Almost Eighteen

Almost Eighteen Abandoned by her mother at the vulnerable age of eight only to be shipped off to a boarding school in Northern California by her grandparents Wilson Mooney is one girl who knows what it s like to ha

  • Title: Almost Eighteen
  • Author: Gretchen de la O Eunice Ortegon
  • ISBN: 2940013007666
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Nook
  • Abandoned by her mother at the vulnerable age of eight only to be shipped off to a boarding school in Northern California by her grandparents, Wilson Mooney, is one girl who knows what it s like to have to grow up way too fast Now, a month away from turning eighteen and orphaned by the death of her grandparents she knows exactly what she wants All it takes is a spontanAbandoned by her mother at the vulnerable age of eight only to be shipped off to a boarding school in Northern California by her grandparents, Wilson Mooney, is one girl who knows what it s like to have to grow up way too fast Now, a month away from turning eighteen and orphaned by the death of her grandparents she knows exactly what she wants All it takes is a spontaneous ski trip with her narcissistic roommate to Colorado, to make it a reality When he happens to show up at a party in Aspen, Wilson becomes tangled in the powerful emotions of first love, sexual inexperience, and society s principles She lives a whirlwind weekend filled with newly discovered boundaries, calloused aches for a family she never had, and all the pressures of keeping their weekend together a secret.

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    1. Another absolute gem of a book! I honestly don't know if there is anything better than a book that makes you fall in love with it!Especially when you go into the book with no idea what to expect, which is very often the case when reading a book to review. It's often an unknown entity that isn't widely heard of, so when I find a book that I just can't put down, it makes me so excited!And Wilson Mooney: Almost Eighteen was one of those books.It's a story of forbidden love between a 22-year-old tea [...]

    2. *warning some of this may be spoilerish and is without a doubt ranty*I really feel like I'm rating this too high, but in the end, I just purchased the second book, so I guess that should count for something. I've read quite a few teacher/student romances. One of my all time favorite books falls in that category. For most of those books I was cursing the hero for being too cautious, and wishing they would flaunt all convention and just get together, taboo or not. It is terribly ironic, that I did [...]

    3. ★★★★★! A gem! A must read! What a wonderfully told love story. Book 1 & 2, awaiting Book 3.I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon this series. If you liked Gabriel’s (Inferno) and the Honor (Student) Series then this book is for you. Though the Hero, Max Goldstein (22 years/black hair/green eyes) is not dominant and ruthless like Gideon Cross, William Honor etc. he is memorable nevertheless. However, this series should be acknowledged for its Heroine, Wilson Mooney (17 yea [...]

    4. I bought this book after briefly looking it up on here after being originally interested by the premise. I am, admittedly, rather swept away by teacher-student relationship stories and I was hoping that this one wouldn't disappoint me - and it certainly didn't (though there were some points of which I wish were different about this, which would've allowed me to enjoy it a bit more, but I enjoyed it plenty anyway - enough so that I've already bought the second and third book.)I would like to take [...]

    5. 3 1/2 Hot For Teacher Stars!Wilson Moody is approaching her eighteenth birthday. Wilson has recently lost her grandparents who have raised her because her birth parents aren't dead just dead beats. She is a student at a boarding school who is completely hot for her twenty-two year old teacher, Mr. Goldstein. When Wilson’s roommate Cindy purchases a ticket for Moody to accompany her to Aspen for the weekend, Wilson jumps at the chance since rumor has it Mr. Goldstein also has a home in the area [...]

    6. Forbidden love in it's most basic form, Almost Eighteen makes you question society's views on age differences while you wrestle with being okay about something that is completely taboo: a teacher dating a student. Taken at face value, it's wrong, but that didn't stop me from wanting two characters so clearly in love to find a way to be together. Wilson and Max's journey is certain to be full of heartache and drama before all is said and done, and I really enjoyed this opening act! Right off the [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars!Hmmis was pretty good. Not great for me, but good. I found the writing to be a bit too detailed and wordy for me. I also felt like there was no build up to Max and Wilson's relationship. They have the "moment" when she is erasing his boards and then bam they're kissing in the bathroom in Aspen and are boyfriend and girlfriend. I did think they had pretty good chemistry together and there was lots of sexual tension and build up. Though the acts themselves are not written in much detailm [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down once. I felt sad for Wilson Mooney, 17 years young attending boarding school after losing both grandparents. She had a terrible life. I just wished for her a much better life. Boarding with Cindy. She can be so annoying! When Cindy invites her on a Skiing holiday. That's when things get exciting for Wilson. Sexy and honest book will make this hard to put down as well!!

