Deceived and Other Tales

Deceived and Other Tales Five stories of men and the secrets and lies that shape their lives Deceived The hatred between Prince Benedict and his secretary Rae is well known and the source of much gossip at court Each one too

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  • Title: Deceived and Other Tales
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781936202324
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
  • Five stories of men and the secrets and lies that shape their lives Deceived The hatred between Prince Benedict and his secretary Rae is well known, and the source of much gossip at court Each one too stubborn to walk away, determined to make the other one the first to break, they spend their days fighting or ruthlessly ignoring one another Determined to put an end toFive stories of men and the secrets and lies that shape their lives Deceived The hatred between Prince Benedict and his secretary Rae is well known, and the source of much gossip at court Each one too stubborn to walk away, determined to make the other one the first to break, they spend their days fighting or ruthlessly ignoring one another Determined to put an end to the matter once and for all, and to give the notoriously rakish Benedict a taste of his own medicine, Rae sets upon a deception only to realize that there is than one deception afoot Scandalous Gideon has led a very strict life since the death of his parents, determined not to live the scandalous life that led to their untimely demise and to bring up his little brother in a stable home Journeying home to settle the matter of a new tutor for his brother, Gideon is waylaid overnight by foul weather at an inn He encounters a beautiful young man who is temptation than he is able to resist, and Gideon impulsively decides that one night, with a complete stranger, cannot possibly come to any harm From Afar Pierce has all that anyone could want in life an adoring brother who raised him when their parents died, the fame and adoration from being an accomplished fencer, and the best friend a man could have What he wants, however, is to know the identity of the person who leaves him ardent love letters and why his admirer will not step forward Lessons There is very little that Jude has not tried or seen, and his shameless behavior has earned him the reputation as the most notorious rake in the city The one thing he does not do, however, is innocents Then he chances upon a young man late at night in the park, amused to learn the man is attempting to write a love letter of all things When he learns that Crispin despairs of ever catching the eye of his love because he is too innocent to be appealing, Jude impulsively offers to teach him all that he needs to know The Highwayman When he receives word that his home is being plagued by a highwayman, Bartholomew immediately sets off for the family estate to see to the matter When he arrives home, however, he learns that very little is as he remembers it Instead of one problem to solve, Bartholomew finds himself contending with a highwayman, a murderer, strangers, and an old friend who is nothing like the boy he grew up with

    One thought on “Deceived and Other Tales”

    1. 6 stories -- average: 3.875 stars rounded upDeceived - 4 starsThis story was good because the MCs were mortal enemies and in the beginning, they seemed to loathe each other! Usually, in Megan Derr's enemies-turn-to-lovers stories, one of them will be the passive, quite, brooding one. Here, both had quite volatile temper and it was amusing to read.Scandalous - 4 starsThis probably the most adorable story of Megan Derr featuring a little brother!! Previous stories of hers that I have read usually [...]

    2. Five starsI seldom encounter an 'anthology' where all stories are captivating. There are five loosely related stories in this book (characters from previous stories appear in other stories), and they are all great. The first four are quite similar: sweet, face pace, heartwarming stories that have been Ms. Derr signature. The fifth one is different in length and pace. The length is about the first four stories combined, and the pace is quite slow, especially at the beginning. Characters in all fi [...]

    3. 5 stars! How many times have you read an anthology where you loved all of the shorts? It's pretty rare for me, but this was the exception. I really LOVED this anthology. Not only did I enjoy each individual story, but I particularly enjoyed how they were all interwoven. It was almost like reading an entire series without having to wait for the next book to be released. I haven't enjoyed an anthology like this in quite some time.Deceived - Prince Benedict, a notorious rake, and his secretary Rae [...]

    4. As usual, Megan Derr weaves these wonderful, lovely worlds and then chucks in a bajillion of characters all of who we cannot help but love. And, as usual, I adored reading these stories. I have always been a fan of series/stories where all of the stories intertwine with one another (and not necessarily in gaymance either).Deceived: 4.25 STARSIt was hilarious just watching such vibrant (and violent) characters clash together in her classic enemies-to-lovers theme. And it was just as a lovely seei [...]

