One thought on “The Fires They Kept: Poems”

  1. "If there is love in this image, what is the picture for?"Tomas Transtromer told Burkard that his early work was like approaching the Sphinx from behind. Meant as a criticism, to me it's a compliment. Makes me think of Walker Percy's discussion of the Grand Canyon in his essay "Loss of the Creature." We should be so lucky to have a poet approach the Sphinx from behind!

  2. Years back, I tried to figure out what it was about Burkard's poetry that attracted me. He takes interesting leaps into odd rhetorical phrasing, and when he does he also evokes feelings that are sometimes hard to recognize, just as the poems are difficult to place for me. I still like this book and pick it up now and again and wonder that I spent so much time in earlier decades rereading it. As though there were something more under the surface that I could almost explain each time but turned ou [...]

  3. At times brilliant, but other times too disjointed. Just loosely connected bits of prose that aren't strung together by narrative or tone or emotion. Good read though

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