Reapers A novella of app wordsThe vampires are a dying race their females sterile When it s discovered that human females of Druid ancestry can be viable breederse harvest begins Rachel Collins is a y

  • Title: Reapers
  • Author: Marata Eros
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: ebook
  • A novella of app 20,000 wordsThe vampires are a dying race, their females sterile When it s discovered that human females of Druid ancestry can be viable breederse harvest begins.Rachel Collins is a young woman living in the frozen north of Alaska in a dead end job with a circular life She yearns for something .When murders begin taking place in the city whereA novella of app 20,000 wordsThe vampires are a dying race, their females sterile When it s discovered that human females of Druid ancestry can be viable breederse harvest begins.Rachel Collins is a young woman living in the frozen north of Alaska in a dead end job with a circular life She yearns for something .When murders begin taking place in the city where she lives, she and her girlfriend try to be cautiousy to be caught in the middle of a dangerous situation in which an unlikely savior emerges.Can Rachel escape her destiny while two different factions hunt her

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    1. MOAR MONSTERPORN! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!fair warning - this is a book of monsterporn that i read for my seeecet monsterporn reading group. because the stories are so short, i tend to give the whole plot away in these reviews. if you are one of those people who read your porn for plot, you might want to avoid this review. if you are like me and monsterporns make you giggle and you like poking gentle, well-intentioned fun at them, please do continue readinge takeaway from this book is that all v [...]

    2. Well I'm not sure what just happenedI mean I get this was a PNR, but this was straight up crazy!There's this woman, her name's Rachel, she almost gets raped one night but this vampire called Cole saves her.But then shit gets really weird because he wants to rape her too. Oh wait so does everyone else in this freaking town they live in!What follows are a series of disturbing incidents. She is fondled, probed and abused by humans and vampires. I'm actually still trying to figure out how I feel abo [...]

    3. I have no idea how I came to own this, and I have no idea how I managed to finish it. One of the worst pieces of utter drek I've ever had the misfortune to encounter (unless the author is ESL, in which case, great job learning English relatively well, please stop writing erotica).EDIT: It's not drek because it's about rape: I'm a big noncon fan. It's drek because it's poorly plotted, shoddily constructed, the dialogue is appalling, the characters are thoroughly unlikeable and yet have no discern [...]

    4. I am getting impressed more and more with these short stories lately. This is a paranormal breed of "True Blood" with plenty WTF/CRINGE moments. Author warns and it touches upon many sensitive subjects that may not be for everyone such as rape, it is not violent but it is definitely not consensual and that happens A LOT here if you can stomach that great, but if not please don't pick it up.Rachel is just an ordinary 9-5 girl who goes out Friday night to a night-club with her slutty bff. Her bff [...]

    5. I love a good erotic story, especially a vampire story. The kindle was free so I jumped at the opportunity to check out a sexy new series. Wow, was I disappointed. The entire book is about rape or avoiding rape. The vampires are weird kidnapping rapists. I felt nothing for any of the characters except pity for the raped friend. There were not any likable characters at all. Then the book ends, hoping that you'll be racing to buy book two to find out what happens next. Too bad I didn't care. I ass [...]

    6. Rapey. Rapey. Rapey. And a little more rapey - as in "up for a gang bang?" rapey. d not in the implied McGangBang kind of paranormal romance novel writing via Kresley Cole uncomfortable rapey vibes but not actually rape (off topic, but my teenager is obsessed with these sandwiches for some reason).Uh It was rape. And more rape. And then some attempted rape. The most bizarre thing is though, the story was strangely readable in a "train wreck I couldn't look away from" type of deal. But yeah. I'm [...]

    7. I quite enjoyed this sexy short story. This is the first book in what promises to be an exciting series. The "Reaper's" are vampires who are sent out to search for the "Druid Breeders", and bring them back to their fellow vampires to create the children they need to continue their race. The Druid Breeders are women who have the Druid blood type that gives them the ability to reproduce for the vampires. These woman are very hard to find, and even rarer are the Druids who are full blooded; born of [...]

