El gran rostro de piedra

El gran rostro de piedra This is an easy to read story suitable both for adults and children about the psychological and mystical workings of the human mind The Great Stone Face The Old Man of the Mountains juts out from th

  • Title: El gran rostro de piedra
  • Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is an easy to read story, suitable both for adults and children, about the psychological and mystical workings of the human mind.The Great Stone Face The Old Man of the Mountains juts out from the White Mountains of New Hampshire and looms over a small village An old prophecy states that someone will be born hereabouts who will look just like the Great Stone Face,This is an easy to read story, suitable both for adults and children, about the psychological and mystical workings of the human mind.The Great Stone Face The Old Man of the Mountains juts out from the White Mountains of New Hampshire and looms over a small village An old prophecy states that someone will be born hereabouts who will look just like the Great Stone Face, and he will be the noblest person of his time Like many others, young Ernest watches the faces of returning famous men for signs of the gentle wisdom seen in the face The rich merchant, however, is grasping, the soldier only stern, and the politician well, a politician Ernest, meanwhile, works hard on his farm and is looked up to by his neighbors for the thoughtful counsel he offers As he grows old, people remark that they fear they will never see the prophecy fulfilled At length, however, noticing Ernest s face, they discover that it was fulfilled long ago This thoughtful look at what it means to live a good life is as relevant today as when first written.

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    1. Başarılı alegorik öyküler var içinde; tür olarak farklılıklar gösteriyor çoğu da. Özellikle 'Ateşe Verilen Dünya' isimli öykü hoş, devrim ve devinimlerin önceki yaşantıları mahvedebilme kapasitesine dikkat çekiyor."Yazık, ne büyük bir yanılgı! Belki zamanla en gözde çılgınlıklarımız sona erer, ama kıyamete kadar hepimiz çocuk kalırız!"

    2. My favorite of Hawthorne's short stories. We learn from this that we often fail to appreciate what is right amongst us. Our goals, beliefs, habits, virtues, make or break us, and we grow and develop because of what we believe in.

    3. Este volumen consta de cinco cuentos: Wakefield, El gran rostro de piedra, El holocausto del mundo, La catástrofe del señor Higginbotham y El velo negro del pastor.Aunque los cuentos me hayan parecido buenos, Hawthorne (1804-1864), en general, me resultó aburrido. Sin demeritar su estilo, poder entrever el desenlace de cada historia en los primeros párrafos, no ayuda. Quizás mi opinión sea anacrónica, pero estoy seguro de haber leído grandes cuentos de algunos autores que fueron contempo [...]

    4. El misterio y la fantasía de Hawthorne son cuasi arquetípicos, dada su dimensión moral y parabólica. En ocasiones, las historias remiten a épocas antiguas de las que tratan las grandes fábulas morales y nos ofrecen increíbles imágenes de lo insólito.

    5. This is my favorite short story of all time. Earnest reminded me so much of my God and King- unexpected because of his goodness, missed because the world is searching for something they can't define. Hawthorne inspired me to always be living in hope and persevering in the search after Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. His lovely prose reminded me of what it means to be truly strong, wholly noble, and unapologetically faithful.

    6. Hawthorne, como Joyce y Chesterton, no sería el mismo sin su religión, que marcó totalmente su obra. Esta colección de relatos deja la sensación de que sin Poe, el mundo no sería muy distinto porque existió Hawthorne, y que me gustaría más leer de él.

    7. The Great Stone Face is no more. It collapsed from where it stood above Franconia, NH in 2003. This short story is a parable that, though predictable, partially subverts the form. It centers around a local prophecy that states a great man would appear with the distinct resemblance to the Great Stone Face. The rule of three; three quests, three encounters, three men mistakenly fulfilling prophecy, seems inevitable, but we end the story with a distinct shift in perspective - to the poet, who at fi [...]

    8. After a recent conversation with a fellow librarian about reading classic literature I was spurred to return to one of my favorite Gothic authors Nathaniel Hawthorne. I had realized that despite claiming him as a favorite I’ve really only read a couple of his works and thought gee, maybe I should re-evaluate? So I picked up something short just to get a quick taste and gain more knowledge of Hawthorne. The Great Stone Face is basically a story about this humble guy and how his greatness is app [...]

