Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

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  • Title: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
  • Author: Grant Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780140124378
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Ok this has been a blast of pure nostalgia for me - I loved the series when it first aired, it had for me the right mix or humour and science fiction. I guess for me I have always been suspicious of humour and SF simply because its been too easy to laugh at the genre and its fans rather than try and be clever and laugh with them. I will admit the likes of Douglas Adams has gone a long way to correct that yet still its sometimes all too easy to fall for the easy (and cheap gags).For me Red Dwarf [...]

    2. I was going to write a review for this book that I last read a few years ago, but I thought sod it, it must be time for a re-read.This is where it all started, one of the greatest SciFi series ever, a brilliant cast of characters and funny as hell story. I've watched the series so many times now that when reading the books the characters voices come so easily to me. During this reading I kept getting glimpses of Douglas Adams writing, never noticed that previously, but the explanations about spa [...]

    3. Gazpacgo Soup I can't say exactly when I first encountered Red Dwarf – I was probably sitting at home one night, board out of my brains, and channel surfing, when suddenly I discovered this show that looked very science-fictiony on the ABC and was instantly intrigued. While I can't remember the first episode that I ever watched (though I believe it was the third season), I do remember instantly falling in love with it. In fact, at the time I was still really interested in film making and seein [...]

    4. Alright, so I'm kind of weird on this book. It sort of sent me in several directions emotionally, and I'm not sure a (semi) novelization of sci-fi comedy is supposed to do that. I mean, I did smile so much my face hurt (which also brought to me the realization that I don't smile very much) and also left me feeling extremely depressed (partly from that realization). I think that the overall tone was more serious and dark than the show, which never at all left me feeling sad. This book was more in [...]

    5. After taking a Lit of Sci-Fi class in college, I found about this TV Series. So I checked them out from the library thinking, "Oh, great. They'll probably be boring and stupid."Was I wrong! The series was great, and my sister and I became mild fans. So, when I discovered that there were books and found them on sale, I snatched them up.Plot:David Lister, third technician on Red Dwarf, a 6 mile long space mining ship, is sent to stasis just in time to avoid a radiation leak that wipes out the rest [...]

    6. Fan-smegging-tastic! It's the boys from the Dwarf! I loved this book so much, and if you enjoyed the tv show you will too.Rob Grant and Doug Naylor outdid themselves; this was the first book in years that has made me laugh out loud. It starts off explaining how Lister ended up on Red Dwarf and takes off from there.Some of the plot is familiar, some is new. But the authors managed to gather together storylines from episodes into a whole that not only makes sense, but fills original episode plot h [...]

    7. This is a lot like the television show episodes in book format so of course I love it! I've been a fan of the show since it started and was gleeful when I found there were actually novels! It tells the tale of the Red Dwarf crew from the start. It includes a lot of what was in the first two series as well as a ton of details that you wouldn't know if that was your only source. Then it throws in whole new story lines and tangents. Lister's back story of how he ended up on Red Dwarf was something [...]

    8. Mimas, 2180. After an epic all-night bender in London to celebrate his 25th birthday, Liverpudlian slob Dave Lister wakes up a billion kilometres away on one of Saturn's moons with the mother of all hangovers. Desperate to get home, Lister hits on the plan of enrolling in the Space Corps, getting a job on an Earth-bound ship and then going AWOL the second he gets home. Unfortunately, the only vessel that will have him is the city-sized Jupiter Mining Corporation ore-hauler Red Dwarf. And before [...]

    9. I'd heard of the TV show but never seen it, so my viewpoint might be a bit different than many of the ones who have read the book. I have no idea how similar or different they are, what more (or less) there is than in the TV series or even how the characters are supposed to look.The first thing I noticed was the douglasadamsness. I'm not sure if it's even possible to write a humorous space adventure without sounding a bit douglasadamsey, and I like Adams, so I didn't dwell on it. The Grant/Naylo [...]

    10. I was hooked from start to finish. If you loved the show then you will enjoy this book. Meet all your characters anew and see them in a different light while at the same time seeing them from the first season of the show in places. An enlightening look into how Lister came into the job of tech on the Red Dwarf, you will not help but hear the characters speaking to you as you read it, seeing the world anew.

    11. I wanted to give this five stars, in honour of both my 11 year old self's love for this series (and all of the tie-in materials) and Chris Barrie's immense voice acting talent, but I'm resisting. Mostly because my version of the audiobook played a musak version of the theme song, in its entirety, every half hour - but also because, as I remember, the later Red Dwarf novels are a lot more engaging (and so giving a four-star rating encourages me to re-read them!)

    12. Probably more of a three-point-five than a three but not quite a four at all. Some bits were really funny and some bits I just thought, "would this be better if I had watched even one episode of the show? Which I'm going to do, eventually, it's just that I happened to have the time for audio books and not a TV show at the moment.Which, let me say, I think I would have enjoyed the book less if I had tried reading it. It's just that the accents and intonations fit so well that I couldn't have repl [...]

