Hellblazer: Bloodlines

Hellblazer Bloodlines Collecting two pivotal storylines and a one shot from acclaimed writer Garth Ennis Reprinting HELLBLAZER featuring a very special Constantine Christmas Royal Blood which pits Constantine a

  • Title: Hellblazer: Bloodlines
  • Author: Garth Ennis Will Simpson Steve Dillon Mike Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9781401215149
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • Collecting two pivotal storylines and a one shot from acclaimed writer Garth Ennis Reprinting HELLBLAZER 49 featuring a very special Constantine Christmas , 52 55 Royal Blood, which pits Constantine against the demon Calibraxis , and 59 61 Guys and Dolls, which sets the stage for the final showdown between Constantine and the First of the Fallen.

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    1. In the previous collection, Dangerous Habits, Garth Ennis had to share credit with Jamie Delano since the latter contributed to a good forty-percent of the bulk for that volume. In this collection, however, Ennis becomes the official writer for the Hellblazer series. Bloodlines is comprised of the Christmas Special about the Lord of Dance, the Royal Blood arc (#52-55), and Guys and Dolls arc (#59-61). This was a good second foll0w-up to the critical success of Dangerous Habits although this is f [...]

    2. This collection really shows what a good writer can do with the Constantine character: create tight, lucid inner monologues and horrific nihilist world-building. The first two Ghost Whisperer stories are fine, though I just encountered a "death of magic/rise of man" story in the last Hellblazer collection I read yesterday, so I've already reached my Christian-bashing quota of the week and "Lord of the Dance" was just overkill. Constantine's meeting with the King of the Vampires was sadly anti-cl [...]

    3. Possibly my favorite Hellblazer volume to date, along with the Garth Ennis Dangerous Habits volume. I like Jamie Delano, but it's hard to top Garth Ennis.In this volume we see vengeful ghosts, the King of Vampires, an awesome story dealing with Jack the Ripper as well as an unholy union between an angel and a succubus demon. (I wonder if this is where the idea from Preacher came from?) I have noticed something about the art in Hellblazer. It really fits the gritty horror tales of Constantine, bu [...]

    4. Constantine finds happiness in a relationship while some of the most gruesome stories go on. Charming meets charnel I do love it when they grouse about Thatcher.

    5. Wow, I enjoyed this one even more than Hellblazer: Rare Cuts. The stories were weightier and more long-spanning, and I really liked the heft of the tales. This book might not have been a bad place to start the series, either.“The Pub Where I was Born” (Hellblazer, #47), written by Garth Ennis, art by Will Simpson.“Love Kills” (Hellblazer, #48), written by Garth Ennis, art by Mike Hoffman.Oooh. Constantine’s got himself a girl. Also, ghosts avenge themselves on the living. The worst thi [...]

    6. In this original edition of Bloodlines, you have to ask what in the world DC was thinking, as it's a semi-random assortment of issues from a full year worth of comics. Oh, you get coherent stories (and they're the important ones), but I never understood this era where publishers thought you'd just want trade paperbacks of a few of the "best" stories.Lord of the Dance (49). Ennis really does like his pubs. Still, this is a nice story because it has a genuine British feel to it and because it show [...]

    7. Much as the 1970s were a golden age for mainstream serial comics, so the early 1990s were for alt labels like DC's Vertigo or Dark Horse. I hadn't read a Hellblazer comic since the '90s, and I was happy to find that it is even better than I remembered. One thing I like about the way Ennis and Simpson present the narrative is that, unlike the mainstream at the time, the art is almost never flashy or overwrought. The result is that when I turn to a full-page spread of a demon ripping out and eatin [...]

    8. I'll be reading all the collected volumes over the next few weeks, it's refreshing to get the unsanitized originals as their depth allowed more personal storylines. Far too many comics get lost in a' danger to the planet, no galaxy, no UNIVERSE' spiral of threat escalation. Stories on that scale are so mind bogglingly stupid that all sense of character and pathos is lost. (This whole review poached from my own comment made about a previous volume of Hellblazer)

    9. This one was okay, I suppose. It alternated between being interesting and seeming like it was trying too hard to be ghastly and horrific. I think I'm ready for a long break from John Constantine and all his demons.

    10. Intriguing, fascinating and raw. That’s the best way I can synthesize my depiction of the Hellblazer comics, or at least, the ones I’ve read so far. A friend once told me that the best way to be introduced in this world would be with the Ennis run, and hell, he was right. Although, I don’t have much of an experience in regards of the entire Hellblazer stories, Ennis clearly knows how to handle the character, in order to make him unique and attractive. Guys and Dolls is the direct continuat [...]

    11. Swamp Thing, which introduced the character of John Constantine and set the stage for the Vertigo imprint, is the comic book which reignited my interest in the genre, after decades of neglect that began towards the end of junior high school for me. Aimed at mature readers, Swamp Thing introduced the idea of the Vertigo Formula, as I call it, which ties together things like history, politics and folklore along with the supernatural. Hellblazer, which continues the adventures of John Constantine, [...]