    9. I didn't read this particular edition, but rather I found the The Great Stone Face in an old hardcover collection of stories. I spent the first third or so hoping that it wasn't going in the direction in which it seemed to be going--I actually skipped to the end at one point as if to plead with the story to have some surprise in store for me--but alas, it did not. I enjoyed Hawthorne's description of the face with its benevolent, godlike smile, but the nice idea was wasted. With its distinct lac [...]

    10. The Great Stone Face LEVEL110/14 65minute7words summary Stone-like-face- nobody-believe-legend-story1.Have you ever seen something like as human face? I sometimes see the wall like as human face in the bed room.2.Have you ever believed in a strange story? When I was young, I believed that we are operated by god.This book is not so bad, but not so good. I don't recommend this book for you.

    11. I didn't actually read this version; the story was in an English primer in a Korean bookshop. Still it's worth a review.This is a fascinating tale about the "Man in the Mountain" as we called it, growing up in New England. Nathaniel Hawthorne weaves a nice story that decribes human behavior and morality. It is a fairly predictable story, but it has aged well, even better than the stone image itself.

    12. Another short story that was one of my favorites as a child. I think I first found it in a book of short stories that also included The Selfish Giant. I think I must have read it a couple of dozen times before I left home for good, and probably that many times again during my adulthood. It is a good reminder of qualities that are essential in any right-thinking person - humility, wisdom, service, and so forth.

    13. Hawthorne'nin kısa hikayelerinden oluşan kitaptaki ilk hikaye olan Wakefield hayatı ertelemelerimize ilginç bir yoldan ayna tutmaktadır. Büyük Taş Yüz ise kendimize olan farkındalığımızın ne kadar az oldğuna dikkat çekerken Ateşe Verilen Dünya da ise yine kendi içimize ayna tutacak başka bir konu işlenmektedir. Bay Hagginbotham'ın Başına Gelenler bir polisiye hikayesi iken kitabın son ve bence en başarılı hikayesi olan Rahibin Kara Peçesi ise insanlara ayna tutmakta [...]

    14. So this is an interesting folk-lore about a prophecy that foretold the coming of a great man who would resemble visage of a rock formation.A devoted young boy believes the prophecy and all his life awaits the arrival of such a man only to be declared in his old age to be the prophesized one. Yada yada.The plot was interesting, if a bit predictable. I could tell what the ending would be after the first page. But then I guess this was never meant to be suspenseful.

    15. LOVED this Nathaniel Hawthorne legend of a people's search for a person whose image is carved in the cliffs near his home. Ernest waits all his life for this person. Several people are thought to be this person, however Ernest finds that they do not meet the qualifications of wisdom, grace and virtue that the Great Stone Face is supposed to possess. The people in the village finally find this person when Ernest is an old man. Love the surprise ending!

    16. The short text, which is nicely illustrated, makes for a pleasant introduction to Hawthorne. Of course, I always like when a natural feature is important to a story. I also appreciate the emphasis on character traits such as honesty, wisdom, humility, and graciousness. And it doesn't hurt that, "the little cottage that Ernest shared with his mother was filled with books of all kinds "

    17. Sometimes we don't see what is right in front of our faces. Of course, the ending of this book was literal. Ernest stood speaking at a point where everyone could see him upfront, and the Great Stone Face in the background behind him. I guess that they had to wait until he was an old man and for a poet to come to town to realize that Ernest, in all his glory, was the prophecy fulfilled.

    18. I really liked the "moral" of the story, that we become what we behold, but the story itself was predictable. It felt like a story designed to teach a lesson rather than a truth coming from a story. Definitely not what I expected from Hawthorne.

    19. I read the title story for a paper in my English class. I vaguely remember doing something involving The Scarlet Letter and this story and how the names Hawthorne gives his characters were symbolic of the character's personality.

    20. Historical flavor of early New HampshireFor me this was like rear reading short stories from my school days. Reading these stories after having vacation in New Hampshire, added to the appreciation and understanding.

    21. Not that much smart but had a good point ,still I could predict the end from the start which is not a good sign.

    22. One afternoon, when the sun was going down, a mother and her little boy sat at the door of their cottage, talking about the Great Stone Face.Dated.

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