The Treasure Box

The Treasure Box Vita Kirk is a travel writer who has never left her hometown In fact she rarely leaves her house Due to deep wounds and bitter losses Vita has chosen isolation over vulnerability But when she stumbl

  • Title: The Treasure Box
  • Author: Penelope J. Stokes
  • ISBN: 9780849917059
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vita Kirk is a travel writer who has never left her hometown In fact, she rarely leaves her house Due to deep wounds and bitter losses, Vita has chosen isolation over vulnerability But when she stumbles across an antique chest in a hole in the wall boutique, she discovers a puzzling link to her past and her physical surroundings mysteriously begin to change Inscribed iVita Kirk is a travel writer who has never left her hometown In fact, she rarely leaves her house Due to deep wounds and bitter losses, Vita has chosen isolation over vulnerability But when she stumbles across an antique chest in a hole in the wall boutique, she discovers a puzzling link to her past and her physical surroundings mysteriously begin to change Inscribed in the treasure chest are the words, Love is the key that unlocks every portal The power of these words prove to unlock a part of Vita she thought had died years ago Stories like this go by many different names fantasy, time shift, magical realism Some are overtly Christian or religious in nature, others are not But from a spiritual perspective, the common thread in all these works is the redeeming, transforming power of God s grace not only to alter the future but to change our understanding of the past Penelope Stokes

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    1. Heartfelt, moved me to happy tears.Thankfulness, gratitude.The glory of life and LIVING!Good energy.You get what you settle for, but more than thatWe are responsible for the choices we make and for the consequences or reactions born of them.Il n'y a point de hasard. - Voltaire

    2. A little trite, but an enjoyable, if not plausible read. Uplifting. I will read more books by this author

    3. Vita Kirk has her life under control and boundaries in place after being betrayed by her fiance and her sister. She isn’t expecting to find a new life, but everything changes after she purchases the treasure box. She wanted it for storage but instead her experiences with the box show her that “Love is the key that unlocks every portal.”The author made me think about my reactions to life and my values. There were several very wonderful quotes. Walk the path god sets before you it will lead [...]

    4. Our heroine, Vita Kirk, thinks she has her life under control, with specific boundaries for people - this close and no closer. As we read, we see that these are an effort to protect herself from heartbreak, after being betrayed by her fiance and her sister.She lives alone, and states that she likes it that way. She does not want to include anyone in her life, and doesn't want to do anything but the jobs she is paid to do as she works at home. She even tersely rebuts attempts by the local antique [...]

    5. I want a Treasure Box! Thought this was a really sweet story. Had me in tears a few times. I do not think I could have been so forgiving if my sister had stolen my husband to be. As much as I enjoyed this, it did have a fair few flaws. Firstly to much God stuff near the end. I know this is Christian literature and it's to be expected but I feel suspicious of it, like I'm being subtly brainwashed. And the other was, why I liked the idea of Vita being able to see what her life would have been like [...]

    6. Many thanks to Penelope J. Stokes for pulling me out of my darkness and thrusting back into the Light. I was in a very, very dark place when I read this book, and was more than ready to stay an old, isolated hermit for the rest of my life. This book more than showed me that what I thought was a great solution (please keep in mind that I was borderline suicidal at this point) to my problems wasn't really that great of an idea. Her books were a great reminder that there's more to life than the pai [...]

    7. This book is so hard to describe (I tried, to my husband and it just sounds weird) however, it is a great book. The main character finds a box that sets her on a "journey" in the process she learns about decisions in your life and living with the consequenses. Through her "journey" with the box she is able to change her life and decide what is really important -- anger and hurt, or forgiveness and love. I liked the duality of the story and I thought it was very well written.

    8. Nederlandse titel: Tijdloos.Waanzinnig goed boek! Het gaat over een vrouw, die in een winkeltje een mooi bewerkt kistje vind. Zij ziet dat er een boodschap in staat, het is een boodschap over liefde. Zij zoekt op internet naar dit kistje, en haar pc wordt overgenomen door deze site. Iedere keer als zij haar pc opent ziet zij hoe dit kistje tot stand is gekomen en volgt zij het verhaal van deze familie, waar het kistje vandaan komt. Het boek was moeilijk weg te leggen, je wilt gewoon weten hoe he [...]

    9. I picked this book up at work while eating lunch. It was on my boss's desk. I didn't like it. put it down sucked in, much like the main character into her treasure box. I enjoyed reading this, although the story within the story was far more interesting than what was going on in the main character's life. I definitely appreciated the underlying spiritual message. Worth reading.

    10. This is my second book by Stokes and I have to say not my favorite. It's a little too in your face as far as the religious aspects. And the dual storyline is a good idea but a bit too contrived. I do love the two stories, though. They were compelling from the get go and kept me going to the end. There were a few grammatical issues that irked me too, but I'm an editor so that takes me out of the story where it might not for others.

    11. Who doesn't love watching an angry character turn into a softy. After a strange power outage and some weird game appearing on her computer. Vita is pulled into and alternate world were she learns the value of love and forgiveness. With these two things you can easily live a a happy and fulfilling life. I just love J stokes books there are a lot of life lessons in them.

    12. This was an extraordinary book, really held my attention. My favorite lines are:"Walk the path God sets before you. It will lead you where you are meant to be""Love is the key that unlocks every Portal"A story of love, hope, memories, pain, suffering, growing older, letting go, all wrapped up in one lonely women's journey to finding her true self.

    13. Enough tragedy and triumph to make a realistic story, with some hokey computer thing thrown in. A little confusing- was she really delusional or just contemplative? That being said, I found myself more interested in the story-within-the-story (on her computer?!?), and would keep reading chapters to find out what happened there.

    14. Interesting look at life decisions, love, and faith. If you believe that you read a certain book at a particular time of your life is meant to be, then maybe this book has lessons needed at just the right time. Who knows?

    15. What a unique story; unlike anything I've read before which immediately endeared me to it. I really enjoyed this book. Wonderful Christian message of choosing to open your heart to love and forgiveness. Definitely recommend.

    16. Vita is an angry and withdrawn middle aged woman. She is given a blue treasure box which leads to a path of grace, love and forgiveness. This an unusual story of how our lives are altered by the paths we choose to take.

    17. This story had so many lines that were repeated again and again. At the end of the book I was relieved to be done without the euphoria of having just read a good book that will stay with me for years to come.

    18. I thought the story was all right, but it wasn't great. I also felt that the writing was rather formulaic. The whole thing was predictable from the start, and none of the sentences really jumped to me.

    19. 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of the book- and then the twist it had made it a little less desirable to me. I prefer to see people change or become better. This struck me more as a Scrooge type situation. Still had great twists and an interesting story.

    20. I loved this book. One must read to the end to understand what was really happening in the story. The book had many unique twists and turns. Enough said . . .

    21. A very intriguing book. I found it a bit confusing at times to follow the storyline, but all in all I really enjoyed the story. It's a story of bitterness, hurt, anger and grief turned into love.

    22. First Christian fiction read. It was easy enough to read and had a cute story to it. Loved all the Christian references.

    23. This is a fantasy story within a story about sisters, friendship, death, loss, forgiveness, love and discovering what really matters in life.

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