One thought on “Space Lizards Stole My Brain!”

  1. If you like funny, exciting and weird booksen this is the one to read! it's about boy called Lance, (Goodie) and Evil lizard warlord Admiral Skink (baddie) Lance lives at home with his parents who are not very niceThe Evil lizard wants to take over the world but Lance wont let him,it begins with a strange twist that involves a 'brain switch'. Lance finds himself in an alien spaceship meeting all sorts of other wonderful characters, there are some great illustrations too. this is probably suitabl [...]

  2. I love the titles of children's books these days and my son loved this book. To be fair, he loves any book we read together but I have to admit, I enjoyed this book almost as much as he did. The plot was inventive and there was a humour there that both children and adults could enjoy. The characters were quite simple, as you would expect in a children's book, but this did not stop them being three-dimensional or engaging. The bad guys in particular were interesting and made less scary than they [...]

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