    5. Overall Rating: 4.5 starsDeceived - 4.25 starsScandalous - 4.25 starsFrom Afar - 4 starsLessons - 4 starsThe Highwayman - 5 stars

    6. It's always hard to rate a book with more than one story. I'm going with an overall rating of 4 stars. DeceivedI enjoyed this tale, especially as I got to see Benedict and Rae from the start. I was left a little disappointed that I did not get to see the big show down with Benedicts parents. But as a love story this was sweet.ScandalousI loved this one. With just a little more back ground this could easily of worked as a novella. I admit as lovely as watching Gideon and Tam fall in love was, Pie [...]

    7. 3.5 starsThis is one anthology that definitely works for me. Then again what could go wrong with love between lordlings and their peerage in Regency era? Not for me at least!My favorite here is Scandalous, not to say I like the others any less though! :)

    8. I'm not sure whether to consider this historical fiction or fantasy. It was a delightful mix of both, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.I loved getting to have the Regency-esque setting, while at the same time getting to read about these men having what felt like true HEAs because they didn't have to hide their relationships from anyone.I think my favorite story in the set was "Deceived," the first story--likely because of the fairy tale quality brought in with the three days of the masque and [...]

    9. 3.5 stars A luscious collection of stories set in Megan Derr's historical fantasy world where m/m relationships are accepted and honor and 'derring-do' are the order of the day. My favourite is the last and longest, 'The Highwayman' which includes smugglers, a not-so-bad highwayman and two friends who discover almost too late what they mean to each other. Although MD writes very sexy stories they vary in how much 'on-page' sex is written. This collection ranges the full gamut from kissing/embrac [...]

    10. A 3-4 read. Really enjoyed the way that each of the stories were linked in this anthology, although there were a couple which seemed to have some similarities to them. My faves were Deceived and The Highwayman.

    11. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words ReviewRating 5 stars out of 5For the full review visit wp/p220KL-bKZFrom that review: "Here are my thoughts on each.Deceived – This is a enemies to lovers story between Prince Benedict and his secretary Rae. Each day is spend trying to force the other to quit/fire him based on the false assumptions each has allowed to accumulate over the years about the other.  Until an upcoming masked ball changes everything.  With the ability to hide behind gorgeous mas [...]

    12. Fantastic! Several tales of different men who each find love and happiness in the most unexpected places. From enemies that have been at each others throats to drifted apart childhood friends, each story is unique and brings together people who have been deceived in way one or another. Absolutely lovely, though The Highwayman was likely my favourite!

    13. Wow - this was a lovely anthology! Each story is great (some are 6 stars, some are 4 stars) and they are loosely connected in that they all take place in the same kingdom and the MCs all know each other, though not necessarily each other's love interest. I loved each and every character and the deceptions were mostly well-wrought. More please!!!

    14. This could have gotten 4 stars easily even with most of the sex scenes fading to black if not for the length of the last story.I found Highwayman to be dragging on and on and on especially considering the length of the other stories.

    15. 3.5 Seeing as this is a collection of short stories, it lacks the depth and character development of Megan Derr's full length stories, which is to be expected from short stories. It is, however, an enjoyable collection of short storiest that I've ever not enjoyed something from Megan Derr.

    16. 3.75. LOVED the first two stories. Five stars on those! I loved the way that the stories flowed from one to the other, involving minor characters from the previous one. That's why the third story threw me off, as I don't remember Crispin or his lover from the second story. Stories three and four are linked, but Bart's story (the highway man story) was overly long and convoluted, with too many characters to keep me interested, and slightly unbelievable. I ended up skimming to get to the end. The [...]

