Robin Hood (Macmillan Readers: Pre Intermediate)

Robin Hood Macmillan Readers Pre Intermediate None

  • Title: Robin Hood (Macmillan Readers: Pre Intermediate)
  • Author: Stephen Colbourn
  • ISBN: 9781405087230
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Robin Hood (Macmillan Readers: Pre Intermediate)”

    1. A nice and easy reader for pre-intermediate students of English, telling in short the general story of Robin Hood - how he becomes an outlaw, how he gathers his band of merry men, and how he is saved by the King and becomes a respected man once again. Might seem a bit infantile to adults due to the simplistic way of narration but it matches its marked level.

    2. Robin hood! One of the greatest stories I've ever read, certainly! Robin and his remarkable wisdom and all his Loyal allies; Moreover, the way they've lived and how they deal with reality, that they were outlaws. Despite the fact that they had been treated bad from the sheriff's ;However, they won and brought back the justice.

    3. time 80min7words England,poor,suffer,church,help,Robin hood,thiefQ1 Robin Hood is theif for helping poor people.What do you think about?A1 I think it is good.Because this world is not equal!Q2 There was "Big thief for helping poor people" in JAPAN!Do you know?A2 It is "Ishikawa Goemon"and"Nezumi Kozou"They are famous that help poor people.

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