    12. "Bloodlines" is an interesting volume of "Hellblazer". Although it's weaker than "Dangerous Habits" it has some stories which are very important to the "Hellblazer" lore. "The Pub Where I Was Born" and "The Lord of the Dance" were wonderful stand-alone stories which gave insight into the human side of John Constantine. Not all ghosts of the past are bad and some of them are even fun. "Bloodlines" thrive on that. However, long story-arcs "Royal Blood" and "Guys and Dolls" had shortcomings because [...]

    13. Some good early Hellblazer that I hadn't had a chance to read before. "The Pub Where I Was Born" is a solid story with a really great beginning that shows Ennis understands what makes a good pub a crucial part of life, but it's horribly marred by Mike Hoffman's art for the second installment -- seriously flat, awful stuff, and the coloring's bad, too. All I can think is that Will Simpson must have missed his deadline and Hoffman came in and did a rush job. The art's otherwise good; classic stuff [...]

    14. I like Ennis, and I like Constantine, and wanted to love this collection but strangely never did. It is a decent enough read, and weighing in at nearly 300 pages you get your money's worth, I just felt some of Ennis's writing a bit too simplistic. His writing grew better as the series progressed, as did his portrayal of Constantine, but I still feel its not a patch on Warren Ellis's run. I found the whole demon/ royal storyline extremely silly, just an excuse to release a lot of anti-royal senti [...]

    15. No afloja, eh. Quizás en este tomo no haya ninguna historia que alcance los niveles de epicidad de "Malos hábitos" pero en conjunto, y sumando las distintas mini-sagas, logra un relato constantinesco de lo más rico y con todo lo bueno y lo malo de los personajes. El dibujo, en casi todos los capítulos está un paso por detrás del guion, pero sin llegar a perjudicar la narración en ningún momento. Cuando lo tenga a mano para volver a ojear las historias (tres, si no me equivoco), seguro la [...]

    16. Garth Ennis' storytelling is alright, though a bit clumsy at first, and gets better towards the end. Unfortunately the artwork by Will Simpson and Mike Hoffman isn't good. Sometimes it gets so bad, you have trouble recognizing the main character from panel to panel. It's the issues with Steve Dillon that really shine. Nevertheless I find that, taken as a whole, this volume cannot keep up to the usual Hellblazer standards.

    17. This is a collection of several different stories written by Garth Ennis that haven't been reprinted in another book. The first couple of stories are disappointing, but the final two storylines, one involving Jack the Ripper, and the other a succubus who is friends with Constantine. The last story arc is tied to "Dangerous Habits" reprinted in another volume (check out my review!), but it isn't necessary to have read "Dangerous Habits" to enjoy this book.

    18. Puhas kuld. Kaks stooriliini: "Royal Blood" kus deemon Calibraxis, "Saatana lihunik", on pugenud Inglise kuningliku perekonna liikme sisse, ja "Guys and Dolls", kus Constantine tegeleb ingel Tali ja succubus Chantinelle suhtega, Esimene Langenuist aga omakorda haub kättemaksu koos deemonkuninganna Triskelega on põhimõtteliselt Hellblazer at its best. Väga hea kogumik, kui kogu Hellblazeri saagast ainult seda lugeda, saab päris hästi maigu kätte millega tegu.

    19. This is a really solid collection. I'd probably give it 4.25 stars. The coloring and lettering are my only real gripes, but that's probably unfair of me. Ennis' kills the story and strings them all together very nicely. The cover reproductions are killer. If you like Hellblazer this is very much worth your time.

    20. Solid. I've been reading these out of order, and here's where it caught up to me. It felt like I was getting missing pieces of the puzzle rather than actually reading, if that makes sense. I liked it, and I think I just didn't have the objectivity to give it a fair judgment, so I'll guess at four.

    21. I love reading this comic series especially after having read the Sandman because John Constantine is in those and they talk about Morpheus in the Constantine comics those are interesting to see the cross at work between the two

    22. The art was a bit inconsistent and some of the writing felt a bit rushed, but there are few things that can take much away from Ennis's delightful twistedness. Too bad there are no half-stars. More than a 3 and less than a 4.

    23. Garth Ennis, I love you. You are wonderful. These collections are everything I wanted them to be. Gone is Mopey John, replaced with A**-kicking John. The dialogue is tighter, the scenes more descriptive, the characters fuller, deeper. Everything about Garth Ennis’s takeover is fantastic.

    24. So fucking good! If you haven't read it: READ IT! If you have read it: READ IT AGAIN!No matter how many times I read this it's still 5 stars and Garth Enid is still the king of Hellblazer (closely followed by Mike Carey).

    25. I didn't enjoy this collection as much as the others. Still enjoyed it though. John Constantine is such a great character and Gareth Ennis has a good handle on the character in these stories. I sense it's all building up to something epic in the future

    26. I hate that so many of these old collections are going out of print, and that when they do, the price goes through the roof. Must be a conspiracy of the First Among the Fallen.

    27. Probably my favorite 'Hellblazer' story arc yet! Classic bad-ass Constantine moments, creepy demons, political plots, romance, and a famous historical figure! What's not to love?

    28. An older set, but a good one. Essentially three major storylines are features. They are all worth the read.

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