    13. This book had some really laugh-out-loud funny bits along with a lot of somewhat boring story and fairly immature humor. It was along the lines of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, but not as good, in my opinion. I think you have to like British humor to like either one.There's a lot of joking around about time travel, death, etc. One of the main characters actually died near the beginning, but he lived on as a hologram simulation. At one point, he made a copy of himself because nobody liked h [...]

    14. Zajímavé čtení i pro někoho, kdo nezná seriál Červený trpaslík nazpaměť. Zejména proto, že toto je první díl, úplný začátek, uvedení do příběhu.Obdivuji autorův vhled do zákonitostí fyziky i filozofie. Byly chvíle, kdy jsem si říkala: "Ty vole, no jo, jak to, že mě to nenapadlo?" A v zápětí jsem se začala strašlivě chechtat vtipu, kterým celou tu filozoficky nebo technologicky závažnou myšlenku poslal do kytek.Seznámení s typickými figurkami seriálu [...]

    15. I'm not a big sci-fi reader… I remember Red Dwarf (the tv show) fondly (but only vaguely) from my high school years, but hadn't watched it since then.I found the book at a used book sale and expected it to be a bit dated and not very well-written, but in fact it's very funny and charming (although there's a very obvious debt to Douglas Adams) and even more surprisingly, there are very prescient ideas about virtual reality and technology that seem ahead of their time even by science fiction sta [...]

    16. The origin of Red Dwarf is the 1944 play “No Exit” (“Huis Clos” in French), by Jean-Paul Sartre. This remains little known amongst its sci-fi comedy devotees, even though they do occasionally recognise it as existentialist thought.The influence of this school of philosophy on British and Irish writers has snuck through on rare occasions, e.g. the television series “The Prisoner” and from, less surprisingly, Samuel Beckett, who was living in Paris and surrounded there by bubbling exis [...]

    17. “Red Dwarf” is a funny science fiction novel about a drunk called Lister. An epic drunk who contrary to real-life drunks is actually a nice guy. One day Lister and friends start drinking in London and eventually wakes up on a moon near Saturn. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Except he has no money and doesn’t know anybody on the moon.Lister joins the Space Corps in the hope of one day returning to Earth. He survives an accident in stasis, that kills the rest of the crew of the ship he is [...]

    18. I have to admit that I haven't seen the show. As a matter of fact I only found out that there is a show half way through the book . It was only then that I vaguely remembered seeing the title before. Now I am a big sci fan and I picked this up mainly because it sounded like it would be a good romp through space. While I found it amusing I can't say it was particularly memorable. Characters and concepts were introduced in the beginning that took forever to come into action (some of them never did [...]

    19. Red Dwarf has long been a favorite show. The adventure of Lister, Rimmer, Cat, and Kryton are some of the best sci-fi around. Like the time with the walking sausuage that wasn’t really a sausage. Or Kryton’s parts. Or Cat’s coolness. Or Lister’s devotion to Chrissie. And Holly, who can forget Holly. This audio book is read by Chris Barry who played Rimmer. If you haven’t seen Red Dwarf (which makes you in violation of numerous space mining codes), you know him perhaps from the Tomb Rai [...]

    20. I love the Red Dwarf television series and was looking forward to a comfortable, familiar read with the book versions. I was surprised, disappointed, and entirely disgusted, however, by this book. Along with the basic plot as depicted in the tv show it contains complete filth -- raunchy sexual references and just utter, unnecessary rot. /: It's all meant in a funny way, but that doesn't make it acceptable as far as I'm concerned. Leave out dirty jokes and just make jokes. Seriously. I gave up on [...]

    21. Although I'd heard of Red Dwarf when I was in college, it wasn't until 2009 or so that my family enjoyed most of the episodes on dvd. We all loved it! Thankfully, the humor carries over to a printed-page version of the story and characters. For my money, Naylor is funnier than Douglas Adams, to whom comparisons are usually made; he's wittier, and less apt to beat the reader over the head with every joke. If you haven't ever seen the show, but like episodic humor in a science fiction idiom, give [...]

    22. This is a real nostalgic pleasure for me, being the novel based around my favourite tv show from my teenage years. It provides more backstory than the tv show ever did, and then is buit on the ideas from two or three of the earlier episodes. The authors seem to be heavily influenced by Douglas Adams - while they are not of the same standard, the book moves along at a good clip with plenty of witty gags and nice turns of phrase. It's just a shame that after two books, they split up and each wrote [...]

    23. This book and the other in the series are both great, must listens for every Red Dwarf fan. They are just as funny as the show, but also go more in-depth narratively, emotionally, and philosophically. Also Chris Barrie's Lister impression is better than Craig Charles, okay maybe not better, but almost indistinguishable. The same goes for his impersonations of Cat, Kryten, and Holly.

    24. [image error]A raucous birthday bar crawl leads Dave Lister to a moon of Saturn and a fateful meeting. Read by Rimmer himself Broadcast on:BBC Radio 7, 10:00pm Sunday 6th December

    25. I've never actually watched the series (I know - shame on me), but wanted to read the books, because they sounded familiar to Hitchhiker's Guide, which I love! And this book did not disappoint. It was funny, weird, and more funny. Basically everything I hoped it would be.

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