The Earl's Bargain

The Earl s Bargain PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Earl s BargainRegency Romance HistoricalSensuality Level SweetApproximate word count DESCRIPTION The impossibly young stunningly beautiful widow Louisa Phillips finds her

  • Title: The Earl's Bargain
  • Author: Cheryl Bolen
  • ISBN: 2940013091870
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Nook
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Earl s BargainRegency Romance HistoricalSensuality Level SweetApproximate word count 70,000DESCRIPTION The impossibly young, stunningly beautiful widow Louisa Phillips finds herself penniless upon the death of her no good husband What s a man hating bluestocking to do Enter the Earl of Wycliff, who offers her financial security for life All shePRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Earl s BargainRegency Romance HistoricalSensuality Level SweetApproximate word count 70,000DESCRIPTION The impossibly young, stunningly beautiful widow Louisa Phillips finds herself penniless upon the death of her no good husband What s a man hating bluestocking to do Enter the Earl of Wycliff, who offers her financial security for life All she has to do is travel across England posing as his wife They re both hiding secrets not the least of which is their budding love for each other

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    1. This was just okay. I think if a few things had been tweaked I really would have enjoyed it more. The overall story was enjoyable enough, and the setting was nice. I just didn’t fall for either Louisa or Harry as much as I wanted to. When you take out the few things that bothered me, I really liked the characters and story. I liked that while Harry was attracted to Louisa he treated her with respect and didn’t take advantage of their situation. I liked their relationship and how they slowly [...]

    2. This was a good story with a good premise and it had some decent little twists. I thought, though, that the addition of Louisa's sister and the Earl's cousin were extra fluff that were more filler than of any interest.Louisa also irritated me for what she did: she professed that she cared for the poor and the lower classes but she only complained about their poor lot in life. She never did anything beyond writing a few essays and try to get her voice heard in parliament. When they pass by a 5 ye [...]

    3. I found this ebook online at Smashwords for $.99. It turned out to be a fun quicke romance read. I liked the maincharacter Louisa, and the hero was also fun to get to know. There is a nice balance between romance, action, and humor. Petty much perfect for an escapist romance read. It was (strictly speaking) a clean read, though there were a lot of references to desire, etc. if I were to give Georgette Heyer a 2 on the 1-10 steamy scale, I'd list this as a 4.5. Not a teen read, but not too bad fo [...]

    4. This is a wonderful historical romance. The plot is excellent & draws one in, so much that it is exceesingly difficult to stop reading. I read it in a day as I simply could not put it down! The characters are developed so well, it feels as if you not only know them but want to help them suceed as the plot wears on. The story is set in Regency England, and the descritions of London & the English countryside will make anyone long to dee them. Highly recommended as a wonderfully entertainin [...]

    5. Love the storyGood book. Loved the plot of Harry and Louise how they fell in love and how that love brought them closer together.

    6. AUTHOR: It is difficult to write a book with a great balance between characters dialogue and event descriptions. This book was very well written however it is "my opinion" a little heavy on the dialogue side; chit chat, chat chitTTING: 19th century English aristocracy.CENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER: As a teenager she was forced to marry a disgusting elderly man. She is now a widow.CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER: His father lost their home and family fortune years ago. His parents passed away but the son has r [...]

    7. Five or six pages into this book I had a distinct feeling I'd read it before. Ten pages later the feeling grew stronger, so I checked my reviews and ratings -- no sign of The Earl's Bargain.The characters and the narrative were so generic that they could have come from anywhere. Half a dozen historical romance tropes thrown together then shaken not stirred. Cookie-cutter hero who has rebuilt his family fortunes through piracy (no details whatsoever). Cookie-cutter heroine who finds herself wido [...]

    8. One of my guilty pleasures is called "Regency Novels". I am a huge fan of Georgette Heyer who set quite a standard to live up to. I have discovered one or two authors whose novels I enjoy almost as much as those by Ms Heyer, and I thought this was another promising candidate. Maybe I'm doing Ms Bolen wrong as this was the first of her novels I have read but for now, I have put her off my list. I found the story somewhat uninspired despite a promising beginning, the dialogues unwitty and the main [...]

    9. The plot was okay though nothing gripping - not that many Regency Romances are - though it did eventually become a tad repetative. I really didn't like Harry. He was boarish and a liar and despite the constant repitition of "Oh I feel a bit bad" I didn't feel like he was ever sincere about his regret at deceiving Louisa.In return Lousia was insipid, naive and not at all like the heroines I enjoy, who give back as good as they get. She truly believed that Harry had become a 'radical' like her ove [...]

