Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story

Kate Pippin An Unlikely Love Story When Pippin a fawn abandoned by her mother cries out for help she is found by author Isobel Springett After carrying the tiny fawn back to her home Isobel places Pippin next to Kate a Great Dane

  • Title: Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story
  • Author: Martin Springett Isobel Springett
  • ISBN: 9780805094879
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Pippin, a fawn abandoned by her mother, cries out for help, she is found by author Isobel Springett After carrying the tiny fawn back to her home, Isobel places Pippin next to Kate, a Great Dane who has never had puppies of her own.What follows is a remarkable and unlikely friendship Kate successfully raises Pippin to be an independent deer, and Pippin always returnWhen Pippin, a fawn abandoned by her mother, cries out for help, she is found by author Isobel Springett After carrying the tiny fawn back to her home, Isobel places Pippin next to Kate, a Great Dane who has never had puppies of her own.What follows is a remarkable and unlikely friendship Kate successfully raises Pippin to be an independent deer, and Pippin always returns from the forest to visit her best friend.With simple text and stunning photographs, Kate and Pippin, and their one of a kind friendship, come to life in an irresistible way

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    1. I know that Martin and Isobel Springett's (who are husband and wife, author and photographer) Kate & Pippin is on the surface simply an adorable little tale about the true story of how the Springetts' Great Dane Kate basically adopted a seemingly abandoned new born fawn (Pippin) and how the two became inseparable. While the accompanying photographs are really the star of the show, of the book, Martin Springett's text is also sweet (a bit overly simple perhaps, but inherently lovely and optim [...]

    2. Oh for heaven sakes this book takes the cake for adorable! A great dane befriends a fawn? Seriously? Page after page of, "Awww! Sweet!" as I looked at the photographs(and think of the kismet that this fawn was discovered by a photographer with a very kind dog so this story was able to be told!) For those fans of other unlikely animal friendships such as Little Pink Pup and Owen and Mzee.

    3. The gently told true story of an orphaned fawn and her adoptive Great Dane mother will enchant readers and listeners alike with it's charming story and intimate, colorful photographs.Reviewed by: Lisa Marie Smith, Youth Services, Vernon Area Public Library

    4. I'm a sucker for inter-species friendship stories, and this book is one of the best. I love that the author emphasizes that the deer isn't a pet, but a wild animal. Definitely a heartwarming story!

    5. As with the last few of these true story, animals befriending other animals storiesLOVED IT! Will continue to seek out more of the same stories because they are so freaking awesome!! They remind me of the time I saw a young cat in my yard hiding on and then jumping out and "attacking" a bunch of wild turkeys, over and over againoh how I wish I would have caught that on tape!

    6. You can't go wrong with a true story about a Great Dane mothering an orphan fawn - especially when the Great Dane is owned by a photographer. You will uh and aw on every page.

    7. This is one of the most adorable children's books. The story of a great dane, Kate, who mothers a fawn abandoned by her mother. The photos are precious. My girls loved this story.

    8. A lovely story about the friendship between a Great Dane and a fawn. The photographs are outstanding. My students--young and old--love this book.

    9. Book 23 Bibliographic Citation:Springett, M. (2012). Kate & Pippin: An unlikely love story. New York, NY: Henry Holt. Age/Grade Level: (Ages 3–8, Preschool, Grades K–3)Summary:A motherless fawn is adopted by a most unusual parent, a Great Dane named Kate. Their relationship is documented over Pippin’s growth from a fawn to an adult deer.Awards/Reviewing Sources:2014 Colorado Children’s Book Award Nominee Booklist (September 1, 2012 (Vol. 109, No. 1))Horn Book (Fall 2012)Kirkus Review [...]

    10. When Pippin, a fawn, is abandoned by her mother, photographer Isobel Springett found her crying for help. She took Pippin home and placed her by Kate their old Great Dane. The two immediately bonded: Pippin thought she had found a new mother and Kate started to mother her even though she had never raised any puppies of her own. Pippin learned to drink from a bottle and when she got bigger started to adventure outside. One evening, Pippin disappeared into the forest and didn’t return for bedtim [...]

