Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark Cassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with spirits talents that make her attractive to the dead and the undead The ghosts of the dead aren t usually dangerous they just like to talka lot

  • Title: Touch the Dark
  • Author: Karen Chance
  • ISBN: 9780143204657
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with spirits talents that make her attractive to the dead and the undead The ghosts of the dead aren t usually dangerous they just like to talka lot.The undead are another matter.Like any sensible girl, Cassie tries to avoid vampires But when the bloodsucking Mafioso she escaped three years ago finds Cassie again wiCassandra Palmer can see the future and communicate with spirits talents that make her attractive to the dead and the undead The ghosts of the dead aren t usually dangerous they just like to talka lot.The undead are another matter.Like any sensible girl, Cassie tries to avoid vampires But when the bloodsucking Mafioso she escaped three years ago finds Cassie again with vengeance on his mind, she s forced to turn to the vampire Senate for protection.The undead senators won t help her for nothing, and Cassie finds herself working with one of their most powerful members, a dangerously seductive master vampire and the price he demands may be than Cassie is willing to pay

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    1. What can I say about Touch The Dark by Karen Chance? First of all there are vampires. Yes!Second of all, there is a heroine and a few sexy vamps around. Yes!Then there is Cleopatra, Dracula’s brother, Eustache Dauger, Rasputin, The Oracle, Raphael (I’m pretty sure they’re referring to Raphael Sanzio da Urbino), Kit Marlowe, Jack the Ripper and whatever other historic celebrities that Chance can possibly dream up.It’s almost like she’s jumping up and down, waving her arms screaming, “ [...]

    2. If I had to use one word to describe this book it would be "busy". Not so action-packed, although there was plenty of that, but the fact that every magical creature, mythology, urban legend, religious legend, and infamous historical person you can think of was included in this story. It's like when someone decides to order a pizza and puts so many toppings on it that it really doesn't resemble a pizza anymore.What the hell is going on here?Here is a breakdown of SOME of what's included in this s [...]

    3. *2.5 Stars*I'm conflicted over this one, as most readers have been. My main problem is that I've already read the Anita Blake series, and Touch the Dark is so similar that you almost have to wonder why she wasn't called out on plagiarism. I could be being unfair, but it's not like I can unread or block out the books and series I've already read. I apologize if you're reading this and haven't read the Anita Blake series at all, and it's very possible you'll enjoy Touch the Dark more if you haven' [...]

    4. I was supposed to BR this in fall but got sidetracked. Oops!Touch the Dark is a fun PNR read. It revolves around Cassie the clairvoyant, who's brought up by and now on the run from vampire mafia. She lives with an uber-sexy roommate who shows up in her bed naked occasionally (but Cassie's somehow still a virgin? Romance novel logic) and her ghost familiar, a cowboy hustler. The mafia locates Cassie at her job in a club (again, a virgin??) So she goes on the run.In terms of supernatural elements, [...]

    5. This is a really hard book to rate. It's very good, but at the same time, I had some serious issues reading it. Let's talk about some of my issues first (get the bad news out of the way first):1. It seemed very cramped. What I mean by this is, action scene would flow into action scene. It was hard to keep up and catch my breath. I needed a departure between these to get my bearings.2. I really think that there needed to be more dialogue. It would have flowed better. The narrative style was too e [...]

    6. All this book has brought me are headdesks and shouts of, "Why!? WHY!?" The main character is ridiculously dense and unlikeable. Through the whole book, Cassie is either freaking out unnecessarily, or getting angry over benign situations. I'm honestly surprised this character can even figure out how to put on her hooker-wear in the morning; she's brainless and I spent most of the book slapping my forehead at the stupid decisions she made. The writing is terrible, mainly because the author can't [...]

    7. Pretty good. Unfortunately, Cassie is not a stone cold killer, she's actually a complete wimp in that area. I liked the book well enough, but I wish Cassie was a badass. She's more super magically talented and kindhearted than anything. I prefer black hearted heroines. MacHalo Read

    8. “I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw the obituary. The fact that it had my name on it was sort of a clue.”In the beginning, you may find the writing style dry and dense, as it doesn’t abound in dialogues, and it seems just Cassie rambles on for endless pages. But don’t let it warn you off. Because what she rambles on about is very important, containing essential facts about that really complex and believable fantasy world Ms. Chance has created. Cassie’s narration is like she is t [...]

