32 Fangs

Fangs The Final ReckoningLaura Caxton s battles against the ancient vampire Justinia Malvern have cost her nearly everything her badge her freedom her friends and family maybe even her humanity And as she

  • Title: 32 Fangs
  • Author: David Wellington
  • ISBN: 9780307886187
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Final ReckoningLaura Caxton s battles against the ancient vampire Justinia Malvern have cost her nearly everything her badge, her freedom, her friends and family maybe even her humanity.And as she hides out in the deepest backwoods of Pennsylvania, pursued by the cops who were once her colleagues, Laura certainly looks beaten But as Laura sees it, what little isThe Final ReckoningLaura Caxton s battles against the ancient vampire Justinia Malvern have cost her nearly everything her badge, her freedom, her friends and family maybe even her humanity.And as she hides out in the deepest backwoods of Pennsylvania, pursued by the cops who were once her colleagues, Laura certainly looks beaten But as Laura sees it, what little is left of her soul is perfectly adapted to the job of ridding the world of its last vampire And thanks to the terrible clarity she s found, Laura s come up with a plan one that will finish Malvern once and for all.But the ever wily Malvern has a few last aces left to play and is quietly dealing a hand that will involve a terrible fate for the few friends Laura s got left When the two adversaries meet for the last time in their most epic battle, the vampires will force Laura to pay a price far beyond anything she s sacrificed before.

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    1. Finally! Justina Malvern is back and with a vengeance. Book four, 23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale, ended with Laura Caxton, vampire hunter, escaping federal prison in order to pursue Malvern.I was so upset when I finished 23 Hours because I felt there was no closure. Little did I know that Wellington had written the finale to this gruesome series. Book five takes us back to the beginning, in order to see just how evil Justina was as a child. This was a dual novel with flashbacks in time allowi [...]

    2. The Casket Closes on one of the best damn vampire series in years!With 32 Fangs, author David Wellington brings to a finish his five-book Laura Caxton series with a book length, final showdown between his heroine cop (turned vampire-hunter) and the cadaverous master vampire Justinia Malvern, who has haunted these books from the very beginning. While many multi-book series are strong in both set-up and world-building, a truly climatic payoff is often elusive. Fortunately, the roller-coaster ride [...]

    3. There have been some Wellington books I've been less than enamored with. I didn't mind the first in the Monster Island books, but really didn't care for the next two. Frostbite was only okay, though Overwinter was much better.But his vampire series has always been the ones I looked forward to. I loved the characters, both good and bad. I loved the mash up of tech and weapons against solidly fearsome vampires.32 Fangs, the final book in the series of five, quite simply, kicks all sorts of ass. We [...]

    4. I absolutely LOVE these books!! I have been waiting for another to come out and seeing this is so exciting!! This has been on well written, kick ass series. I cannot wait to read this book.

    5. All good things must come to an end and so must things that are just ok. The David Wellington ‘Vampire’ series started off with the electric ’13 Bullets’. He created a dark world were humans were trying to rid the world of the vampire menace using a special police force. The ideas included vampires going feral with their unquenchable thirst for blood; it would take at least the titular 13 Bullets to put then down. Over time the series started to flag a little. The punchy world was being [...]

    6. Wow! Epic fight scenes. Strategies with twists and turns that made my head spin. There is a back story of how all the vampires in the books have come about and brings you to present day.Near the end, there is a twist that really made me groan and think “are you kidding me!? After all of this?” But it turned out okay. I’m trying not to spill any spoilers here so you’ll just have to read the book. Trust me. I’m exhausted, I’ve read the last three books in less than three days. Emotiona [...]

    7. I CAN'T BELIEVE I PAID FOR THIS STUFF, I CAN'THello, I really wished that I hadn't spent $10.00 per book for this stuff. My fault entirely. I kept hoping it would get better. Not gonna happen. Thanks.

    8. I'm actually going to review the whole series as it is easier and I'm lazy like that. The Laura Caxton series was fun for me to read primarily because the protagonist and antagonist are two really scary women. Not in a body-builder mannish way, but because they are clever and tricky and manipulative and really good at what they do.Laura Caxton started out as a State Trooper, law enforcement being the family business. She gets recruited by the world's best vampire killer and her whole world chang [...]

