The Real Diana

The Real Diana From the author of Diana in Private This sensational book contains startling new revelations about Diana which Lady Colin Campbell has unearthed since Diana s tragic death including new theories on h

  • Title: The Real Diana
  • Author: Lady Colin Campbell
  • ISBN: 9781900850957
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of Diana in Private This sensational book contains startling new revelations about Diana which Lady Colin Campbell has unearthed since Diana s tragic death, including new theories on her death.

    One thought on “The Real Diana”

    1. Lady Colin Campbell left out some juicy tidbits about Diana in order to protect that woman's reputation, yet she claims that this latest Diana book is a "fair and balanced" account of one of the 20th century's most famous people. Not true. Further, despite Diana's constant emotional upheavals and unpredictability, she just comes across as a garden-variety aristocratic with mental problems. She just seems like she was so dull and whiny and discontented with her considerable lot in life. Marilyn M [...]

    2. I read this as a break form more serious books. I had read a recommendation of Colin Campbells books and I'm glad I followed it. It ended up being a good read, and I've orderd some more of her books (1p on amazon). Looking back on the events now Colin Campbell clearly knew a lot of what was going on. I know she is getting a ribbing in the press about her new book re the Queen Mother, but; after reading this I wouldn't dismiss it quickly (I've ordered it at the library). Really enjoyed it and rea [...]

    3. This is the danger of a kindle, you drink half a bottle of wine and you can end up reading a book like this. I feel dirty but I did read it in one sitting, aside from a quick wine fuelled snooze.The author steps into the book an awful lot with almost hysterical points of information, mainly of a self congratulatory tone. I could not read the last chapter which was unbearably dull.

    4. Definitely not the best book I've ever read about Princess Diana. It was informative, yes, but a lot of the time reading it felt like sitting next to Campbell and listening as she gossiped about Diana. Campbell may have personally encountered with the Princess of Wales, but some of the stuff she knew and used in this book did not have to be included and did not shape, enhance, or justify my perception of Diana. This book made me feel like Diana was a fraud and Campbell the person who filled me i [...]

    5. Outstanding material written from an author who has remarkable social connections and abilities. I appreciate the fact that she was able to obtain information through a promise and commitment of anonymity. After reading this, other information that I had about Diana finally started to make sense as the tabloid material simply never added up. So many thanks to the author for having written this book.

    6. A bunch of blather. The author obviously gives Charles a nice buffing, but you can't polish a t#$d. I skipped most of it. It was interminable.Boring. A sure cure for insomnia. A load of blather not seen since kindergartners wrote what they did during summer break, or how to cook a turkey. Skipped huge chunks as it was interminable.

    7. When I was gong through the first parts of this book, I was telling myself it was very magnificent on how it wasn't lying about Diana. And it wasn't. But it wasn't completely telling the truth either. No, I am not some Saint Diana worshipper, but rather someone who wants to know her well.An honest review of this book was like:"The only person left to blame really was Diana herself. Charles stuck with her for four years, and brought her help, and it really was her fault.""Diana was a genius with [...]

    8. Brilliantly Written :I have read many royal biographies and until this book 'The Real Diana' I had never been able to logically connect the various stories, biographies and so - called newsworthy print to match the woman I saw as nothing more and nothing less than a normal human being. I never had fallen for what I can only term as the mass hysteria over Diana, and yet I deeply admired her work. Other biographies failed to represent Diana as a person with all the problems that some people have. [...]

    9. This was an interesting look into a slice of the lives of the royals. I came away feeling that the royals were as flawed and human as the rest of the human race. The author seems to have a large vocabulary and used it extensively. I can't say the author was unbiased, but I can say that both good and bad were represented in both Charles and Diana. As is the case in all but the rarest divorce, both parties are culpable to some degree or another, for the demise of the relationship. This couple was [...]

    10. A wonderful, gossipy, interesting book, completely ruined by a crack against Israelis which wasn't even relevant. Still, very well written, and very clear sighted. Was she harsh on Diana and submissive to Charles? Sure, but each person testifies in their own way, I'd happily read a few bios and figure out the truth myself.

    11. The dead cannot replyThe writing itself is well done but again it's easy to write what you like when the person cannot reply. Very biased and feels like the writer wants to enter the royal circle again. Overall very disappointing and not worth the money to put into the author's greedy hands.

    12. finished the book 'THE REAL DIANA' by Lady Campbell last night. Very, very different potrayal of the shy and people-oriented Lady Di.If half of what's written true, means to say, there really is no such thing as fairy tales. it just exists in our own creative imagination :)

    13. A fascinating read. I'll freely admit I was one of the 'Poor, beleaguered, Diana' folk: this opened my eyes more than somewhat. Balances some of the more hagiographic tomes on this multi-faceted, but ultimately fractured personality

    14. Didn't like this as much as I thought I would. It wasgossipy and I felt like it lacked a lot of substance.

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