    9. I read this book. And stuff happens in it, but I truly couldn't tell you what because I haven't the foggiest idea what it was about. This book is like that horror movie that has all the elements of a good, frightful time, but goes so over-the-top that it ruins the show.It started out auspiciously enough, with Cassandra Palmer in hiding from some sleazy vampires. They had given chase, finally found her, and now she had to be on the run again. Intriguing. Then the dumping begins. So much informati [...]

    10. I have finally found a new Urban Fantasy vampire series to rave about and it's about time. The Cassandra Palmer Series is one you don't want to miss.I held off this book for so long because of all of the mixed reviews out there. I had also started it like 6 times, but finally the next time I told myself I was going to read this and finish it, damn it. And I did and I am so mad I held off, but bright side of that story is the fifth book has just came out.I am not going to go into much detail of t [...]

    11. Realmente me ha gustado, y quizás más de las tres estrellas que le pongo, pero también es cierto que ha habido momentos en los que me he cansado de las eternas preguntas de nuestra protagonista. En serio, creo que podría dividir la novela en dos partes: 60% en la que Cassie habla en primera persona y lo analiza todo, y un 40 % de diálogos en los que no faltan las eternas preguntas de ella. Esto le ha restado una estrella y la otra se ha ido en la sensación de perdida que he tenido en toda [...]

    12. 3.75 stars. I had very low expectations for this book. The reviews for this book were all over the place, many people thought it had too much world building and info dumping in the beginning and others thought the beginning was choppy. This is obviously the first book in a series, it seems to suffer the first book urban fantasy syndrome – but I still really enjoyed it. There is some info dumps and world building in the first 50 pages or so that is done outside of telling the story. It didn’t [...]

    13. WARNING! This book may leave you out of breath and dizzy due to non stop action and far too sexy vampiresCassie Palmer has a problem. In fact Cassie has quite a few, a psycho mobster vampire who also happens to be her former guardian has found her after 3 years of being on the run; her clarvoiyant abilities seems to be getting more vivid and disturbing; her Billy Joe, her ghostly sidekick keeps disappearing at most inconvenient times and her former roommate isn't quite what he seems. But this is [...]

    14. This review has been cross-posted on my Happy Indulgence Blog. Check it out for more reviews! Wow, finishing that book was a chore. Time travel, a seer who possesses bodies in different times, vampires with dark curls, vamp politics, mages, ghosts, mafia - what just happened?!Most of the book is seriously just Cassandra surrounded by vamps in a room talking about politics and stuff. There is nothing more frustrating than finally getting around to some action (bedroom and fight scenes) to realise [...]

    15. 3.5 starsI remember reading this book a few years ago and really liking it, but either I didn't have the next book or for some other reason, I forgot about it for a while. Rereading it now I kind of have bigger expectations. Not sure it's fair but that's just how it is. Our main titular character, Cassie is on the run from the vampire mobster Tony, who got to raise her by killing off her parents. Not a good dude, using her for her gifts as a clairevoyant. She got away from him and got him in tro [...]

    16. Cassie Palmer isn't your average kick-ass Urban Fantasy heroine. Maybe because she doesn't kick ass. She's not especially tough. She's not even snarky. But I think it's the fact that the series feels so unique that I enjoyed it so much.Cassie is a clairvoyant. She also sees and communicates with ghosts. In fact, one serves as something like a guardian angel or as close to a guardian angel as the ghost of a gambling, alcohol and lady-loving cowboy can be. She grew up surrounded by vampires, and w [...]

    17. I would actually give this one 2.5 or 2.75 stars if possible was generally good, but definitely gave the sense that you had inadvertently picked up a book in the middle of series, instead of at the beginning. Which is good in many waysyou hit the ground running, and it's not immediately obvious what is going on and who is on who's side, which can be thought-provoking and interesting. On the other hand, it left me with the feeling sometimes that I was missing something, and checking back to see i [...]

    18. I am surprised by how much I liked this book. Usually, I'm turned off by non-stop action books. I don't like it when the heroine is fighting for her life in every single chapter - give the poor girl a break already! But even though this book fits that profile, I still enjoyed it - a lot!Basic plot: A clairvoyant young woman named Cassandra was raised in a powerful mafia-type vampire's household from the age of 4. In her teens, she figures out that the vampire (Tony) killed her parents to have co [...]

