Avengers Invaders The Civil War is over and the Avengers are divided Captain America s death has been a blow to both sides Now the Star Spangled Sentinel is back and it could destroy the time stream In Avengers Invade

  • Title: Avengers/Invaders
  • Author: Jim Krueger Alex Ross Steve Sadowski Patrick Berkenkotter Jack Herbert
  • ISBN: 9780785129
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Civil War is over, and the Avengers are divided.Captain America s death has been a blow to both sides.Now the Star Spangled Sentinel is back and it could destroy the time stream In Avengers Invaders, Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Stephen Sadowski Dynamite Entertainment s Project Superpowers along with artists Patrick Berkenkotter and Jackson Herbert show whatThe Civil War is over, and the Avengers are divided.Captain America s death has been a blow to both sides.Now the Star Spangled Sentinel is back and it could destroy the time stream In Avengers Invaders, Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Stephen Sadowski Dynamite Entertainment s Project Superpowers along with artists Patrick Berkenkotter and Jackson Herbert show what happens when the conflicted heroes of today s Marvel Universe are faced with the return of the late hero who inspired them all When World War II heroes Captain America, Namor, the Human Torch, Bucky, and Toro show up in modern day New York City, both factions reveal their own agendas and goals for the heroes of the past.In Avengers Invaders, the heroes of today are taught lessons by heroes from the past in a time slinging adventure that pits them against everyone from Ultron to The Red Skull.Collecting Avengers Invaders 1 12

    One thought on “Avengers/Invaders”

    1. A surprisingly mediocre comic, primarily thanks to the fact that it’s a couple of fights with very little development, then a big reboot button at the end. Pfah.

    2. Well this is a book with scope. For reasons best left unexplained, the WWII era superteam, The Invaders, find themselves in 2008 (then the contemporary time). There are consequences (including an interesting but ill thought out sidebar involving the original Human Torch and a recurring cliche of SHIELD-tech). Eventually they are returned to their time with some of their future counterparts to fix a problem in time.The problem with it is, it's not very good. Almost all of the plotlines in this ar [...]

    3. With all that's going on in this - and it's an enjoyable read for the most part - my main reaction was repeatedly, "Oh, Bucky." Which is probably more me than the book, but I find no matter what, I have that reaction to him.

    4. Graphic novel with excellent art. Too many characters in too many time lines. Best part of this book was it was a gift from my son.

    5. I should know better than to read books written by Alex Ross. Between this, Justice, and Earth X, he's a much better artist than writer.

    6. I appear to be having really good luck finding superhero comics I am enjoying. Avengers/Invaders is a 12-issue miniseries from 2009 that contains two of my absolute favorite themes: (a) time travel, and (b) Tony Stark's vast amounts of post-Civil War grief over the death of Steve Rogers. Bring it.So, yeah, here in Avengers/Invaders, the Invaders (that would be Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Namor, the original Human Torch, and Toro) are snatched right off a WW2 battlefield and deposited on the s [...]

    7. This book had a good premise too it but, wow, it was convoluted and difficult to follow. Alex Ross has a good mind for story telling and so there are some amazing themes running throughout the book. Ross brings humanity to his superhero stories. Such as: What if some normal guy was the one to change the fate of the world instead of some half-naked or costumed super humans? That was the point of this novel. However the true potential for that was lost in the midst of meaningless drivel in between [...]

    8. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/There really is a lot here to like: beautiful artwork, a decent story, and a lot of background into the characters (which was helpful to me since I'm not versed in the Marvel universe).The writer did a good job of depicting 1940s personalities and how they would react in modern day. Conversely, the way the modern heroes react to the 1940s characters is also well done - it's easy to see why the old superheroes were underestimated and [...]

    9. Jim KruegerAlex RossThe collective longing of the American people has seemingly brought Captain America back from the dead. Unfortunately the method of his resurrection was to transport him, some allied soldiers in his vicinity and his World War 2 super-hero team The Invaders from their proper time in 1941 and hurl them into the midst of 2008 New York City. The story gets rather complex and muddled, but there are some really great moments with the original Human Torch, Toro (the human torches mu [...]

