Delta Belles

Delta Belles The author of Circle of Grace hits all the right notes in this uplifting novel about the reunion of the Delta Belles a music group that takes the country by storm in the s The year is and th

  • Title: Delta Belles
  • Author: Penelope J. Stokes
  • ISBN: 9780739470268
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The author of Circle of Grace hits all the right notes in this uplifting novel about the reunion of the Delta Belles, a music group that takes the country by storm in the 1960s The year is 1965 and the Spring Fling Talent Show is in the works at the Mississippi College for Women, a proper Southern institution As a joke, Delta Ballou puts the names of her three best frienThe author of Circle of Grace hits all the right notes in this uplifting novel about the reunion of the Delta Belles, a music group that takes the country by storm in the 1960s.The year is 1965 and the Spring Fling Talent Show is in the works at the Mississippi College for Women, a proper Southern institution As a joke, Delta Ballou puts the names of her three best friends on the list of performers Rising to the challenge, they agree to sing and even convince Delta to join them Rae Dawn DuChamp plays the piano and weaves harmonies in a smoky contralto Lacy Cantrell masters the basic guitar chords, and her twin sister, Lauren, contributes a pleasing voice They call themselves the Delta Belles and win the talent show hands down.What started as a lark turns into an exciting adventure The Delta Belles perform at protests and voter registration rallies across the country As graduation draws near, all the Delta Belles seem poised for bright futures.Twenty five years later, Delta, recently widowed and angry at God, is asked to get the Belles together to perform at their college reunion Lacy and Lauren haven t spoken to each other in years, and Rae Dawn has been beset by overwhelming losses Their reunion turns out to be much than an opportunity to relive the past As the old friends reconnect, they come to a new understanding of the meaning and value of their lives.

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    1. I have to admit that I was partial to this book before I read it because Ms. Stokes is a fellow alumnae of my alma mater (Mississippi University for Women) and bases this book on the campus. After that, however, I have to say that this was an awesome book with a surprise reveal regarding one of the characters' lives that had me literally in tears. It's a story about how, although people go in many different directions and sometimes lose touch, that we are forever affected by the friends that we [...]

    2. Delta Belles surprised me with the combination of character development and deep and socially relevant narrative about issues facing women coming of age in the '60's. Yes, it is a tale of friendship, betrayal, and redemption. The context of the drama includes social justice, civil rights, domestic violence, prejudice against same sex relationships as well as the complexities of sisterhood, fidelity and spiritual faith.

    3. This was a really fast read. I read the book jacket before I began reading the book, and was surprised at all the plot points given in the synopsis; I thought there wasn't anything left to read about in the book. I was definitely wrong about that . . . this book gave me a glimpse into Southern culture during the 60s and 70s and touched on many themes - death and coping, love, equality. Definitely worth reading. I will be checking out other novels by this author.

    4. Don't read this book in public, because strangers might catch you crying. Like all good women's novels this pulls at your heartstrings, but unlike a poor woman's novel it isn't purposely manipulative and doesn't assume you have the intellect of a carrot.

    5. This book was more solemn than others of hers that I've read. I didn't enjoy it as much, and reading it left me feeling drained. Rankin's story was probably the most interesting part. That and the saga of Lacey and Lauren. I liked it better when the author was switching between the four main characters alternately, but switching back-and-forth from the 60s/70s, to 1994 so often really stressed me out. When she started devoting multiple chapters in a row to a couple of the individual stories, tha [...]

    6. Das Cover des Buches ist wirklich schön und sommerlich und passt auch gut zum Titel. Aufgrund des Covers erwartet man einen locker-leichten Sommerroman rund um vier Frauen. In der Handlung treffen vier Frauenleben bei einem Absolvententreffen nach dem College wieder aufeinander. Vier Frauen, die wirklich verschiedene Leben haben, aber im College mal Freundinnen waren. 25 Lebensahre liegen zwischen den beiden Treffen und natürlich auch 25 Jahren, in denen sich wirklich viel im Leben der Vier ve [...]

    7. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    8. I read this for a Reader's Advisory workshop as an example of Christian fiction, and about halfway through it occurred to to me how little Christian message was coming across. I checked the spine, and my library doesn't classify it as Christian fiction. And it's published by Doubleday, not one of the many Christian publishing houses out there. Ultimately, I was relieved to find it light on preachiness and disappointed to find it heavy on lame plot. There were a lot of details that I found unnece [...]

