Genesis (The Journeys of John and Julia #1)

Genesis The Journeys of John and Julia Secretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty Two a seemingly mismatched pair of teens deal with the aftermath of divorce loss and their conflicted feelings for each othe

  • Title: Genesis (The Journeys of John and Julia #1)
  • Author: Aurelia Haslboeck
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Secretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty Two, a seemingly mismatched pair of teens deal with the aftermath of divorce, loss, and their conflicted feelings for each other Little do they know that they have also cracked open the door to another reality and unwittingly awakened the sleeping beast of their nemesis to be, the beyond evil Niem ViSecretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty Two, a seemingly mismatched pair of teens deal with the aftermath of divorce, loss, and their conflicted feelings for each other Little do they know that they have also cracked open the door to another reality and unwittingly awakened the sleeping beast of their nemesis to be, the beyond evil Niem Vidalgo Oten.

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    1. This is a book that defies placing into any one genre. John and Julia have adventures involving fiction, fantasy, speculative, urban fantasy and a host of other genres. It is enjoyable as long as you are willing to be bounced between dimensions, and various places on earth as well. Laugh out loud inside the minds of a 12, 13 year old then for comic relief go inside a couple of mom's, a grandmother and other interesting people.

    2. If the title doesn't give you a clue that this book is #1 in a series, then you are not paying attention! This book, aka, Chapter One: Genesis, introduces an array of characters, some human, some superhuman and some omniscient. The superhuman characters are introduced first. For some reason that is not immediately clear, they are very interested in some choices that Julia is about to make. In fact, they have the power to intervene, pause time, and explore what could happen depending on the optio [...]

    3. This book was somewhat of an interesting read for me. I found myself somewhere in between really not liking it and being able to tolerate it. I think the part that made it tolerable for me was the fact that it was a really easy read. The character development in this book is sub par at best. You get to know enough about John and Julia, but then there are a host of other characters that just don't get enough attention There is this group of 23 that you really only get to know the names of some of [...]

    4. This is the book I wish I'd had when I was a kid, and which I am so grateful to have now. Full of wisdom and insight, gorgeously written and highly entertaining, it has resonated deep within my heart and drawn me back again and again, revealing more of itself every time. Cannot wait to read the second book of this series!

    5. How would you feel if you have planned to go to cheerleading camp and your mother decides to take you to spend the entire summer with your grandmother way out in the middle of nowhere? Julia is a thirteen-year-old girl to whom this happens. Her dad has left to live with his girlfriend and start a new family on the east coast. Her mom Elizabeth needs to go to Japan for a year on business and plans to have Julia stay with her grandmother, Amelia Livingston, who lives on an estate known as Fragrant [...]

    6. Reason for Reading: The premise piqued my interest.I'm going into this review without a clue as to what my rating will be nor which way my review is going to lean. This is a tough review for me write. On the one hand, I really did not like this book and yet, I was completely hooked on the premise and couldn't stop reading! How does one really dislike yet enjoy a book at the same time? I'm not sure but it happened with me and "Genesis".First off, two of the main characters, Julie and her mother E [...]

    7. Ummm. I don't think I mean why did they what about that guy First of how many books? and I don't think 13 year old shopaholic cheerleaders, even ones who are in therapy, talk like that.I didn't mind the changes in POV, except that everyone, everyone, everyone! was completely self-aware and analytical of their action and emotional reactions. Like, John's mom the children's book writer, and John himself, in their POV chapters, going on about knowing that they didn't know something and John thinkin [...]

    8. What a fun ride The Journeys of John and Julia was! I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.I enjoy YA Fantasy but I don't make much time to read this genre, so it's refreshing to find one that I really enjoyed. The storyline is very entertaining. The book starts off with the twenty-two having a conference in the middle of the woods. This cast of magical beings is discussing Julia's dilemma. This group reminded me a bit of the Order of the Phoenix, from the Harry Potter books. I like the idea of t [...]

    9. First Thoughts: When I was asked to listen to this book I thought the premise sounded really interesting but it didn’t live up to my expectations.Julia is a cheerleader and she got on the all star team and was prepared to go to camp with them over the summer when her mother totally changes her plans. She decides that Julia needs to go with her to visit her grandmother for the summer and this total ticks off Julia. Julia goes into things with a foul attitude and the only things she has to look [...]

    10. I think that this story had a lot of potential, but I was very detached throughout most of the story and held on with high hopes for the ending. We are introduced to the story taking place in a room of some kind of Elders or Council members that the reader does not get to know who they are until very close to the end. This group is looking in at the lives of John and Julia who are each going through some hard times in their lives. The story variates between the councils views, then Johns and Jul [...]

    11. Julia is a moody thirteen-year-old, convinced that adults are out to get her, while she tries to find herself and solidify her beliefs.John is Julia’s childhood friend; a young boy trying to reconcile the world he knows with a world he feels but cannot prove.The twenty-two, aware of Julia’s desperate plea for a better life, are in control. Or are they?This book's premise intrigued me. It starts off with the mystic twenty-two (who are actually twenty-three), and although there are many of the [...]

    12. THE JOURNEY OF JOHN AND JULIA IN CHAPTER ONE GENESIS was definitely an adventurous read and in many ways a magical experience with a meaningful message.One thing that is clearly vivid while you read the book is that it has been beautifully written, it allows you to create a new world in your mind and gives you the opportunity to really get into the core and depth of the characters.As I began reading I was actually suprised by the whole new concept the book brought forth, the idea of having omnis [...]