    17. Five stories which take place in a kind of alternate universe regency where being gay is totally acceptable (yay!) and where everyone is obsessed with smells and perfumes for some reasons. No kidding, there is alway like "he smells like cinamon, green apples, pine trees and two other things" and its so detailed to the point of ridiculous. Like, people arent able to distinguish smells to such detail, we are not dogs.But hey, the stories are nice.First story was the one I looked forward the most a [...]

    18. For the PopSugar Reading Challenge 2015."A book of short stories".Mi favorita de entre todas, fue la 4ta historia, "Lessons". Me encantó, me gustaron mucho los personajes, el tema de la historia, todo, sin quejas. La 5ta historia, "Highwayman", me decepcionó. Leí tantas críticas positivas de ésta, que pensé que iba a estar buena, pero no veía la hora de terminarla. La 1ra historia la había leído más anteriormente (en el sitio de Megan Derr), y me entretuvo, aunque trillado, me gustó i [...]

    19. Le sigh.This was a very uneven book for me. The first story was well-edited and enjoyable. A solid 3.5. The second was more a 3 but sliding downward. It was downhill from there, with the editing getting progressively worse and the repetition becoming ungainly. Overall, I found the language just a little clumsy, and that also devolved. And characters who seemed merely pleasantly foppish were replaced with women in men's bodies. I'm a woman, so I can tolerate an awful lot of woman in my men before [...]

    20. I loved every story in this collection; the relationships are perhaps predictable in the way they often are in romance stories, but this, if anything, only furthered my enjoyment of the entire book. The fact that the characters often cross over from the other stories was purely a bonus (view spoiler)[(especially Rae's letter in the final one!) (hide spoiler)], as each was interesting in his own right and it was nice to see further relationships outside of the central plots.The Highwayman was the [...]

    21. I finished Deceived last night and I really enjoyed it! I loved how the book was made up of 5 short stories that all intertwined together somehow. I love series because we can get more of characters I love so this was cool to have characters make cameos in the other stories. I really enjoyed each one a lot but my favorites were Scandalous and The Highwayman. My overall favorite characters were Gideon and Tem. This was a cool historical type book. I give it 4 solid stars. I had read one or 2 shor [...]

    22. New edition of Regency by Megan Derr. The stories in both anthologies are the same.Deceived - 5 starsScandalous - 4.75 starsFrom Afar - 4.75 starsLessons - This one is fabulous! A story of a rake, who bored with life decides to amuse himself by teaching a young man the art of seduction. A must read! 5+The Highwayman - 5 stars Overall rating - 5 starsRead twice so far. Will read this anthology again. Highly recommended.

    23. As with all anthologies, some stories were better than others. All of these were good and I liked that there were recurring characters. I enjoyed this read and recommend it if you enjoy historical romance.One thing to note was that this book was in some alternate universe where m/m romance was not frowned on the way it was in our history, so there was no angst related to that issue.Recommended=================================1st read - Mar 27, 20132nd read - Aug 15, 2016

    24. A collection of short stories about betrayal set in a historical setting with M/M pairings. I enjoyed these a lot. Every story was a little different and the last one - the longest by far - was an intriguing story about trust, betrayal and admitting your hearts desire. Quite a book and totally worth reading.

    25. With its five short (some longer than others) stories and sweet epilogue, this book delivers exactly what it promises: secrets, intrigues, love, deception, mistrustI found some parts predictable in the way romance novels often tend to be, but at the same time that is part of what I liked. Everything ended the way I wanted. I've rarely been this content with a book when it was over.

    26. Interesting world building, and I like the perfume element because scent and aromatherapy is of interest to me, and smells are very much a part of sexuality and attraction to me.The fairy tale aspect was fun, and I am glad to see that there are other stories in this universe to explore.

    27. Solid collection of short stories and one novella. Not my favorite of Megan Derr's work, but I can't explain why, so I suspect it has more to do with my personal taste than any fault of the stories themselves.

    28. This is a actually several different, somewhat interrelated stories (Not quite. More like the characters usually knew each other because it was all set in the same universe) but I rather liked most of them. My favorite is probably the first one, though.

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