    10. Alex Ross gets to do his take on classic Avengers/Invaders the way he was able to do JLA at DC. The art of his is very well done as usual, but the storyline here is pretty decent as well.The Invaders (Cap, Torch, Namor, Toro, Bucky) end up in the future by accident and need to return to the past without upsetting too muchever, in the present, Cap has just been assassinatede the problems, and people with split motivations when Time-Travel is involved.That being said, it's very cool when the Might [...]

    11. Alex Ross uses convoluted time travel and Invaders basically to dope slap the Avengers and point out how stupid Civil War was.Big, sprawling with a lot of time spent on set up and hitting us over the head with the message, but still really entertaining.The writing on the Invaders is rock solid and shows the writers have a lot of love for them, there's lots of action, it's an Alex Ross comic so there is a cast of 100s and the good is good enough to make me forgive them for the bad.The bad would b [...]

    12. Anything Alex Ross is involved with is amazing! I love the mixture of today's heroes and the golden age heroes. I thought the first few chapters were a bit heavy with multiple antagonists the two teams of Avengers, Ultron and D'spayre. Once the heroes are brought together and go back to an altered 1943, I feel that is were the story really took off. I also liked to see how vulnerable they made Toro, the Human Torch and young Namor. They all have something to learn about their own "humanity." Bri [...]

    13. Una miniserie di 12 numeri ben congeniata, ambientata all'epoca post civil war, che mette a confronto due modi di vedere il super eroismo: quello della golden age del fumetto, rivisitata negli anni '70 da Roy Thomas, e quello contemporaneo.Come spesso capita con storie corali dall'amplissimo numero di personaggi, ci sono alcune pecche nella caratterizzazione, ma si tratta di piccole cose rispetto al resto. Un'idea ripresa ultimamente anche da Bendis per i suoi pessimi "nuovissimi X-Men", ma qui [...]

    14. I knew going into this that it would be rely on one of my least-favorite devices, time travel, but that's a conceit I'm willing to accept in comics more than prose narratives anyway. The problem here was the protracted nature of the conflict between the teams, exacerbated by the repercussions of the dreadful Civil War "event," that led to a significant amount of repetition from issue to issue. The latter part of the narrative dealing with an alternate-history Germany was much more interesting th [...]

    15. It's probably been 20 to 25 years since I last read a comic book (excuse me, graphic novel). My interest has been renewed with the latest slew of Marvel movies (Spider-Man, Avengers) and I finally took the plunge and checked out what my local library had to offer (I'm too cheap to buy something new; gotta try it for free first).Anyway, I really enjoyed this. I read it through in a few hours, during the 9/10 Monday Night Football game. Great story, a lot of fun to read, really good art. Blasted m [...]

    16. This is an interesting graphic novel, but using a typical Marvel setup-- where heroes fight each other due to some grave misunderstanding. Therefore, the Invaders fight the Avengers when they are transported in time to modern day New York. Along the way, there is a number of time warps and time paradoxes that cause consternation. I enjoyed this one, but was, sadly, unaware that Captain America (Steve Rogers) has died!

    17. 啊啊啊啊吧唧死一次要拿来虐多少回啊!妈蛋。大家都说吧唧熊,但是v5之后穿越的小吧唧一点都不熊了!how can i be less than the hero i am? 看得我要泪奔啊,为了不改变未来,即使知道会死也要选择再死一次,自我鼓励的时候又骄傲又勇敢T T。知道自己的小伙伴也要面对不可避免的牺牲,还顺手救一把,怎么能这么好。这本偏心侵袭组太多了,我也真喜欢Torch。妇联在队长死后变 [...]

    18. I had read Civil Wars and my friend Jamie said this was next. I found this one to be confusing and manipulative, sad to say.

    19. Ace love the fact the 40`s invaders cant compare nazism to mondern day america. cool artwork too and good characteristaionfor a short series.

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