    9. Almost Eighteen left me feeling one strong emotion: Conflicted. I knew that this was a story of a "forbidden" romance, but wasn't aware that the relationship in question that between a student and teacher. I don't have an inherent problem with that trope, particularly when the teacher is twenty-two and the student is almost eighteen. I have no problem with it at all when it's at the collegiate level, as long as neither participant is married. I'm not saying that it is okay, at all, but I am sayi [...]

    10. I read the synopsis for Almost Eighteen and was pretty excited to read it. I love forbidden romances and a bit of an age gap, so this book seemed to tick the boxes for me.The author's dedication at the beginning of the book said -" Wilson Mooney is dedicated to all the women who want to remember what it felt like when their butterflies fluttered south for the first time."And therein lies the problem with this book for me. It didn't give me those "butterflies". The books concept was fine, in fact [...]

    11. Ever read a story, that despite the inappropriateness of topic, grabs you in and doesn't let you leave? Well - Almost Eighteen by Gretchen de la O is that book. The premise of this story, causes you as the reader, to not want to continue at times. It almost seemed so unbelievable that the chivalrous, dashing heart throb, 22 year old high school teacher, Max Goldstein, could fall for 17 year old, intelligent and beautiful student, Wilson Mooney. Not just fall for, but seem completely beguiled by [...]

    12. This was a fantastic coming of age book. Well, a better way to describe it would be a great coming of recognition book. The book follows Wilson as she goes on a spontaneous trip to ski and consequently gets what she has been dreaming of. A huge coincidence leaves her dreams in her lap and she jumps at them. It was a fantastic read. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it and share how great it was.The characters are very real in this book. You get the girl everyone can relate to, you get t [...]

    13. DNF @ 43%No suelo calificar los libros que no termino pero este es T E R R I B L E. Y no lo veía mejorando en un futuro cercano. Los personajes son necesitados, mártires, insoportables y millonarios. Excepto la protagonista que, es todo lo demás, pero - por supuesto - es pobre. La sinopsis dice que es una historia de amor. No se dejen engañar! Esto es una historia de OBSESIÓN. Algo así como la versión alumna-profesor de Atracción Fatal (ok, tal vez estoy exagerando pero es super creepy). [...]

    14. Wow, what an amazing book. The pov of Wilson was so different from most books like it. It has been a long time but I so remember my first love at that age and all the crazy thoughts and feelings you go through. Gretchen hit it out of the park with this book. I loved all the charters in this book. The flow of the story was magical. You are sucked in from the start of book and you can't put it down. There are so many parts where my heart was pounding out my chest for so many reasons. You are prayi [...]

    15. This book was such a treat. If you are looking for a steamy read with a great storyline and irresistible character development, this is the book you NEED to read. Mmmmtalk about bringing back memories of first love and those fluttering butterfliesi couldn't put it down. The romantic chemistry between the two main characters is so addicting, and the authors steamy expressions without being vulgar, it pulled me in well written! I can easily say Gretchen de la O, is now on my favorite authors list. [...]

    16. This was fantastic! Loved every minute of it! The main characters were amazing. Max is the 22 year old teacher with black hair and green eyes. He is compassion, smart, and a gentleman. Wilson is the 17 year old student who had to grow up too fast. I think the journey of their relationship is what made the book memorable to me. They had amazing chemistry with each other. I would recommend this book and series to people who like books about student-teacher relationship aka forbidden love. Can't wa [...]

    17. I hate writing bad reviews. I really do. But this was probably the most poorly written book I have ever read. It was childish and completely unrealistic. DNF @ 29%. It was a struggle to get that far.

    18. Close your eyes and remember what it was like to have your very first schoolgirl crush on your hot young teacher. Having trouble? No worries, Wilson Mooney can help take you back to those glorious days, but the difference is that Ms. Wilson Mooney was actually fortunate enough to have a little taste of her hunky teacher. ❝They always say teachers shouldn’t touch their students. What a heap of steaming crap. Please, touch me all you want. How do you think he kept me coming back to my governme [...]