    9. Laura Caxton's story began way back with the book 13 Bullets. In it she met a man, Jameson Arkley, who for all tenses would drastically alter her life by becoming part father figure, partner and mentor for he was not just some run of the mill officer but that of a vampire hunter. Based on some weird law Arkley was charged with caring for the last, the most diabolical vampire remaining, Justinia Malvern.Unbeknownst to Caxton the moment that these two enter her world they would also bring a world [...]

    10. I'm a little sad at finishing the series finally. At first it took me so long because I wanted to wait until I could go buy the physical copies of each book instead of just downloading them to my Kindle. But I got tired of poorly executed vampire stories serving as metaphors for forbidden love, and I started buying them for my Kindle. I needed these books to serve as a palate cleanser. Oh, it worked.WHAT I LIKED:I enjoyed the contrast of Malvern's back story with the current action. It gave us i [...]

    11. Really, really, impressive!What I liked about this book:1.) Although I haven't read the first four books in the series, Wellington did a fantastic job summarizing previous "episodes" so that I didn't feel like I'd missed anything.2.) Our heroine is gay. You GO, girl!3.) The POV of the vampiress over the 300 years leading up to our climactic end, sprinkled in at appropriate times during story.4.) You know it's a good book when you want to go back and read the first four just for the entertainment [...]

    12. If Twilight was your idea of a good vampire book, DO NOT READ THIS, it will make you sad.In my review for the previous book, 23 Hours, I said it's OK if you haven't read the previous books. It's still true. The main characters repeat the mythos to each other and to themselves often enough that the reader will never feel out of the loop.Even better, we get the backstory to the main vampire, Malvern. You won't sympathize with her, but you will understand that there's more driving her than blodolus [...]

    13. For those who have read the previous 4 novels of the Laura Caxton vampire hunter stories; it was a sheer delight. Wellington tied up very nicely all the loose ends of the previous books- and he left us all hanging at the end of the last book with Justinia Malvern- the worlds last remaining vampire - free and on the loose and with poor Laura Caxton a hunted fugitive from the law and powerless to pursue and destroy her old enemy.I won't give you any spoilers or tell you how it ends; but Wellington [...]

    14. 32 Fangs is the last of the 13 Bullets series (a.k.a The Laura Caxton series) by David Wellington, and I don’t believe too many of his fans will be disappointed.The readers finally get the answers they have been waiting for: Who was Malvern in life?, Where did she come from?, How had she survived throughout time?, and over all, What happened to Laura?The story is set up like 99 Coffins as the chapters have alternate viewpoints. Wellington was able to give the readers what they were looking for [...]

    15. David Wellington has created a perfect, satisfying and brutal end to his vampire series. On the last page I felt like applauding. It was the same feeling you get at the theatre or during a concert when you watch someone perform so masterfully you are overcome with the urge to cheer.When you have a strong, powerful series, the pressure to deliver a polished and satisfying series can be too much for some. I mean, look what happened to the Matrix trilogy. This series actually became better and bett [...]

    16. An amazing and satisfying conclusion to one of the best series I've read in a great while. The first in the series, "13 Bullets", was a lot of fun and I was really intrigued by the vampire lore Wellington introduced. But it kind of creaked and groaned in a few places and the bumbling apprentice vampire killer annoyed me a bit so I moved on to a few other books before I decided to pick up the next book. #2 in the Laura Caxton chronicles, "99 Coffins", had me at full attention and the growth of th [...]

    17. Wow is all I can say! The worst I can say about this book is that it's the final vampire story and that means I won't get to read about Laura anymore. She was such an awesome badass! But, what is more remarkable is how David Wellington evolved Laura's character over the course of the books. When she makes the decision to break out of prison and go after Malvern, it's at once heroic and utterly tragic. And in this book we see her as a battle hardened warrior ready to make the ultimate sacrifice t [...]

    18. I really like Wellington's take on vampires. Vampires when they become vampires lose an eye. All of their teeth become pointed and sharp. They also age and as they age, they begin to slowly rot. The vampire on the cover is over three hundred years old and so she is bald and is not attractive. She is also mean and has no redeeming virtue at all. (Twilight ruined vampires rep forever). This is the story of magic and vampire hunters and the search for the last vampire on earth. It is also the last [...]