    10. I am torn on how to rate this one. I would probably give it a 2.5 if I could. It was just okay for me.but it did end up drawing me in and I wanted to find out what happend. I was disappointed in the amount of sexual innuendo and talk of mistress's. No scenes, but just enough annoying talk about immorality that I don't know if I would consider it a "clean" read. There were a "few" parts of the book that were really sweet and I really enjoyed themd I think that it was well writtene author is obvio [...]

    11. Brilliant NOT Boring! For anyone who enjoys Romance anywhere and anytime that includes the British Isles, Scandinavian Countries plus any land Down Under - I urge you to take the time to explore the magic woven by Cheryl Bolen. She adds depth to her characters, mystery and intrigue, foreign lands and that intangible ability that keeps you from putting down her books until you're done. I promise your time will be well invested!

    12. First, allow me to say that I am a Cheryl Bolen fan (especially The Brides of Bath series), but this book disappointed me. It throws too many story lines together. It is a cluster of "cut" scenes looking for an overall impressions to make them work. It was also VERY poorly edited, which took away from the reading experience. If you want a mindless read, then this one is for you. If not, choose a different Bolen book.

    13. This is a Regency Romance that I would let my mother read but then she would hate me for it(not a story she would have liked - more my style). I am not sure what this story was missing. Maybe it was just that it should have been expanded into more than one novel. Perhaps just the story of Louisa Phillips and a separate story of Earl of Wycliff. Then the final story of them together. But thinking about it that could still be done. There was a lot of background missing.

    14. Delightful story lord Harry Wycliffe returns to London to reclaim his families status years after his ther lost all including their Grovesnor Square home.He return to find the widow Phillips in residence however this young beautiful blue stocking does not own the mansion. This sets them off on an adventure to find the freind who took all from his family and secure a little security for Louisa and her younger sister.

    15. It was a fun read. The heroine Louisa Phillips was a little different. She was funny, much more than most historical romance heroines. The Cornwall setting was also a little different and added interest. The story had romance, action and adventure. In other words, it was a good, solid Regency romance. Recommended.

    16. I was somewhat disappointed in the story and plot. The earl and unmarried young woman take off for Cornwall? Really? No chaperone nor maid in sight? And they go are on a wild goose chase and leave the younger sister behind? And the earl's younger cousin in now in charge of the younger sister? Really? Just too many wtf moments.

    17. This was longer than I thought it would be for a 99 Kindle. The writing was pretty good for this type of book. I was surprised how much I liked the story and the characters. It was predictable and not as clean as I like, lots of sexual innuendo. But no detailed sex scenes or violence. It was a little cheesy at the end, but it was a fun kick back read.

    18. This is a very enjoyable book. Romantic, funny, and well plotted. Both the hero and heroine are very likeable, and the secondary romance is a great bonus.By the way, after reading an earlier review, I went back and checked the book on my Kindle, and the author uses the word "hardy" correctly in all instances.

    19. I really enjoyed The Earl's Bargain, and it was a bargain at 99 cents! I liked all the characters, but the secondary romance was especially fun. The main story had action and romance without any gratuitous sex.

    20. Earls bargainI loved this book. I had read two of the authors books before so I knew I would enjoy this one also. The two sisters story was interwoven thorough the book and had a great ending of course.

    21. Unfortunately I did not review this book when I read it and now cannot really remember much about it. Thus I would have to say that since nothing sticks out in my mind about it it was pretty typical of the genre.

    22. Poorly edited and wrong word usage. "Alluded" and "eluded" are not interchangeable, for heaven's sake. Neither are "hardy" and "hearty".Conversations and actions are not consistent with the Regency time period.

    23. This plot was a little out of the ordinary. The book was an entertaining and quick read. The characters were likable. I have always enjoyed Cheryl Bolen's books. Talented author, I recommend all of her books.

    24. This was a simple Regency-era romance. No explicit scenes, thankfully. The plot was somewhat interesting, but nothing deep. If you're looking for happy, simple, escapist reading, this will do the trick. I read this in a total of about 3 hoursry light reading.

    25. Sweet romance with humor. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is appropriate for most readers. There is no graphic sexual parts to make us blush! Good interaction between the four main characters.

    26. Great read enjoyable.I recommend this read. Very enjoyable. Fun ending. Nice to see them get together at the end. Hope for more reads from this author.

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