Deception This lushly sensual romance centers around Justine Phillips a retired lingerie model and Alex Melrose CEO of a pharmaceutical company Justine agrees to be auctioned off at a charity event changes h

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  • Title: Deception
  • Author: Mona Ingram
  • ISBN: 9780987740
  • Page: 496
  • Format: ebook
  • This lushly sensual romance centers around Justine Phillips, a retired lingerie model and Alex Melrose, CEO of a pharmaceutical company Justine agrees to be auctioned off at a charity event, changes her appearance, and attends as Jasmine Alex winds the bidding to take her to dinner the attraction between them is instant and powerful.It isn t until she returns home thaThis lushly sensual romance centers around Justine Phillips, a retired lingerie model and Alex Melrose, CEO of a pharmaceutical company Justine agrees to be auctioned off at a charity event, changes her appearance, and attends as Jasmine Alex winds the bidding to take her to dinner the attraction between them is instant and powerful.It isn t until she returns home that Justine learns Alex s company manufactured the drug responsible for the death of her mother Alex searches for Jasmine but cannot find her.In spite of her conflicted feelings about Alex, Justine cannot forget him, and when they meet again, he doesn t recognize her without her disguise Fluent in French, she agrees to accompany him to Paris as his assistant The attraction is still there, and they embark on a difficult and sometimes surprising emotional rollercoaster ride on their way to discovering the truth about each other.

    One thought on “Deception”

    1. A total 50 Shades wannabe. I read a good amount of this book but near the end it dawned on me that this was such a waste of time and I didn't know why I kept reading. Somehow I found it tolerable in the beginning but by the end I was so annoyed and fed up with the cheesy and bad direction it was going in.Be weary of free kindle books. They always tend to suck.

    2. This was a quick read and fairly enjoyable. It was good enough that I continued on to read its sequel about Justine's friend Olivia.I guess the only thing I find unbelievable is that colored contacts and a different hairstyle could cause a man to find a woman completely unrecognizable. Seemed a bit far fetched. Perhaps I would have believed it more if the mask had never come off during their dinner.

    3. For a free book on amazon, I really enjoyed it! It was a a bit cheesy at times, and the writing felt a little forced, but I would recommend this book for sure!

    4. Well done. The chemistry is instantaneous between Jasmine and Alex when they meet at the charity auction. Their connection is so strong that one of the players drops away immediately. There are a few complications to their relationship, balanced by the good work they do as volunteers. A long road appears before them to reach their HEA, but the reach it eventually.Ingram doesn't do badly with a sensual romance, considering that she is so well known for her clean romances. I don't call her books s [...]

    5. I was somewhat conflicted with this book. I was hoping for confrontation between characters but it just didn't happen. At least not in the way I was hoping it would. I thought this book could use a bit more editing. Justine started out like she was a strong heroine but turned out to be clingy and weak. Even teary eyed at times which was so unnecessary. Alex, he was intrigued by Jasmine but slept with Justine. Granted they were the same person but he never made any more attempts at find Jasmine. [...]

    6. This book is a the usual boy-meets-girl-and-falls-in-love-but-there's-a-problem romance. The story and characters were interesting and held my attention. The romance is medium steamy. The issue I had with this story is the quick resolution at the end. I would read other books by this author. The heroine (Justine) agrees to help her friend out by agreeing to be auctioned off for a dinner date for charity and wears a red mask, think mardi gras, and not what is pictured. Of course the man who wins [...]

    7. Enthralling book! (I actually read the other one about Olivia first and they are both stand alone books!) Justine is a tall, blonde, blue eyed model who is coerced into taking her friend, Olivia's, place in a charity auction. The auction is for dinner with a beautiful woman. Justine is uncomfortable about being bid on, so she changes her hair, eye color and make up in order to not be recognized.Alex is a handsome, dark haired, CEO of a pharmaceutical company and billionaire who happens to berrie [...]

    8. Deception by Mona IngramAlexander Melrose happens to be the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company. His friend Olivia invited him to attend a charity auction. The winner of the bid would have a dinner date with the lady his bid won. Alex really didn't want to be there until he noticed the beauty walking around, who unlike the others, didn't seem to be flaunting herself. For a man who had felt he was the walking dead for some time now…is beauty was about to breathe life back into him.Justine Phi [...]

    9. 2.5 stars- Okay, but I had some issuesAll in all this was an okay read with good characters and a decent plotline. The writing was solid, though it often felt rushed- much like the romance. There was a LOT of suspending your disbelief for such a short, non-paranormal book. Some of that was necessary to stick with the storyline, but I think if it had been drawn out to be more believable, I would have enjoyed the book more. This was insta-love on a grand scale, so imagining the couple overcoming o [...]

    10. This caught my attention because of the cover. Then the synopsis seemed intriguing, so I bought it. It was not exactly what I thought it would be, as I was expecting more sexual content. BUT, I was not disappointed. The heroine agrees to be auctioned in a friend's place, and does so anonymously. Of course she catches the eye of the man who "rescues" her from an obnoxious bidder. They hit it off immediately, but he doesn't know her true identity, and she doesn't know his right at first either. So [...]

    11. I gave 'Deception' 2 stars because it was just okay for me. I liked the main characters. They were well written and described for the most part. The city-hopping was also great. I loved reading about Alex's charity work and trying to use his excessive amounts of money for good.There were a few moments in the that plot that were simply unbelievable for me, as a reader, to swallow i.e. he doesn't recognize her at all after seeing her without red hair, Justine sudden speaks fluent French, Alex invi [...]