    13. We start off with some god-like men and women who confused the hell out of me. Then we jumped to Julia POV, then John's, then John's Mom POV, then back to the god-like people, then to someone completely different. I was just confused with the constant POVs especially since they weren't labeled. These god-like creatures have the power to change, alter, or adjust anything in ones life which is what they're trying to do with Julia.Julia and John are both thirteen year old teenagers who are thrown t [...]

    14. I was very curious to read this book because of the greatly varying reviews. This book is quite a challenge because normally the reader gets the point of view of the main character only and expierences everything through their eyes. And this book is completely different and this blew my mind and challenged me to switch quickly from one POV to the next!! I recognized that it is so easy to judge/like/or not like the behaviour of a protagonist and to feel totally righteous about it BUT in this book [...]

    15. 3.5/5 starsThis book wasn't quite what I expected it to be. From the blurb, I was under the impression that we'd be following Julia. Well, we were, but we were also following John (which totally worked, just wasn't in the blurb). And yes, The Twenty-Two are mentioned, but I didn't expect so much of the book to be them.When the book starts, it's with The Twenty-Two. (Does there seem to be too much alliteration here?) They do a lot of watching Julia and John. Honestly, I got really bored.However, [...]

    16. I struggled to read this book. First off, the constant POV changes without labels was very confusing. It pulled me away from the story and I kept putting the book down instead of pushing through each sitting. The confusion of the POV changes made it hard for me to really get into the book, and the beginning is very slow.The characters, in my opinion, didn't flow well together either. First, there's the Twenty-Two (which I didn't think would have such a big part in the novel when I read the back [...]

    17. To be honest I’m not totally sure what to say about this book. I finished it pretty quickly and it was nice to read but…I think I missed the connection to the main Characters. I couldn’t really connect and feel with them. In one way they just didn’t bother me enough? Also some events or dialogues just confused me. A few times I was like “what? why did that happen now?” or “Why did he do that?”I mean I am aware that there is supposed to be something mystical or magical or however [...]

    18. And I am DONE at 7%. I honestly can't keep going. First I got TWO emails for the book and to be honest, I ACCIDENTALLY got it off NetGalley, and then I'm asked where my review is? Yes I know it has been two months, but have you ever heard ofmI don't know, a TBR list? I have literally over 100 books that I own or need to review for a tour or per author's request and I would really like it if I wasn't asked all the time where my review is. So I really did NOT want to read this book, but I decided [...]

    19. ARC NetgalleyThe Journeys of John and Julia in Chapter One: Genesis is an intriguing and unique story that creates a world like no other With interesting characters and storyline that will definitely be enjoyable for the younger audience.Starting off was a bit slow for me. I know it was world building, but the change of POV jumped too much and too rapid, that it was hard to follow. But, as time went on, I fell in step with our mysterious magical universe and began to follow John and Julia throug [...]

    20. I think the teens at my library might enjoy this more than I did. Julia finally comes to a better understanding of her world. I was not clear what caused her to have the revelation. The two worlds were not clearly defined for me and I didn't really understand how they intersected. There were strong moral messages that the author was sharing, but I felt they were a little heavy handed. I hope that some of my issues will be addressed in sequels. Maybe we will learn who these all powerful beings ar [...]

    21. I couldn't bring myself to finish this novel. The Journeys of John and Julia just wasn't for me and I will not be continuing with the series. I couldn't connect with the characters in any way and felt like the actions of Julia were extreme and just wanted to hit her. The editing in this novel was terrible, there were a lot of sentences that just didn't make any sense. Lastly, there were some opinions on topics in this novel that I just didn't agree with such as divorce and teen pregnancy and so [...]

    22. I have never left a book I’ve started unfinished…Until now.I had high hopes for this book. I really love the cover and I found the words used were very articulate but after reading about 60% of the book I found that in the end, it just wasn’t enough. The book begins kind of slow and with a confusing plot. The confusion starts off the book and continues throughout. The characters put a stop to this read for me. Not ONE was likable. They were mostly mean. One of the main characters, Julia, i [...]

    23. I received this as a NetGalley ebook. It sounded really interesting, but it was excruciating to read. Perhaps the author is a teenager? It's awkward, confusing, full of grammatical and spelling errors, and have I mentioned awkward? Admittedly, I was reading an advance copy, but it was PAINFULLY bad. I only made it through a dozen pages before I gave up, and I don't think I have ever done that before. If the story had been interesting, I would have kept going, but it was completely overshadowed b [...]

    24. At first I found the language was interesting. It made me smile at the circles it went in even reminded me a bit of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. Before long however it began to feel repetitive and unnecessary. Plus it was leaving me confused. When I finally met Julia I was disgusted. I really couldn't stand her character and couldn't agree less with the idea that she was so super special and in need of extra help. What made her so much more special than any other ordinary kid [...]

    25. I really did enjoy reading this young adults story and was impressed with its insightful look into human relationships and I think I even managed to learn something from it because it gave me a new outlook on how situations can be viewed. (Don't want to get into it because I wouldn't want to spoil the story for anyone). The only thing that took away from the enjoyable experience was that there were a lot of grammatical errors throughout the book, although that may have been simply because I read [...]

    26. I couldn't get into this one was just blah for me. None of the characters were very good and I certainly couldn't connect with any of them. It was really confusing in the beginning too. I rarely can't finish a book and this was sadly one of them.

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