Impractical Terrell believes very strongly in an ordered practical lifestyle Nothing good after all ever came from following impractical urges and impulses Nearly finished with school it is time to focus on t

  • Title: Impractical
  • Author: Megan Derr
  • ISBN: 9781936202881
  • Page: 225
  • Format: ebook
  • Terrell believes very strongly in an ordered, practical lifestyle Nothing good, after all, ever came from following impractical urges and impulses Nearly finished with school, it is time to focus on the next step in his life settling down at his estate, Fivecoats, and marrying a suitable spouse to oversee it while he pursues his academic leanings When his father sends wTerrell believes very strongly in an ordered, practical lifestyle Nothing good, after all, ever came from following impractical urges and impulses Nearly finished with school, it is time to focus on the next step in his life settling down at his estate, Fivecoats, and marrying a suitable spouse to oversee it while he pursues his academic leanings When his father sends word that he has found the ideal man for Terrell to marry, Terrell can only be pleased despite the misgivings of his best friend Marriage, after all, is perfectly practical, and such things as romance highly impractical.Kirian wants nothing to do with practicality His parents chose to be happy over being practical, and he refuses to settle for less, no matter what everyone around him says But then he is forced to marry a man who is colder than ice, settle into a marriage that seems to be in all ways practical, but in no way happy But beneath the surface of his new spouse, Kirian sees something far from icy, something he realizes he wants but which seems to belong to another man.

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    1. In this book we get two love stories for the price of one.Terrell and Kirian are best friends and roommates attending school together. They are a study in opposites. Terrell is practical as the day is long, and Kirian is hot-blooded and rash.Terrell is the owner of Fivecoats, a successful winery bequeathed to him by his mother. He knows that he does not have the business acumen to run Fivecoats himself and is satisfied to learn that his father has arranged a marriage between Terrell and a succes [...]

    2. Standard Megan Derr novella with multiple couples and a regency theme. What is really insanely annoying about this book is the number of times the author used the words impractical/practical in the text. It would have to be every second paragraph. OK! Enough already! We noticed what you called the book."Embarrassed, Terrell drew back, annoyed that the feel of Edlin's finger against his lips lingered. 'Well, I can hardly describe the amount of wine we just imbibed as practical.'Edlin made a scoff [...]

    3. 3.5 starsImpractical follows two couple Terrell who believes in practicality, who thinks that marriage should be for convenience rather than love, because he is busy with study and work, thus having a husband who can take care of his estate will be perfect for him. So when his father arranged a marriage with Edlin Crandall Courtright, Terrell thinks he finds the right match While Kirian, his best friend, refuses to settle for practicality, he wants to marry for love (just like his parents). But [...]

    4. Not quite, but almost 5 stars. For what it is - sweet, naive fairytale - the story was truly romantic, amusing and, yes, hot. I liked both couples and I was glad they both got their happy endings. This is a true fairytale, with no true villains and obstacles, beyond the men themselves, but, sometimes, you need a piece of pure escapism in your life. Highly recommended.

    5. There are several things I don't like from my romance. Among others:- fait a compli- big misunderstanding- melodramatic MCs- keeping secret to blow up at the endThis book manages to hit all points above. One of very few 2-star rating for Ms. Derr's books from me.Oh, just like MandyM, I also noticed that the term practical/impractical practically scattered throughout the book that the use of those terms have become completely impractical.

    6. I continue to adore this world! All the fun of regency combined with a complete acceptance of homosexuality. To the extent that Terrell's father even picked out a male spouse for him.I definitely enjoyed that there were two couples in this one. It was interesting the similarities and differences in the progression of both of the relationships. It was also interesting to get to read about the changes in the friendship between Terrell and Kirian as both of their relationships progress.

    7. Great story and just in time before Christmas.Oh I know impractical is the theme but there is such a thing as an overkill, here it is the use of the words "impractical" and "practical".Otherwise a great, romantic story about two couples and marriage. One pair is forced into marriage and the second has an arranged match but who will end up with a HEA?

    8. I enjoyed this book, we follow two couples , one was an arranged marriage, and one was sort of "blackmailed" into marriage.There is no real outside forces working against the couples and for the most part it's a pretty sweet and angst free story, typical of Megan Derr's writing.

    9. Overall I enjoyed it, but it required a little bit too much suspension of disbelief when it came to the reasons behind Kir and Evie's marriage. Too much secret-keeping in both relationships for my tastes. And I was one of the readers bothered by overuse of the words practical/impractical. But the chemistry in both relationships was lovely.