    19. "There are a ton of reasons why I shouldn't be with you, but none are convincing enough to keep me from being here, tonight."I sure love a sweet teacher-student relationship that's not bordering on pedophilia or any gravely illegal situation of that kind. Being a huge fan of Slammed, I knew that there's no reason for me not to love Wilson Mooney's story as well. Will Cooper and Garrick Taylor, you better watch your backs. Max Goldstein is one serious contender for being the sweetest student-teac [...]

    20. I stumbled across this gem of a series on . I instantly needed to read this. I am so glad I did. What a great story of young love. This love between Wilson (yes this girl has a traditionally boy’s name—I love it!!) and Max is so fresh and fun. But it is also forbidden. However, when you read the story, you realize it is not that their relationship is forbidden that weighs their love down. Jealousy and insecurity destine this love to fail. Wilson and Max definitely have their work cut out for [...]

    21. I got a message from my friend telling me I had to read these books and that the second one was better than the first. I had been struggling to get into anything since I finished Truth so I figured at least her pushing me meant I’d get through them. Logged in, bought the first and second book and got to reading. I’m not going to lie…this book started out S-L-O-W for me. Like, is Trish smoking something because she told me I had to read this asap and I’m not getting it?, slow. That’s ho [...]

    22. Ohmgeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I have had the honor or reviewing Wilson Mooney, Almost Eighteen. Holy freakin’ cow! Okay now that I have that out of my system….I have had this on my to read list, but have been swamped with my full time job, tours Hardcover Therapy is hosting, and just life in general. Now that school is out, I brought this book to the top of the list! Needless to say, I read it in less than 24 hours at every moment I had free! (I mean at the softball field while working the concession [...]

    23. So, I will preface this review by saying that I did read both book one and two before writing the review. I say this because I feel this book was really an introduction to all the characters and their dynamics, the main dilemma and what was to come. I feel this book was not as strong as the book that will follow and I want to stress this because the second book is to die for and I would encourage you to keep reading if you are at all interested in the forbidden love aspect of this book.I really [...]

    24. When I read the story line , I expected there to some angst due to the teacher student thing , but the only time that came into play was the one time when he told her [on the phone no less] that they couldn’t be together because she was his student . The story really goes bland in many areas . I had stop myself from falling asleep a number of times . And this book is based on the teacher student theme , shouldn’t there be more classroom scenes ?? More of teachers and professors and other stu [...]

    25. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Wilson (female) has led a difficult life so far. Abandoned by her mother when she was eight. Had to live with grandparents that sent her away to boarding school. And THEN, to make things even worse, her grandparents die right before she turns eighteen! So, as you can see, life's been hard for Wilson. But Wilson is doing okay. She knows what she wants in her life. Her teacher. He's not the balding, pot bellied, older teacher of [...]

    26. Wilson Mooney is all alone at a boarding school except for her best friend. She has no family. As she is approaching eighteen, she is more fragile and vulnerable than she realizes. She has deeply rooted needs for a family and love. On a weekend away, she falls in love. Her choice in a man, may be questionable to many. To me this book is a start, I feel like there is going to be so much to learn about Wilson Mooney. Perhaps, Wilson Mooney has so much to learn about herself.For me this did start o [...]

    27. Almost Eighteen, what a surprise! I was instantly drawn to this book by the cover. I am a major butterfly freak and I absolutely loved the cover and the darkness behind it. Gives a whole new meaning to never judge a book by its coverhaha!Anyway, Almost Eighteen introduces us to Wilson Mooney. Roughly one month from her 18th birthday, she is an orphan, having recently lost her grandparents who raised her when it was obvious her mother was not going to be able to. She's in a boarding school on sch [...]

    28. I really, REALLY loved this book! I read it a few months ago for the first time, but have since read it 2 more times. I check at least once a week to see if the sequel has been released yet. (HURRY!!) First of all, Wilson Mooney is one of my favorite characters ever. She's humble and funny and I found myself cheering for her throughout the entire novel. Secondly, Max Golstein - oh so dreamy! You could really tell that he struggled with getting involved with Wilson, but what girl doesn't love it [...]

    29. Wilson Mooney might be almost eighteen, but I'm almost in tears. This book is a sweetly written book about life's disappointments, the meaning of true friendship and family, first love and sexual awakening. Gretchen is a talented author who paints a very clear picture and draws you into the lives of Max and Wilson. You will feel their attraction, their anxiety, their frustration, their laughter, their fear, their anger, their anticipation, and their love. It's a wonderful journey and I encourage [...]

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