    8. This book is about RAPE! There are no redeaming qualities about any of it. The only reason I gave it 1 star is because you can't write a review without rating it. My actual rating is MINUS 5 STARS. I really regret not reading reviews before I started to read this. After the first DISGUSTING rape scene I thought I'd try to read on to see if the female lead gets any revenge but Nooooooooo. It just keeps happening over and over and over. I have read plenty of books containing sex and erotica and I [...]

    9. Definitely instances of rape in this book, but oddly enough, I didn't even think about REAPERS as being "rape erotica" or "rape fantasy" when I was reading it. As played out in the book, I saw the first rape more as a plot device (damsels in distress; cue male lead(s) to come to the rescue)—an anti-meet cute, if you will. (The second rape "under thrall" was completely gratuitous.) And as another reviewer already pointed out, the actual rape scenes were relatively brief and fairly light. (The f [...]

    10. Updated (again) 2/24/14 (see bottom of review)Updated 10/14/12 (below)This shit is horrible. And horrific.Who the fuck wants to read a "romance" which is 100% about rape or avoiding being raped?????????The opening scenes in the book? A very graphic rape. WTF.And I'll say it again: WTF!Of course I didn't finish this. DNF.______________I'm amending my review. To a point. The way I feel about this book has not and will not change - but I do want to make a point. The way I feel is the way I feel. Ra [...]

    11. This book is the 1st part of a trilogy. I intend to only write one review…Here is the link to that review/review/show3 Stars for a Wicked Evil introduction full of Abduction, No-Con Vampire Seduction, and Bloody Murder!!!

    12. My ThoughtsSo this was a freebie on amazon and I decided to pick it up and read it. I was a little wary since the stars were low, but I’m glad I never care about the star ranking. In the end I loved the story beside yelling at their cavemen thoughts. “You women, you stay here.” Yeah if I yell at a book it means I like it. ;)The ReviewThe characters were all different and one seemed to shock me by the end of the story. Who knew he do the some what right thing?Rachel is thrust into a world t [...]

    13. Read this review and others @ The Book WranglersSPOILER ALERT!! SPOILER ALERT 3.5 StarsOkay where to begin?This story is crazy as hell.I read some reviews before I downloaded this freebie and was determined to read it myself and make my own decision on whether it was a good story or not. I think it's pretty good. But let me first say before I start my review, that I do not agree with RAPE or marginal/forced consent sex, and those that choose to or have read this book without fully researching (r [...]

    14. ********* 5 finger-lickin-fangs **********Before I give my review let me start by saying this first. This book is definitely not for everyone it has a few rape scenes. Now one of them I would not of known that's what it was until it was stated in the book. They are not described in detail. But they are still in the book. But given that I have to say that I could not stop reading this book reminded me so much of Gena Showalter's books Lords of the Underworld. Also the first three books are free i [...]

    15. 3.5 Stars Updated review 11/26 (after completing the rest of the books)I think after the first two books I read, it all finally clicked, I got where the author was coming from and totally took the book and story for what it was worth. If you are unable to remove yourself from what is "socially correct" than this book is so not for you. As the author mentions: **This book is intended for an adult audience and contains marginal consent, multiple partners, forced breeding, vampire sex, and oral pla [...]

    16. Well, this was the book of the month of my Monsterporn read I'm not into vampire, really not except maybe twilight because they are vegan and can go out under the sun !hum well this story is the beginning of a serie so I was a bit disappointed at the end of this. We have to read the next book !BTW, it could have been worst for me, and even if I'm a huge monsterporn fan, the thing is there wasn't enough sex scene in it for me with vampire to be a good monster porn book. maybe the next one ?

    17. 2.5 stars for me, I'm really not sure what I read.but I did read up to bk 3!The story & characters just felt a bit under developed for me. It had a lot of potential, it just fell short of what I love about a story. This is just my personal opinion

    18. I love vampiresd I love kinky vampires even more! I'm definitely hooked on this series, I'm dying to know what happens. Is it the best vampire story ever? No, probably notbut I still really enjoyed it.