    11. Filled with vivid photos, KATE & PIPPIN is the sweet true story of a senior Great Dane who became an adoptive mother to an orphaned fawn. Readers young and old will be charmed by this adorable pair, and hopefully as they see the gangly-legged deer running and playing with the gangly-legged dog, they will stop and think about the individuality of animals who may be unfamiliar to us. We treasure our dogs, but too often see deer as nothing but targets, trophies, or pests. For increased educatio [...]

    12. This is an endearing story of friendship and bonding between two animals. Pippen, an abandoned fawn was taken in by the author, Springett who is the owner of a Great Dane, Kate. The two animals bonded instantly and Kate cared and nurtured the fawn, with the help of its master, until it was grown. Martin Springett lives in the country on the edge of a forest. As the fawn grew it spent the nights in the forest and came back to the house during the day to play with his Great Dane friend. Springette [...]

    13. Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story is an absolutely beautiful and heartwarming tale of the amazing bond that develops between a gentle giant, a Great Dane named Kate, and a tiny motherless fawn, Pippin. Kate's owner, Isobel Springett, named the fawn Pippin and fed her baby bottles full of sheep's milk. Isobel (an equestrian and professional photographer) took the photographs that document Kate and Pippin's story. Martin Springett, Isobel's brother and a published author, illustrator, and [...]

    14. Pippin, a fawn abandoned by her mother in a forest, is adopted by a family. Kate, a Great Dane, becomes a mother and friend to the fawn. Though Pippin grows up to return to the forest, she continues to visit the dog and family.A sweet story for animal and nature lovers. Best for students in Kindergarten and first grade, though older students may enjoy browsing through the pictures. I wish that the authors had included a brief note about deer or their experience adopting an animal. Otherwise, a s [...]

    15. This is another sweetly photographed story of an unlikely animal friendship. I would add this to a text set based on that theme. This story of a dog and his adopted fawn growing up together is told in stunning photos. I wish their had been a little more background information on deer, but it is still a nice read. Would be interesting to compare and contrast with Owen & Mzee. I read this as part of a text set of unlikely animal friendships. There are actually quite a few of these books. The O [...]

    16. The true story of friendship and family between an abandoned fawn, Pippin, and her adoptive mom, Kate the Great Dane.Kate & Pippin is a loving tale about animals who care for each other. The human element is very subtle in the story. The photographs bright and big. This is a great tale for early elementary students.Reviewed from a library copy.

    17. This is a book with a serious awwww factor. My son (mostly) read it to my younger daughter and myself, and there was enough in it to satisfy all of us. My son loves animals and nonfiction and especially photographs. My daughter loves the sweetness. Okay, I love the sweetness too. I think it got my kids thinking about what makes a family too, so that + nature makes it a great nonfiction choice.

    18. I really like true life stories, especially ones about animals, but I had never heard this one before. One thing I liked most about this book was that it used the actual photographs of the deer and dog, which really made it even more real, and I think kids would enjoy that aspect of it as well. Overall, a very touching story that I think anyone would enjoy.

    19. I loved this book. The photographs were absolutely beautiful and the story of this unlikely friendship made me tear up a little. I enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. I would love to keep this book in my classroom for my students to enjoy looking at the pictures and the beautiful story of friendship.

    20. In the great tradition of unlikely animal friendships (see "Owen and Mzee", "Little Pink Pup", and "Friends" by Catherine Thimmesh) in this story an abandoned fawn is adopted by a Great Dane. The book is short enough to read at a preschool or older story time, and filled with adorable photographs of the fawn and the dog snuggling, exploring, and playing.

    21. Animal lovers will delight in this story of a dog who helps raise a fawn. Illustrated with photos of the two animal friends children are sure to love it. I like that the fawn returns to the wild, yet remembers her friend.

    22. The photographs saved this book. They were amazing and really showed the realness of the friendship. Personally, I did not find the text as moving as others would. I was too engaged by the photos to really read the text fully.

    23. Simple text with gorgeous photographs documents the friendship of a Great Dane named Kate and a baby deer rescued in the forest. There is not much detail about the story but the photos clearly show the time span as Pippin grows up.

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