gentleman Ivan and the strong pioneer woman Carla, but there were also secondary characters to love, hate, and want to shake sense into. At its core, though, this is a plot-driven story, and Mr. Greenwood does that well. TEXAS PRIDE is ex [...]

    13. A western romance novel is a bit different from what I normally pick up lately. The female character is enough of an independent sort to appeal to me. Her male counterpart is a playful rendition of the "dashing prince" as he can only appear in Reconstruction Texas. Texas Pride is a cute story with a low reading level and is actually rather chaste in sex/romance scenes. I'd actually let a teenager read it, unlike some of the other books I regularly review on here.Don't pick this up if you are not [...]

    14. Carla and Ivan are from two completely different worlds, which happen to collide through a gambling mistake made by Carla's brother, causing Ivan to have a claim on the ranch that Carla's family has built. Although things start out rocky, Ivan and Carla eventually become friends and more rather quickly. The question is: how will they resolve the gamble Carla's brother made with their family ranch.I found this book to be entertaining and the tension that was built up could sink boats. If you take [...]

    15. I received this book for free through First Reads. This is the first book I have read that was written by Leigh Greenwood, and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't what I expected in a romance, it had a lot more going on in the story and lots of action that kept things exciting. I thought that all of the characters were well written about and I got into the story and cared about what happened to them.

    16. Well it took me four months to read, so that gives you an idea. (It wasn't THAT terrible, hence the two stars, I just think it wasn't much my style at all - not much for either historicals or cowboys, so. I thought the main characters could have been fine but I didn't really get into them, so. The writing was okay though the plot was reallyyy predictable. Don't really recommend, unless it pings your catnip radar for some reason.)

    17. Hero's a Polish immigrant who's been hired/bribed to manage half a ranch his enemy won in a poker game. (Never really do learn why the bad guy wanted him to manage the ranch) Heroine's the owner of the other half of the ranch and furious that her brother got into the game and the bad guy suckered him into getting drunk. There are rustlers and all kinds of craziness.

    18. It was an ok story, but it could have been saved with a few better scenes. But it served it´s purpose- I didnt fall asleep on the long train ride!!

    19. This review sums up how I feel very well: /review/show/For clarification, I also won the book through a giveaway.

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