    9. I was so disappointed in this book. I enjoyed the first book I read by her a lot, and I expected great things from this one. Her format is similar to The Blue Bottle Club with 4 women who develop their own talents and strength as they face the trials of life. These girls are best friends in college and as a joke for a campus talent show form a band that is quite popular. They are asked to perform again at their reunion, but the lives they had led to that point have changed them and their friends [...]

    10. A 25th college reunion leads four friends to reunite their college singing group and try to heal some of the frustrations and sadness in their adult lives. I thought there were a lot of anachronisms, but the characters (well, the main two) had good hearts and I was willing to watch them blunder through their lives without getting too frustrated. Even though a lot of the responses to coming-out scenes seemed a bit off to me, they were off in a positive and supportive way and I think I'm okay with [...]

    11. Again, I do not typicaly read books listed as Christian fiction. I do not have a problem with the genre as a whole, but quite a bit can be too in your face or preachy, which I do not care for at all. This book, like the previously reviewed "Chocolate Beach", does not get in your face or get preachy. The issues of faith are related to each characters life and is not presented as a sermon or as a way to prostellize. This is a warm tale of friends and how far they have come. This is a book of frien [...]

    12. This book was about 4 gals that had went t o college together and now have the chance to reunite at a reunion. They all have had hardships and pain since they last seen each other and none wanted to attend but because ofYep, you thought I was going to spill my guts didn't you?!The story went from current time to callege days. It was a fairly easy read. It was a little different christian point of view on life styles.

    13. I enjoyed the presentation of this title. The book did a good job of presenting issues of the sixties through the lives of four young women attending an all girls college in Mississippi. Three of the stories were very believable. However, the fourth story line which actually began the book was very real, but the solving of the issue was a little too sweet and preachy for me. If I could rate the four storylines, three would get a four and one would get a one.

    14. This book was a quick read about four women who reunite at their 25 year college reunion, and their journeys through life. I enjoyed the character development but thought the story was predictable. I did like the subplot about Delta coming to terms with being the wife of a minister and how that affected her spirituality.

    15. I read this book for my book club selection this past month. I appreciated how all of the characters were so diverse, and how issues from their past were brought to light through the family tragedy of one of the characters. It was a very quick read and should make for some interesting discussion at the next meeting!

    16. Overall a great book. I always enjoy stories of redemption and reconciliation. For me personally, the "intimacy" scenes were too detailed and I did struggle a bit with my stance on some issues presented, thus 4 instead of 5 stars. Of course, a good book should challenge us in our thinking, right? Recommended read for sure.

    17. This book was SO disappointing. I have read several novels by this author in the past and loved them. Well apparently, she decided to change her writing style. What a shame to go from being a wonderful Christian author to this filth.

    18. Cute story of collegiate friends who reunite, and they find each of them have undergone a life-changing crisis. It becomes a time for healing as well as for renewing friendships. This is a story I needed to read right now.

    19. I picked this up as a vacation read --I was going through the books I brought with me too fast --I enjoyed how lighthearted the premise was, and was touched by some of the deeper issues the book explored; equality, depression, grief.

    20. Great story of four friends from college. They loose touch, but their reunion brings them back together. I really enjoyed all of the book except the end. The reader knows the book is winding down, but it seems to stop somewhat abruptly.

    21. The narrative moves back and forth across time through the four main characters and, though a little theatrical sometimes, is very engaging throughout.

    22. I finally gave up on this book. After months of forcing myself to read it on and off I just let it go. Couldn't get further than the first 105 pages.

    23. My first book by this author. I don't think I will seek out any other of her books. It was ok. Went off in different directions than expected. Some of it did not make much sense to me.

    24. I almost didn't finish this book but I did get caught up with the characters, so did go on and finish. Four girls were friends in college and got together in later life.

    25. This wonderful book about friendship, religious viewpoints, and life in general was inspirational to me. The setting of the "W" for those who graduated from there would probably be a trip "home."

    26. Plot is too much like the first book I read of hers, "Circle of Grace". Same theme .4 college girls seperate and reunite years later.

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