Bound Ursine Edwards was a normal well adjusted teenager prior to summer vacation Now he has unintentionally married a Demon fallen into line with a wolf pack and is being hunted by witches as well as th

  • Title: Bound
  • Author: LeeTaylor
  • ISBN: 9781452415536
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
  • Ursine Edwards was a normal, well adjusted teenager prior to summer vacation Now he has unintentionally married a Demon, fallen into line with a wolf pack, and is being hunted by witches as well as the government, who are all in turn trying to use Ursine for their own devices.Can Ursine battle the darkness that is trying to consume him as well as keeping his humanity

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    1. I loved this book!!!!!!!!!!! Every other comment that comes out of his mouth had me crackin up!! I love smart-a$$ characters!The different types of paranormal characters is nice for a change, you don't really see a lot of books with more then 2 in them.I was so sad when Bound ended :-( I didn't want it to stopLee please hurry with book 2 lol

    2. I'm going to keep the spoilers to a minimum, but I can't NOT mention the coolness of the paranormal creatures we get to meet in Bound. They are fantastically cool, unqiue and dangerous, a combination for one awesome book!I know this has been mentioned in other reviews, but I'm going to say it again: the first person MALE point of view was a great change. I absolutely love female characters, but in the paranormal world we are loaded with them, for good or ill. Getting a different persepctive was [...]

    3. I loved reading Bound. The characters in the book are all really well written and each with a purpose. Lee brings you right into Ursines world! It's written from a male point of view which is something that I really enjoyed! I can't wait for the sequel!

    4. I loved Bound! Fantastic book, Amazing author! I can't wait for the next book in this series to see what Ursine does next. Lee Taylor brung many supernatural creatures into his story - Some which I have never encountered before! I'm all for the supernatural! The fact that it was told from a male point of view also gave the story a refreshing change. I could picture this as a tv series FANTASTIC!

    5. An excellent book by an awesome author! I absolutley loved Ursine's story. The coming of age/angst that a teenager feels is a hit with this one. It has many laugh-out-loud moments, as well as those kick-ass ones where you stand up and cheer. Bound is excellent, and I can't wait until the second book comes into my greedy little hands!

    6. Firstly I have to admit I struggled to get into this, I thought for the beginning of a story I was overloaded with characters and settings, it seemed to go from one place to another to another quite rapidly and I did consider not continuing.But if you know me then you know my biggest hate is not finishing a book simply because it actually maybe seriously fantastic! Just like this one really turned out to be =)I was totally engrossed by the middle and actually couldn't put it down. In fact I didn [...]

    7. Bound (Unleashed #1), is a shifter book with a twist. Ursine’s world turned upside down; he finds himself with a ‘gift’ that feels, to him, like an impossible burden to bear (pun intended)!! We follow Si, as his journey continues as he reaches his destiny. Along the way, he finds himself unexpectedly married to a demon, Tessa, who was not happy about that! In the second book, I really hope to see a romance spark between the two, maybe? Ursine’s witty, comical humour and smart comebacks h [...]

    8. I had forgotten not to judge a book by its cover when I looked at this one. Something told me to read the synopsis. Upon reading I was hooked. This book follows a young man who has a demonic bear residing with his soul. Si is thrown around in a world that he never knew existed. I am very glad I took a chance and read this book. I was instantly intranced by this book, and I am waiting for the next installment.

    9. Wow, I loved reading bound! was gripped from the start to the finish! I really think this book is going to be a huge hit! All the characters in bound are brilliant, my favourites being Ursine and Kitty!

    10. Woah. Where to start? This book is fast paced and action packed. Ursine (Si) is out partying with his friend Mike when he collapses. When Ursine comes round he is thrown into a world that he had no idea existed. He meets Witches, Werewolf's, Vampires (Not the nice heart throb kind either!), A special government agency that are hell bent on capturing him, Demons and warlocks. The characters are well thought out and developed, some likeable, some not. Si is a teenager with a lot of testosterone! W [...]

    11. Bound is the first book in the unleashed series, its told from a mans point of view on the supernatural world. which i must say i love because most books like this are told from a womans point of view and this sort of shakes it up a bit,Now iv read some bad and some good reviews for this book and im gonna have to say that I really enjoyed. I loved the way Lee got you gripped and stuck to the edge of your seat dieing to know whats going to happen, I felt like I was getting carryed along with the [...]