    19. Touch the Dark3.5 StarsOn the run from her former employer, Cassandra Palmer is not your usual fugitive. First, she is clairvoyant and second, her boss is a vampire. When her past finally catches up with her, Cassie realizes that not only is she the focus of several factions within the supernatural world including the vampire Senate, the Mage circles and the Fae, but that she cannot escape her ultimate destiny…An interesting story with an engaging heroine. Unfortunately, it suffers from first [...]

    20. Touch the Dark is the first in Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer urban fantasy series. Cassie is a seer; she can foretell the future and speak with ghosts. Later, she learns she has another power too: the ability to travel back in time and change events in the past. The time-travel element is unusual in urban fantasy and lends some freshness to what would otherwise be a pretty standard plot about a young woman embroiled in the politics of gorgeous, Machiavellian vampires. It’s a promising blen [...]

    21. Let's get straight to the core of this review: Touch The Dark= Pointless, dragged out and completely capable of sending someone to sleep every second paragraph.I think everybody who have read my reviews before know that I am not the sort of person to unleash flames on a book, both literally and metaphorically. I generally like to think that I'm a nice person. You know, the type of person to give a particularly horrendous book an extra star for "effort". But I won't be giving this book an extra s [...]

    22. If you've forgotten what the word 'torture' means please be my guest and start this book.So basically it's a urban fantasy novel with vampires, mages, shapeshifters, pixies and all the things that go bump in the night. A recipe that most fantasy lovers would drool over. So where did this book go wrong? Let me try and sum it up for you.Cassandra Palmer,the resident evil the protagonist is a clairvoyant and was raised by a vampire who killed her parents to own her. (Could you get any real?) So wha [...]

    23. 2.5 starsSometimes when you're chatting away on GR or lurking on someone's feed, you see character pairings mentioned all over the place. You know what I mean - Cat and Bones, Kate and Curran, Eve and Roarke etc. etc. In fact, that's what got me started on the Kate Daniels series, and that worked out really well for me. Cassie and Pritkin? Not so much.Touch the Dark is one big info-dump with a plot on the side. It was drowning in narrative with precious little dialogue to break things up. Every [...]

    24. Quick reviewCover: It’s okay. RatingNC-17 for sexiness of it all. Thumbs Up2.5Overall: Not sure about this series.Characters: Good.Plot: Storyline was solid.Page Turner: I guess Series Cont.? At least through book 2. RecommendMaybeBook Boyfriend: TomasSUMMARY (50 word or less)I, personally, didn’t really enjoy most of this book. There were moments but that is about it. The storyline was interesting, but she seems to be parodying Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake series without good results. I [...]

    25. 3.5 stars.I'm not completely sold on this story,there were some things that confused me and others that i didn't like too much but the concept is interesting and some of the characters are cool so I'll probably keep reading the rest of the series.

    26. I found this book SO FRUSTRATING, because I actually really liked the story. So after reading the first 40-50 pages of info dump, I thought--okay, NOW we'll get to a good story. But right when I thought I was getting into a story I could enjoy, the author would embark on another marathon of info dump!! Periodically, throughout this book, she would stop all forward action to explain backstory for 30-40 more pages.This is telling not showing and it KILLS a story. Karen Chance also introduced WAY t [...]

    27. So you're reading my review and curious what I took out of reading Touch the Dark? Well, here's some of the highlights:- Mages are really more like mad scientists in their fascination with vials. I figure if they wore outfits to signify they were mages, the outfits they would be wearing would be white lab coats while they cackled maniacally.- 20 Questions can be a good introduction to bedding a virgin. And, speaking of virgins, females apparently can become quite gifted in fellatio by simply bec [...]

    28. A pretty standard vampire/paranormal novel, but very entertaining with a tough, likeable MC. Cassie is a psychic (both in that she has visions of the past and the future, and she can see and talk to ghosts) young woman who grew up raised by a powerful, evil vampire - Tony- who kidnapped her as a baby in order to use her psychic powers for his own advantage. Now in her 20s, she's in hiding and on the run from Tony and his men who want to kill her and have recently located her. To her surprise, th [...]

    29. 3.5 stars.This could be a 4 star book if my main reaction weren't "Huh?"Basically, Karen Chance tried to cram waaaay too much information into one book. She has created a very complex and very interesting world that would be fun to read about it if she gave it out in doses instead of cramming it down the reader's throat right away.My other complaints: 1. The main character, Cassie, is really bland. She has no real personality; I couldn't get a real feel for her at all.2. A lot of the vampires ar [...]

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