    10. 3.5 starsI love Megan Derr's books but for some reason I couldn't get into this one.It is an intriguing story. I adored the world it's based around and the acceptance of same-sex marriages. I've always liked historical settings in fantasy or alternate universes but only when there's no bigotry regarding gay men. With this story, I really enjoyed the fact arranged marriages were made between men so often. This story follows two couples - Kirian/Evelyn and Terrell/Edlin. The characters are interes [...]

    11. I won this book from a Firstreads Giveaway. This book is extremely different from anything I have ever read because I have never read a book with male on male relationships. At first, I was not sure how much I would like it. I would say I did not hate it at first, I definitely wanted to continue reading to figure out how I felt about it.I found it to be very slow going in the beginning. This was definitely due to the fact that I was confused about who was who and what was what. The language was [...]

    12. Being one of Megan Derr's series book that I had recently just discovered, this one was actually satisfying, in a sense that for THE FIRST TIME EVER,I felt like I was reading just another perfectly wonderful hetero/normal romance novel, only it's male/male novel(And rest assured- Not all novels can do that!)But while the story was very sweet and "practical" in it's own ways, there were still a bit of a flaw in some parts: For example, in Terrell & Edlin's story, Edlin's character seems to be [...]

    13. Well, Megan Derr is becoming a favorite author. I haven't read many of her stories, but I definately have enjoyed those that I have read.I like the setting of this story. I liked the historical feel but the definite alternate universe where homosexuality was fully accepted as a normal way to be. Something grabbed me about these characters, and I liked the opposite natures of the best friends, Terrell and Kirian. I have to admit, though, that the feminine nicknames/names did put me off a little ( [...]

    14. I found this book during one of the M/M Romance group's games. I really enjoyed the description and took the time to read the sample.The book is relatively short and perfect to be read in one day. If you're looking for lots of angst and drama this isn't your book. This story followed the lives and love stories of two friends in an alternate universe where male marriages were common and not frowned upon or hidden. (view spoiler)[IMO the author did a great job presenting the friends under the assu [...]

    15. Really enjoyable Regency England-esque m/m romance. I liked both couples in this book -- Kirian/Evelyn and Terrell/Edlin were equally interesting, though my favorite character is Kirian. I have a thing for overly romantic hotheads. Although Terrell and Evelyn were also quite adorable. Edlin wasn't really in the story much but when he was he was busy sweeping poor, practical Terrell off his feet.I've so far been enjoying all the stories in the Deceived series. A bit sad that I only have one tale [...]

    16. 4.5 starsAbsolutely wonderful. Delightful. A fellow reading group member talked me into reading it, and I really wanted to balk. I'm so glad I jumped in. Beautifully atmospheric, well developed characters, clever plot involving two best friends at university who couldn't be more opposites. Not a friends-to-lovers story, but one about each protagonist's bumpy journey to finding love. Adored the secondary characters, too. Funny, a bit of angst, and quite well written. It won't be the last Derr boo [...]

    17. Always like getting a two for the price of one deal, and this was two lovely stories in one read.While there was nothing new here, that didn't stop my complete enjoyment in watch these 4 guys come together. Predictable but still worth it.Terrell and Edlin were delightful, and the little twist at the end was fun to watch.Kirian and Evelyn were adorable, although I wish another name had been used :pSweet stress free reads.

    18. I liked all of Megan Derr's fairy tales so far, but this definitely needs a review on top of the five stars because I kept guessing and reguessing (is that a word?) how everything would turn out in the end. Nice! Though I really think there is one person that needs a deceived sequel - he really deserves it after what his father did!

    19. This was a pretty good romance novel. Two plots intertwining to make a decent story. Despite the two plots vying for attention the end result was a decent read, rife with a little too much sex and a bit of intrigue. Watching the characters dance around each other and develop a bit of personality was amusing. Not what I would consider her best writing but not very bad at all. A decent read.

    20. too much use of the words practical/impractical to the point of grating on my nervesand Kirian's story was a bit too farfetched for me : the reason for the forced marriage, its acceptation, the drama t my favorite Megan Derr's work

    21. I liked the fact that I got two stories in one. Love the series and this book was another good contribution to the series. This is the last one availabe on my to-read list. I hope Megan has more coming out soon.=============================1st read - Mar 28, 20132nd read - Aug 15, 2016

    22. More Twists than a TornadoA charming double romance in which both couples stumble needlessly over who and what they are. Well written and amusing, but occasionally just too full of obvious plot twists. Still worth your time. A good read.

    23. Terrell is a jerk. I don't see him doing anything to show that he loved Edlin. Edlin did most of the flirting, kissing while Terrell spent the whole time thinking about what is practical and what is not. Also, I don't see Evelyn "cold" at all. And the melodrama too painful to read.

    24. I'm not a big fan of this alternating point of view where the two point of view characters have distinct and (for the most part) separate stories. The two stories were cute, though.

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