    12. Beautiful RomanceI've thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Everything was wonderful from the beginning until almost the end. My only dislike of this story was the quick ending. The author should have made Alex suffer a little more in the end. I'm still mad at Alex for being so pigheaded. The characters were likeable, well immersed into the storyline, blending into each section properly to provide the perfect scenes, dialogues, and emotions. Justine was a strong heroine in my opinion. She was st [...]

    13. Wow. 4.5 Stars. Justine and Alexis book blew me away. I am usually a bit skeptical about authors I don't know but I am so glad I read this one. The plot is very unique and creative. The characters well developed and engaging. You feel everything Justine is thinking and struggling with as she is torn between finding justice for her mother and her feelings for Alex. The whole Deception is absolutely brilliant and heartbreaking when it comes out. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a more [...]

    14. This book is aptly named because I was deceived into reading it. I can't for the life of me even figure out why the author considered the first part a deception. It wasn't a big enough one in my book to even break up overybe chuckle over. If I was him, I'd be glad I didn't get an erection for every girl he meets Hehe same girl. I get it, she was a of the lime light, so she took on an alternate name so if she didn't want the guy to call her againen no name to look up. I got that. Still d [...]

    15. Great cover but can be deceiving. Alex's story is heart breaking yet one you can relate to. He chose the wrong woman to marry and now lives with the knowledge that she wanted a divorce before tragedy stuck. He meets a woman at a charity auction by the name Jasmine and becomes captivated with her. The problem is Jasmine is really Justine and used a false name to remain hidden. As the story progresses they become involved yet she doesn't know hows to tell him the truth without losing his trust. Ho [...]

    16. This was a pretty sexy story. I enjoyed the plot and really liked the philanthropy that was sprung throughout the story. It was refreshing to see a billionaire actually doing good with their money instead of just spoiling the heroine of the story. It was a very emotional yet fun, sexy read. I really wanted to love this story. But, the writing was a little lacking. The fact that their date was sans the mask used at the auction, and he knows her face, do eye color and hair color really make someon [...]

    17. Justine gave up her life as a model and was enjoying some down time and visited her friend, Olivia in New York. Olivia had a charity function & asked Justine to take her place. She would be wearing a mask & the women would be auctioned off for charity. All Justine would have to do have dinner with the one who bid on her. Oliver failed to tell her about Alex who said he wouldn't be there. His company produced the drug that killed her mother. Since Justine's face had been splashed all over [...]

    18. ExcellentThe book was a fun romantic read. It took you through the death of a young girls mother to her falling in love and the trials of that love. Her devotion to honesty and her ability to forgive years of hatred she felt she would never be able to let go of. It takes you through the young couples almost demise to their final ability to see they are neither perfect but yet the same perfect person each fell in love with and neither wishes to exist further with out the other. A very moving love [...]

    19. What a lovely read. The main characters are caring individuals who've both had it hard in the past, although Jasmine initially believes its all Alex's fault in her case.This is a gentle romance that takes you around the world, and talks a lot about charity and charitable works without throwing it in your face. The side characters are endearing, and I can see spin off books happening with their stories at a later date.There's no teasing cliffhanger ending here, just a good old fashioned romance, [...]

    20. Very good, engaging book. I really liked that this wrapped up all in one book (yay!) but there was a sequel that followed other characters. Justine and Alex are one of those couples that you just root for from the get go because they are matched that perfectly, even if Alex doesn't recognize it right away.My main problem I had though was that Alex *seriously!* didn't recognize Justine with a different hair color and contacts? Wow. That was the hardest part for me to get over, by far. Overall, go [...]

    21. ExcellentThe relationship of the two ladies, friends Justine and Olivia are great. Their interaction and sincerity is good. Throw in a masked ball and a genuine good soul CEO in Alex and you have a great story. The only negative is I did not appreciate them sleeping together while he was marriedat section should be rewritten. I have read several by this author and she is great.

    22. Wow! I really enjoyed this one! Great story. Some editing issues but the story and characters were a pleasure to read. I loved that Alex and Justineaka Jasmine, had true character and unselfishly gave their time in Africa. The author didn't glaze over the charitable works but described it in such detail, I could almost feel the heat of the African climate!

    23. Found this as a freebie. At first, I wasn't so impressed with it, but I eventually got sucked in. Found the book to be mainly a pleasant read. Reminded me of a Harlequin read- girl meets boy, both fall into lust, both deny lust for a spell, eventually giving in and falling in love. Boy makes dick move. Girl runs off in tears to hide. Boy eventually finds girl.

    24. I read this book in no time flat, but I really enjoyed it. Justine and Alex ended up making a sweet couple. I had just read the 50 Shades series and was looking for something similar. The cover didn't seem to match the book, but I enjoyed it just the same. I would definitely be interested in reading more from this author as I liked the writing style.

    25. Great story! I was captivated from the beginning of the story. I enjoyed all the different twist and turns throughout the story. It made the story more interesting with all of the jumping around to the different exotic places and the different quirks with the characters added a special touch. I would recommend this story to a friend.

    26. I think this might have been the most unrealistic book I have ever read yet somehow I kind of enjoyed it. I very seldom read romance novels but I got this free for the kindle so I thought why not. It was a quick read and if you just take into account that anything is possible in fiction then you might enjoy it as well.

    27. 3.5 stars.This was an enjoyable read, but it lost half a star for the ending. There was just a bit of something missingeverything was resolved too quickly. Will certainly read more in the series.

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