    19. I really liked this one.I don't get the 1 star reviews but I guess some people don't like the vampires or rapes or almost rapes.It was good and I am starting the next two books ASAP.

    20. This was a quick read but, boy was it HOT!!! Great story line, steamy, edgy and smokin' males. I was pleasantly suprised

    21. Yes there's rape here. This is ultimately a rape fantasy, which is very much a genre. I can go into the various reasons as to why perfectly normal people write and read this stuff (and no, it's not because they endorse rape or find real rape exciting or titillating), but ultimately I want to stress that most of the crowd of this genre, the vast majority of them, view it as a form of escapism. That said, I'll openly say that while I'm not a reader of rape erotica, I've read worse and more violent [...]

    22. This was very strange. I really don't know what to write about it. All I can say is that I am curious enough to read the next story, and see how it goes.

    23. Interesting idea but that's all.I liked the idea behind this book but it's not normally a book I would read simply because of the cost of the series there's 9 books at the moment I'm not sure if this is all of them or if the series if still continuing, anyway these 9 books cost £15.68 or $23.79 at the moment plus there's a add-on book #7.5 which costs £1.54 or $2.33. So like I said I'd never normally take on a series like this but I've just started my kindle unlimited free trial so I figured i [...]

    24. Hmm, what to say, what to say.Ok, this is a rather weird story and I would find it hard to recommend to anyone due its contents. There were rather graphic rape and molestation scenes throughout which were quite difficult to read. I'm no prude by any means but I find the very blasé attitude by the main protagonist regarding the abuse she sees and endures to be more disturbing that the violent acts themselves. Rachel, the protagonist, seems far too relaxed and accepting in some scenes and I just [...]

    25. Book one starts with Rachel in a boring job going out with her girlfriend to a club where she's attacked by vampires and humans. Her friend is raped repeatedly and Rachel is attempted multiple times which at time was excessive I think. Rachel is what the vampires call a Druid or breeder where she can be mated with multiple vampires to breed with the purer her blood more likely she can have Druid children. So far all book have finished with a cliffhanger but also a ridiculous amount of potential [...]

    26. Reapers had me hook, line & sinker!! Yes there are some uncomfortable and confronting scenes, but you're pre-warned, so you deal with it or you don't read it! But you're missing out if you don't!Marata has an amazing way of introducing you to the characters, so you feel like you know them personally. Her detailed descriptions leave you fanning your self, and reading on and on for more!I loved Reapers, so much so, I've read the other 4 novellas in the series. They are just a whole lot more of [...]

    27. Ehother freebie on Kindle booksbut simple things like we're on are way rather than our way and you are supposed to be a writer, and your editor is supposed to edit, and the mistake remains, can be quite annoying at times, not to mention the book just leaves off with in a "to be continued way" making you have to read the next,nd I hate starting a book and not finishing it (series) whether I like it or not

    28. This book in the beginning was a little heart wrench with the drama of being r*&( but it got better and the end. I as a woman does make me stronger and able to handle any or situation that rises in my way. But the author is correct it is strong for the weak heart.

    29. SummaryReapers by Marata Eros claims to be a novella in a new sub genre called “Vampire Breeding Erotica”. As far as I can tell it's Vampire Teasing Not Quite Erotica. The only sex is two quick, early rapes between throw away characters. Every time the main characters get close to the money shot, something inane stops them. The book feels like a tease to buy the next and the next and then the next installments. Reapers has a good hook, but not enough to get me to pay $2.99 for every 70 pages [...]

    30. I need to put the Author's Note first:"**Note from the author: a qualifier has been in place from the beginning so readers may make an educated choice prior to the download of this erotic story. After receiving thirteen, one-star reviews in which the reader chose a story that did not suit their taste, I elected to bold the key wording in my initial warning. Further: TDB novella series is an erotic-driven romance. This means that the sexual context of the story is primary and the romance is secon [...]

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