    12. Free Book:This book was great. I like the young Ursine. He was a smart ass kid who just doesn't have much luck in this first book. I can't imagine his luck turning around in the second one, either First he is at school recieving mysterious texts, then the next thing you know he is off on an adventure, married to a demon, and to top it all off she's not very happy with him. Sounds like my first wife! I had to re-read this several times to make sure the character's name was really Tessa! ha ha. Gr [...]

    13. Fun Ya with a twist I'll be honest, I didn't see this one coming. I'm not a huge fan of Young Adult books, I like the more well let's just say, Adult kind but this one I loved. Ursine was fantastic. His wit and quick comebacks made me laugh nearly the entire book. I really like the plot/storyline, and was sad to see it end. I'm looking forward to the second book in this series, as I am sure you are going to put a little bit of romance between Ursine and Tessa Right? I need something here throw [...]

    14. I loved reading bound. My friend had a copy at the same time as me and we were both so excited and absorbed that we had to promise no spoilers till we had both finished. Loved the way you detail your story and Ursine is gorgeous! I laughed loads! I simply adore him! All the supernatural elements was fantastic and the witchcraft was fantastic! I loved that you had a whole selection of supernatural species! I want book two so badly! Well done, superb writing! x

    15. For me, it started off a bit slow and a little confusing. The author did a great job at writing but I'm not use to the style. In all, the book was great. I like the fact that I didn't know what was gonna happen next. Read it, trust me you will enjoy it.

    16. loved reading bound, felt like i was on the sidelines watching everything unfold. Lee brings you into the story and has some fantastic characters. Love Ursine! This book had me laughing out loud so much it was just fantastic.

    17. Lee i finished ur book & am amazed how much i liked it ! Seeing as i'm not into Demons , you tell a good story & lookin forward to ur next un ! Always hav luved Fantasy, sorry da story ended ! U COULD BE DA NEXT J K ROWLING ? WOW.

    18. I LOVE IT, it was funny ,a cute and i love si and mark :3 the history get i little confuse in the middle bud it give you the idea of grow in , that make mistakes is not so bad as you think every decisions is mean to be

    19. Bound is fresh. Bound is hot.This is not my normal sort of read, but I heard so many people talking about it, I had to give it a go. THIS is what I consider a top-notch break through novel.

    20. I like the story but I feel that it gets a bit confusing in parts. I think that more description maybe needed in the areas where there are so many of the main characters. The story line is Si (Ursine) is a shifter just like the wolves only he shifts into another animal, one that is linked to his family. There are 2 wolf packs the Summers & Winters. Winters is run by Lycaon & Si is now part of his pack. The Summers want Si for themselves but it is never revealed way in this particular boo [...]

    21. waste instead of WAIST, consistentlyStarted out a solid three stars but downstarred because of irritating typos and logic fails as well as CONTINUITY! ERRORS! I'm not talking about continuity problems from chapter to chapter (though there were) I was truly irritated by the ones that were on the SAME PAGE. *dies* The beginning was a lot more edited than the ending was though and my FRUSTRATION MOUNTED. Also vastly aggravated by the use of big words NOT USED CORRECTLY AT ALL!!!!!Towards the end:"T [...]

    22. UGH! This was so horrible I ended up skimming the last few chapters. The story started out promising enough, with a good dose of humor and from a male perspective/voice, which was a nice change. But then, things went downhill quickly. So many new characters are introduced, with absolutely NO character development, that the reader is left feeling lost. To make matters even more convoluted, those same characters are almost all different types of supernaturals. I almost had the impression the autho [...]

    23. So the plot to this book is actually pretty interestinge method in which this book is written however, is just too much for me to continue. The conversations being had in this book were so awkward. It was as if everyone was standoffish with each other, even with their mothers or best friends. It never found a rhythm that flowed. There was also just way too much unnecessary banter. It didn't amount to anything other than filling up space on the page. I don't like that. And Si had an issue with th [...]

    24. more like a 1 1/2 *. It's not that i didn't liked it, it's just so confusing. English is not my first language but I've been reading it, almost exclusively, for 10+ years so i consider myself pretty OK at it but with this book i kept having to go back a page or two because i thought, "wait! how did Si get here? did I miss something?" only to find that while the author had a nice idea for a book and i think that he got the teenage boy frantic pace right, he just kept the whole book as if it were [...]

    25. A bit contrived at times, but not a bad story. I mean, who is called "Ursine" and how do people not use this name to guess at what his "dark passenger" is?But the reason for the low score is the poor use of English.I got really annoyed with all the uses of "could of" etc for "could've".The protagonist ties his jacket around his "waste" - either very messy or the author meant "waist".Then we have the emergency services coming to "distinguish" the fire.I could go onI hope this was a typed text wit [...]

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