Therapy Jonathan Kellerman has made the psychological thriller his own gripping province with his bestselling series of Alex Delaware novels Now Delaware s new adventure leads the sleuthing psychologist on a

  • Title: Therapy
  • Author: Jonathan Kellerman
  • ISBN: 9780345452603
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jonathan Kellerman has made the psychological thriller his own gripping province with his bestselling series of Alex Delaware novels Now, Delaware s new adventure leads the sleuthing psychologist on a harrowing exploration into the realm he knows best the human psyche, in all its complexity, mystery, and terrifying propensity for darkness Been a while since I had me a nJonathan Kellerman has made the psychological thriller his own gripping province with his bestselling series of Alex Delaware novels Now, Delaware s new adventure leads the sleuthing psychologist on a harrowing exploration into the realm he knows best the human psyche, in all its complexity, mystery, and terrifying propensity for darkness Been a while since I had me a nice little whodunit, homicide detective Milo Sturgis tells Alex Delaware But there s definitely nothing nice about the brutal tableau behind the yellow crime scene tape On a lonely lover s lane in the hills of Los Angeles, a young couple lies murdered in a car Each bears a single gunshot wound to the head The female victim has also been impaled by a metal spike And that savage stroke of psychopathic fury tells Milo this case will call for than standard police procedure As he explains to Delaware, Now we re veering into your territory It is dark territory, indeed The dead woman remains unidentified and seemingly unknown to everyone But her companion has a name Gavin Quick and his troubled past eventually landed him on a therapist s couch It s there, on familiar turf, that Delaware hopes to find vital clues And that means going head to head with Dr Mary Lou Koppel, a popular celebrity psychologist who fiercely guards the privacy of her clients dead or alive.But when there s another gruesomely familiar murder, Delaware surmises that his investigation has struck a nerve As he trolls the twisted wreckage of Quick s tormented last days, what he finds isn t madness, but the cold blooded method behind it And as he follows a chain of greed, corruption, and betrayal snaking hideously through the profession he thought he knew, he ll discover territory where even he never dreamed of treading.As provocative as it is suspenseful, Therapy is premier Kellerman that finds the award winning author firing on all creative cylinders and carrying readers on an electrifying ride to a place only he can take them, for an experience they won t soon forget.

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    1. Uneven Delaware story -- almost too complex a plotKellerman fans (the people that really know all his books), as opposed to the "professional" reviewers, will find this latest psychologist Alex Delaware novel, as usual featuring co-star gay detective Milo Sturgis, somewhat puzzling. If we didn't know Alex and Milo well, we might well find their characters enigmatic, with inconsistent action and a pursuit of the clues that borders on hobbyist. When a young couple is found murdered, with an unnece [...]

    2. I've been finding many of the Alex Delaware novels somewhat 'meh' lately, but this novel redeemed the series a bit for me. Sometimes I wonder why I keep up with the series because there are some things that grate on me: The minute details of what a person wears, how they look, what they're eating, etc etc after 18 books of this, it feels a little over done sometimes. Also, even though Alex Delaware is the protagonist of the series I actually don't feel a compelling connection with him as a chara [...]

    3. The idea that a double killing has occurred because of some 'unknown perp's' jealousy is turned upside down when the dead girl is not who everyone thought. Who was she? But the activities of the young dead man, Gavin Quick, identified by ID in his wallet, and the follow-up with his family has Homicide Detective Milo Sturgis and Dr. Alex Delaware soon running down a dozen possible suspects. Not only is the Quick family devastated by Gavin's murder, they all were messed up from an earlier incident [...]

    4. This book strained credibility for a few reasons: Milo can just pick and choose his cases, just because he was nearby eating dinner? Alex can partner up with him any time he wants to? Is Alex getting paid by the police department? Alex's sleuthing never conflicts with any other work obligations? The murders tied back to a connection in Rwanda? Really?

    5. Ughally? I just wasted the last week on this. Entertainingsrt of. Preposterouss ma'am. Absolutely ridicurous Not the most ridicurous i've ever read (that's still The Langdon base jump from a helicopter and using his jacket as a parachute in Angels and Demons - although I actually liked that book). But come onychologists in a Rwanda-tied terror plot. Seriously? And does every character need a motive? Can't we meet one person (other than the strip club manager - who knew?) who doesn't have some re [...]

