Karate Hour

Karate Hour Karate class begins and students come together to practice their blocks and stances from crescent kicks to front kicks to tuck roll stands Dynamic black and white artwork of children bowing kicking a

  • Title: Karate Hour
  • Author: Carol Nevius Bill Thomson
  • ISBN: 9780761451693
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Karate class begins and students come together to practice their blocks and stances from crescent kicks to front kicks to tuck roll stands Dynamic black and white artwork of children bowing, kicking and sailing through the air contrasts with their brilliantly colored karate belts in this rhythmic read aloud that explores the action and philosophy of karate.

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    1. An incredible realistic picture book told all in shades of Black White and Gray except for the color of the Karate student's belts. I used this book to teach my students about the marshal arts and discuss the value of practice and discipline if you want to be good at Karate, piano, reading or football.My K-5 classes and I read through the entire book and then went back and acted out every page. It was a smashing success! When was the last time you were able to get your 5th graders to act out a b [...]

    2. Even if you have no interest in karate, the rhyming couplets which make up the book's text, and the nearly monochromatic illustrations, make this worth reading. ("Karate hour is starting now. / Dressed and belted, we all bow.") The illustrations are very skilled and creative. We see the children's karate class from a variety of perspectives: above their heads, looking down at them, a girl's kicking foot in our face, foreshortened legs. The emphasis is on karate as character-building. The book en [...]

    3. I really liked Karate Hour because in my youth I was a Taekwondo instructor. This book really made me reminisce about how delightful it was teaching martial arts to kids, and about how big a role Taekwondo played in my life. Karate Hour is extremely well done, and realistically portrays what a good kid's martial arts class is like. I really enjoyed the last several pages of the book where the author gives a brief history of Karate, and stresses that Karate is really all about how to not fight. T [...]

    4. An early reader with lots of rhyming about karate, kempo style specifically. It has amazingly realistic artwork showcasing movement and lots of diversity, including a student with a walker. The end has a short history of kempo karate, an explanation of the rank system, and a few character traits important to karate such as respect.

    5. Discipline, practice, self-control are essential to any one interested in pursuing the martial arts. This picture book looks at one karate class from the point of view of the young students. The illustrations are fantastic. Students interested in martial arts will enjoy this book. For the Bill Thomson fans who like to build collections that allow for artist/illustrator studies along side author studies, this is a must have.

    6. Karate Hour is a great book about kids being in a karate class. It provides useful information, a vocabulary to go along with the activity and extra information in the back on karate. I am no expert on it so I was very interested in what I read in this picture book. Kids who take classes in karate or dream of doing so will love this book. It is a terrific book for both school and home and I recommend it highly.

    7. It's a really simple rhyme about standard happenings during a weekly karate class. I especially loved the realistic illustrations in this book. Except for the colors of the different belts, the tones are muted. This makes the belts stand out. At the end of the book there is some information about what the different colors mean and other info about karate.

    8. excellent book for boys or girls who like the sport. same illustrator that did chalk and building with dadexcellent illustration re: perspective there is also soccer hour and baseball hourlearn the names of the moves, it's origin and self respect for others and non violent behaviourry simple with rhythmic text.tes at the back re: further information on sport

    9. Does anyone beside me find a fascination for the hint given on the first page of a child sized walker and a dangling yellow belt? This looks like another story entirely that needs to be told. Loved the pictures. This brings back fond memories of my own kids taking martial arts. Highly recommended.

    10. This is a wonderful book that explains Karate with beautiful, realistically drawn illustrations. It is a rhyming book and contains additional information about the origins of karate and what the different belts indicate at the end of the book.

    11. The perfect book for young karate enthusiasts. This rhyming text perfectly captures the energy and spirit of this martial art. Recommended for kids aged 4 - 6, it's a particularly good book for kids just beginning karate lessons.

    12. Since I'm thinking about taking up a martial art as a replacement of sorts for running, I enjoyed this children's book about karate a lot. It was well done, explaining several things about karate without talking down to the audience. The illustrations were very nice, too.

    13. Loved this book - primarily for the absolutely incredible illustrations! So realistic, very energetic and engaging poses, some unusual perspectives that just made me go wow! And loved the natural diversity of the children portrayed in the book - different races, genders, and physical abilities.

    14. It's not that I disliked this book It's just that it's exactly what the pop-up rating indicates "it was ok".

    15. Wonderful sepia tone illustrations with some color for the karate belts Rhyming text portrays the exuberance of an hour of karate class. Includes nonfiction information at end.

    16. Great book! It tells a story and also includes a lot of information about karate. The pictures are awesome and the wording is great!

    17. This book was a good depiction of karate information. It would be great for children interested in karate.

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