Ongewisse tijden

Ongewisse tijden Ollie Ewing is teruggekeerd naar het Ierse Sligo na enkele gewelddadige ervaringen in London waar hij als klusjesman in de bouw heeft gewerkt Hij woont een tijdje bij zijn moeder maar verhuist dan n

  • Title: Ongewisse tijden
  • Author: Dermot Healy Anneke Goddijn
  • ISBN: 9789052269153
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ollie Ewing is teruggekeerd naar het Ierse Sligo na enkele gewelddadige ervaringen in London, waar hij als klusjesman in de bouw heeft gewerkt Hij woont een tijdje bij zijn moeder, maar verhuist dan naar een kamer in een studentenhuis.

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    1. I’ve been away from reading literature for a while apart from some poetry, Wallace Stevens and the like; I’ve been reading philosophy instead, and – as has happened in my life before – felt a distaste for literature and its accoutrements. My return was prompted by somebody slipping me a copy of this novel after having extolled Healy for a year. I read it in 24 hours and loved it. I’m certainly on my way to reading more of the Irishman, and want to retain some initial responses at this [...]

    2. In terse, idiosynchratic description and idiom laden dialogue, DH plops the reader into the middle of the story, where our anti-hero, an older, shattered, Irish lad, is recovering from unpleasant incedents in London.Using deceptively simple, blunt sentences, a complex story is revealed quite backwards from middle to resolution to the final part which fills in the details as grasped by the perplexed Ollie.There were discrepencies, and details that collided. Nothing really resolved and the whole s [...]

    3. I will do a proper review soon - I'm getting behind on reviews, have about 5 to do, been a bit busy lately - OK, review: Ollie is recovering/recuperating from some traumatic event that happened to him when he worked as a labourer in London. The reader doesn’t know what that is until later so Ollie’s life as a supermarket assistant living with a bunch of art students in a small loft in Sligo has a feel of both home and exile, humorous/whacky -with strange conversations with customers and rela [...]

    4. Ollie is in a world of trouble and by the time the book starts to wind down one begins to wonder if he is going to end up in jail because of the circumstances in which he has been a witness. Life is rough, and even though he is a bystander he's also a victim. He has no security at all, no safety. His father blames him for what happens, his friends, the legal system, even Silver John. I got to the line "Seven years" and thought, well, then, but it didn't matter at all to Ollie. Everything he thou [...]

    5. Dermot Healy writes beautifully and has a great ear for dialogue. The story is of a gentle soul haunted by mistakes of the past. I have only recently discovered Healy, but it is clear that he was a gifted writer.

    6. Outstanding. The story told in broken conversations and recollections. All about Irish fellas working on the building sites. Very strange. And strangely touching.

    7. just ok better reading it after spending some time in Dublin to be able to get the accents and references. bit of suspense

    8. Wow! Such a strong voice. So close to the character, and yet still communicative. The growing sadness I felt for the narrator. His true bewilderment. How do things happen? Appreciation for the details of life that seemed true. Waking up with his father's feet next to his face; the toenails that needed cutting. Very particular use of language. I loved this book. It had the same impact on me as Junot Diaz's, The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.Thank you Dermot, thank you Junot.

    9. Il voto reale sarebbe tra le tre e le quattro stelline. Buona ambientazione e storia interessante, ma non ho apprezzato molto lo stile (sia il punto di vista del narratore, che, essendo il protagonista stesso, un po' fuori di testa, è molto confusionario, sia i brevi paragrafi che non seguono un filo narrativo logico ma saltano di palo in frasca).

    10. I actually think the main reason I liked this book was because I ordered a used copy online from eBay and somehow ended up with a signed edition of the book. For $4. So the general elation of feeling like I got away with something made the reading of the book more enjoyable.

    11. Excellent book. Very good telling of an hallucinatory and at times hilarious story. Pretty great ending; reads like a charm. Bonus points if you know a damn thing about labour, I guess.

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