    19. I'd rate this book higher if I'd read the other books in the series before it and that's not the fault of the author. This story does a semi-alright job of standing alone but it simply references what came before far too frequently for it to work by itself. It simply made me want to read what had come before and there wasn't enough in this alone to really get my interest. Easily the best parts were the flashbacks for the vampire antagonist but even those eventually entered into the previous book [...]

    20. This series started out with some promise. I wanted to know how it all ended. Monstrous rather than romantic or sparkly vampires can make for good reading. But two things kept pulling me out of the story. First was the repetition that Laura Caxton is the only one who knows how to kill the vampires. Right, because massive trauma to the heart is really difficult to explain to other law enforcement types. Then, sigh, our hero keeps sliding the safety off her Glock. It might be nitpicky of me, but G [...]

    21. I started reading David's "Monster Island" story online. I quickly devoured what he'd already written and eagerly awaiting new 'chapters' on his blog as they came out. What I really liked about this "quint" of vampire novels is similar to what I really liked about the Monster Island trilogy. David took a stock standard monster as the villain and stood it on its head, breathing new life into an old (often tired) genre. And here we see it's culmination. I'll miss reading the tales of Laura Caxton, [...]

    22. I'm giving this 2.5 very generous stars and that's only because I liked the ending. The series in itself was decent but this last book focused too much on Clara for my taste. Clara was very annoying, and she couldn't stop chasing Laura even if that meant screwing everything up. It just seemed like she always made dumb choices. I guess she really wanted to munch that rug. And her interactions with Laura felt generic and unrealistic, perhaps later would be a better time to discuss our scissor bang [...]

    23. Just because this didn't get a good review by me doesn't mean I didn't like. the beginning half had good back story on Malvern but the present day stuff was hard to get through I skimmed most of it. I was so interested in Malvern as a child and a young vampire. on the other hand the second half of the book was opposite. I didn't care so much for the back story and loved the present day stuff. over all I'm satisfied with the ending of the series and still recommend this book to any non romanticiz [...]

    24. Very good story. A good ending to the whole Laura Caxton, Vampire Hunter series. Pretty gruesome vampire action. This last story fills in the background on Justinia, the main villian in this series. No love lost vampires here. I read the 1st 4 books in trade paperback format, starting with. I have enjoyed them all.

    25. A far better conclusion to Wellington's series of vampire novels than I would have anticipated as I completed each of the previous installmentsd when I say, "better," I mean uplifting or positive rather than anything pertaining to quality. There has never been anything lacking in the quality of his material.I can hardly wait to see what he does next. Having read (and loved) his individual and quite original takes on zombies, werewolves, and vampiresI know that I will be impressed with where he g [...]

    26. I kind of dropped this series for a while - too much Laura Caxton is, well, too much - but this brings things to a nice conclusion and a satisfying, if a tad predictable, resolution and I am glad I picked it back up. I think I liked this the least of the book in the series. Although we get lots of background on the main vampire of the series, Malvern, and it is indeed interesting, it feels like too much and at the expense of the main narrative. I would almost have preferred a separate book or no [...]

    27. Wellington's vampire novels came at a time when they were sorely needed. Certain popular culture elements were oohing at the idea of vampires with sparkly diamond skin and sensitive souls. Wellington reminded us all that they were monsters, things to fear. This fourth of his tightly plotted series brings in elements of history, Wellington's well though out flavor of supernatural, the perspective of dark and light protagonists, and wraps these into a satisfying conclusion.

    28. Being a huge David Wellington fan i have to say that this was bye far the best vampire series ever and am bumbed that this was the finale. The main character of the story Laura Caxton is a character you grow to love and hope she makes it threw to the end. There are 5 books in the Laura Caxton series and i recommend them to any horror and vampire fan. Im not gona tell anything about the story but will say im glad i read these books

    29. This was an awesome finale` to Laura Caxton's reign as a vampire hunter. From David Wellington's style he makes you care about the characters. You feel for the characters whether they are good or evil. His writing style brings you so deep in the story you forget where you are at. I have lost hours in his books and this one is no let down. If you like Vampires/Werewolves/Zombies look no further he has them all.

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