Hidden Intent

Hidden Intent A secluded heiress makes a startling discover in her Connecticut seaside home Her husband s hidden intents come into question but their final destinies are intertwined

  • Title: Hidden Intent
  • Author: Anne M. Carpenter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A secluded heiress makes a startling discover in her Connecticut seaside home Her husband s hidden intents come into question, but their final destinies are intertwined.

    One thought on “Hidden Intent”

    1. Grabbed my interest, held my interest, and had a great twist at the end. I don't read a lot of short stories but I loved this.

    2. This was a great read! Conflict right from the start and an interesting build to a completely unexpected ending. I really enjoyed it and definitely recommend it.

    3. Joy and Jonathan's marriage wasn't exactly on the rocks, but it was getting a little shaky, as Jonathan appeared to be drifting away. When Joy found some hidden papers in her husband's study, she was shocked at what she learned. Jonathan had a ready explanation that sounded credible, and Joy appeared to accept it, but did she really believe him? And would he risk losing her and her trust fund millions? What happened then was totally unexpected, and though perhaps a bit unlikely, it made for a go [...]

    4. Joy is seen going into her husband's study. She's planning a surprise birthday party for him. She finds something in his study that puzzles her.Joy and Jonathan don't seem to be a happy couple. How the title came to be will be clear as you continue to read. This party is a one of a kind. The ending was a complete surprise.I would recommend reading this. It's short. It holds your attention. And if you only have a little time to enjoy a good read, this story is for you.I give "Hidden Intent" 4 1/2 [...]

    5. Normally, I don't like short storiesI like to lose myself in a full fledged novel and forget everything else. I talked to Anne Carpenter on Twitter and decided to give one of her short stories, her favorite one, a try. I was pleasantly surprised!What a ride this one was! While it was short, it was jam packed with deceit, betrayal and revenge. Lots of fun! What an unbelievably ironic ending toodid NOT see that coming! I really liked this and hope to read some more from Ms. Carpenter!!

    6. Another short story, and again I liked the way it flowed - most importantly, I loved what happened, clever and unexpected. No spoilers but will recommend it.

    7. Not the kind of writing I usually read, so I was surprised that I enjoyed it. Short, tightly edited and surprising. Good fun.

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