Bodies Police superintendent Percy Trethowan finds London s Soho as colorful and full of life as ever except for the four corpses he discovers in a seedy photography studio Shot while doing a layout for a he

  • Title: Bodies
  • Author: Robert Barnard
  • ISBN: 9780684187297
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Police superintendent Percy Trethowan finds London s Soho as colorful and full of life as ever except for the four corpses he discovers in a seedy photography studio Shot while doing a layout for a health and fitness magazine, the victims left behind a camera loaded with film, but not clues.

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    1. Four people are shot dead in a photographer's studio and Superintendent Perry Trethowan finds himself getting better acquainted than the body beautiful than he ever thought he could. Why does everyone say the dead photographer wouldn't have touched any sort of doubtful jobs. He wouldn't ever have been involved in pornography or making blue movies but it seems as though that's what could have lead to the murders.Perry is an amusing narrator and he manages to get humour out of the seedy world he g [...]

    2. The murder leads us into the world of professional bodybuilding, dubious modeling jobs and illicit activities. The police investigator is efficient and smart and his CI quite entertaining. I found the resolution very sad though.

    3. Police procedural; narrated by London cop Trethowan with droll undertones; complex mystery but with a rather contrived solution; maybe will try another from this previously-unknown-to-me author at some point when my TBR pile diminishes a bit.

    4. An entertaining murder mystery beginning when 4 bodies were discovered in a studio where a porn film was being made.

    5. Yet another fast and pleasant read before I tackle something more substantial. I keep returning to Robert Barnard's novels because I love his sarcastic humor and snide remarks about various human foibles. "Bodies" is a 1986 novel in the Perry Trethowan series. Perry investigates a quadruple murder committed in a Soho office of a soft porn magazine, and initially the case seems to be connected to the bodybuilding community.This is definitely not Mr. Barnard's best work. I have been particularly a [...]

    6. I read this many years ago, and remembered it as one of my favorite Barnards. A photographer and his models for a body-building magazine are found shot down in their studio, alerting Scotland Yard to a nasty underside to the squeaky-clean sport of bodybuilding.What I liked so much about BODIES is the characterization. It stopped me more than once for long belly laughs. The vacuous, self-absorbed, beautiful expanses of muscle and little else; the worshipful people around them, the predators picki [...]

    7. Percy Trethowan is assigned to the case of a multiple murder in a Soho photographic studio. The bodies are found dropped in place as they were working on a layout that could be considered very soft porn. The photos were intended for a monthly magazine called Bodies which showcased everything from discretely posed nude people to healthy lifestyles and fitness.As Perry tracks the background of the victims he is lead toward a killer that seemingly had no obvious motive because the dead people were [...]

    8. I like this series but this installment wasn't my favorite. Police Superintendent Percy Trethowan is called to the scene of a murder where four people were shot while they were filming a pornographic movie. One of the victims was a known body builder and the story concentrates on the art of body building which is where I got less interested. The mystery itself was very well done and I didn't figure it out until I was almost finished but the book went into far too much about competitive body-buil [...]

    9. This book was fair at best. The plot was linear, predictable and dull. The setting was uninteresting and there was no subplot, no background story to help things along. My biggest problem was with the central character who had no personality at all. He was so deadly dull that I had to be reminded in the last couple of pages what his name was. The best I can say is that it was short and I managed to finish it.

    10. Ah, what a delight! This book is really the first Charlie Peace mystery. An unexpected origins piece, fantastic.

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