    6. An older Alex and Milo escapade - this time into Alex's profession of psychologists gone wrong. I read these older books just to fill in the gaps of Alex's personal life. bookcrossing/journal/1

    7. I used to say that all Mary Higgins Clark books were really the same book, but that was okay because, you know, it was still a pretty good book. That's sort of how I feel about this series. At this point I am just reading to spend time with Milo and Alex. The plots are ridiculously complicated and far-fetched, but if you like Alex Delaware novel(s), this one's between three and four stars. Even as I write this, I can't decide between three and four. All I know is it's much better than two.A prop [...]

    8. His books are all so good and quite creepy too. The only problem I have with Kellerman's books is there are so very many side characters, and some of them are mentioned only briefly (ex. not from book but generic) Milo had seen Freddy Kruger eating waffles at his favorite restaurant that morning and noted he seemed unusually pleased with himself as he polished his steel claw fingernails. Well, then 100 some odd pages later LO! Freddy is - not the killer because even that would be too easy - but [...]

    9. Alex Delaware is my favorite of Jonathan Kellerman's protagonists. I love his friendship with Milo. I always get wrapped up into his story and why he takes on cases - as much about his own issues as to help the people.

    10. There are some great and surprising characters in this book who unfortunately do nothing surprising. I think the reason I rated it so low is because the end disappoints. Prior to the ending, it is a page turning smart mystery. But you've got to have an ending.

    11. 3 stars because the book was confusing and too detailed but it was amazing in the same time. I dont know how to explain it. Mr Kellerman is probably my favorite crime writer at the moment. Different and entertaining.

    12. I really like Milo and Alex. I have read all of Jonathon Kellerman's novels. I have to honestly say that the older ones are better. These read as short stories more than novels. The best part of these novels is the relationship between the detective and the psychologist.

    13. #18 in the series (yes, I've read them all!) This is one of the very best of the full series, in my opinion.

    14. Jonathan Kellerman seldom disappoints. This Alex Delaware/Mile Sturgis mystery held my interest throughout and I read it in less than 24 hours.

    15. The 18th in the series. Kellerman at his best! Dr Delaware probes the psyche, keeping the reader on the edge of the seat. This is a dark look at the human psyche!

    16. The usualDr.Delaware mystery who diagnoses who the killer could be by the type of murder the perp has committed. As he learns thru clues from his partner in the police , the two find the guy or gal who has committed a heinous crime for some past wrong by another person. Amazing escapes from. By the criminal help to add excitement to the chase. In this book Dr. Delaware consults with other psyc professional who drop clues to enlighten the Dr, Delaware. Hunches are followed by both the doctored th [...]

    17. Detective Milo Sturgis has caught a strange murder - a young man and woman in a convertible car, both shot but the female victim has been impaled with an iron bar. So Milo asks his psychologist friend Alex Delaware to help. The find a connection between this crime and the murder of a young teacher - both she and the male victim had seen the same therapist. Milo and Alex continue their investigations and try to find the perpetrator and the motive behind the killings. Enjoyable read.

    18. My mom would be disappointed that I started with this book, instead of book 1, but it somehow ended up on my bookshelf and I decided to give it a try. I found it to be a page turner, containing evil characters balanced by likable ones and enough suspicious behavior to keep me guessing all the way to the end.

    19. This book is mostly A disappointment. There were a few interesting parts, but a lot of boring parts. A lot of discussions, a lot of speculation, a lot of bad guys at varying levels. It became a guessing game of who did what. Lots of whos and lots of whats to choose from. The closing was also very disappointing.

    20. Formula crime novel featuring a shrink working with a gay police detective who is really hard to see as a gay guy since he's so macho big tough guy. Story involves a practice of psychiatrists involved in a series of murders. I like the way the two main characters try to figure out the mystery by raising theories, testing them and defeating or proving them with facts.

    21. Alex and Milo, that intrepid duo are at it once again to foil the bad guys. All while indulging in eating, loving and clever dialogue. Reading this series is like visiting old friends. Trying to guess the villain is always a useless mind bending challenge. Always a surprise around the corner.

    22. I found this book in the series seemed to drag on and had a plot that was unnecessarily complicated. I felt he was filling pages a lot of the time. I still love the characters and will continue on in the series hoping this book is an anomaly.

    23. Always enjoy Alex Delaware mysteries. Good plot. Nice pace to the narrative. Interesting take on fraud, murder with an international twist.

    24. Maybe 3.5. Too long. Too many suspects. Too much time spend on possible suspects who really are not suspects.

    25. Dan and I both read this one and agreed that we thought it had good initial storyline, but then it rambled too many directions.

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