The Splinter Factory

The Splinter Factory Whether Jeffrey McDaniel s denouncing insomnia A M exploring family tragedy Ghost Townhouse or celebrating love and lust The Biology of Numbers his writing is so profoundly original so fu

  • Title: The Splinter Factory
  • Author: Jeffrey McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780916397791
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whether Jeffrey McDaniel s denouncing insomnia 4,000 A.M , exploring family tragedy Ghost Townhouse , or celebrating love and lust The Biology of Numbers , his writing is so profoundly original, so funny, twisted, and literary simultaneously, you won t know whether to laugh or cry, but you ll definitely keep reading.

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    1. I don't need to read all the poetry in the world to know that this is the best that mankind will ever be able to come up with.Ask to borrow my copy. I will lend it to you and your life will change.

    2. One of the good ones i read time & time again. McDaniel's poetry is alive, clever, heartbreaking & bold. Not the average shmuck verse, self-examining without being pretentious. Full of beautiful concepts & breath-catching lines.

    3. Jeffrey McDaniel's is probably one of the best Write Bloody authors I have ever read. To some, many of his poems may seem too dark; to me, they're honest and witty, due to the fact that he somehow manages to capture the obscure side of human emotions in the most perfect and poignant way. I recommend "The Foxhole Manifesto", "The arsonist stood up in court and said", and finally "The First Straw"

    4. One of my favorite books of poetry. McDaniel does some really incredible wordplay that creates a different range of emotion with each page.The Archipelago Of Kisses is by my favorite out of the bunch.

    5. McDaniel comes from the slam/performance poetry tradition, but he makes the translation into print a lot better most other performance poets. His contain an attention to craft, and his surreal images provide for not only a unique voice, but an engaging sense of humor.

    6. This man is one of my most favorite poets. I think he is amazing. I read this book several years ago and have re-read it several times since. I find something new to like about it every time.

    7. Brilliant. Jeffrey McDaniel has such a dark humor it keeps your mind racing. He pairs a whimsical image with a very dark serious undertone and meaning. I loved every second of this book!

    8. A self portrait of scenic happenigs told in metaphors of drunken thoughts, laugh out loud moments or something with a dirty passion. I'll be reading more of McDaniel.FAVORITES: -Renovating the Womb-Driftwood Armada-Thanksgiving with the Clones-The Want Ads-When a man hasn't been kissed-The Benjamin Franklin of Monogramy-The First Straw-Inheritance

    9. Why do I love McDaniel so much? For lines like these:"My homeland is compulsion. My national anthem plays whenever a drunk tumbles down a staircase."and "The problem with being sober is you can't have drunken sex."and"My idea of courtship was tapping Jane's Addiction lyrics in Morse code on your window at three hundred a.m whiskey doing push-ups on my breath."and especially, "And I comfort myself with the thought that we'll name our first child Jenin, and her middle name will be Terezin, and we' [...]

    10. I've never been much of a poetry reader, but I was introduced to Jeffrey McDaniel by some friends at school since he teaches here. In any case, I picked up this and The Endarkment (which I have yet to read) and have been consuming his poems slowly. His words pop, his lines are edgy but poignant, with metaphors that are fresh yet apt, and so many of his poems have last lines in them that have me murmuring with affect. I love this collection, but my favorites are "When a Man Hasn't Been Kissed", " [...]

    11. Whenever I'd come across McDaniel's poems in anthologies or just 'in the wild' I'd enjoyed them, but as I began to narrow down my grad school choices I decided to at least read one or two full-length collections by the faculty of each program I was interested in. I don't know-- I read this book a bit hungover in Providence, I recall sitting at a kitchen table reading funny lines out loud at 8 in the morning and everyone laughing and feeling good, but overall it felt like "I wish this had been 80 [...]

    12. [2005 review.] I think McDaniel sometimes ends up being sensational for its own sake, but his poetry is also full of lots of wonderful, original images and his love poems can be just perfect, more brutal than saccharine. The Splinter Factory includes the terrific "The Benjamin Franklin of Monogamy", if you'd like to try him out. (What we had together / makes it sound like a virus, as if we caught / one another like colds)2012 note. Aww. Cute. I-- I do not feel this way about Jeffrey McDaniel any [...]

    13. i read the book a few years ago, i saw jeff read in la before he went to brooklyn, then i saw him here a week ago and he read the same damn set he read three years agod the worst part: the political poems were dated back then. imagine hearing about nader right nowd: a white man defining what it means to be black (re: rice and powell) is inexcusable.if his poetry reflects his politics, he's part of the liberal problem.

    14. This was one of a number of new discoveries I made whilst becoming familiar with a swarm of poetry faculty. There is a poem that makes a government censorship law seem beautiful, a description of tiredness likened to a nun's genitals, and a magnetizing dark humour settling somewhere between Carol Ann Duffy and Charles Bukowski. And for roughly that reason I'd recommend you read it.

    15. so special! the book is organized really well - i can't say i always notice the ways poems are ordered in collections, but this one follows some beautiful birth-to-death logic. it's quirky and edgy, but not self-consciously so. the man knows how to read his poetry, too, so you should go see him.

    16. As few pages as there are in this book, I could not read it in one day. There were just so many times I had to close the page.d let my mind saute in his ability to use vision to make you understande depth

    17. Started off slow, but McDaniel's poems quickly built themselves up to a powerful crescendo. He had me blinking back tears in the fifth and final section which dealt with more somber themes of loss and death.

    18. McDaniel is the undisputed Master of the Metaphor. One of my favorite contemporary poets, his use of language is awe-inspiring and gasp-worthy in the best sense of the words. There's no one like him on the poetic landscape and that makes him and his work unique treasures.

    19. I don't know much (if anything) about what makes 'good' poetry, but as a musician, linguist, and human being, his writing pulls at something in my soul and finds me trying to hide there then it yanks me out and reminds me that this is all 'life'.

    20. Karissa recommends these poems"When a Man Hasn't Been Kissed", "The Benjamin Franklin of Monogamy", "The Mirror in Which I'll Be Judged", "The First Straw", "What Year Was Heaven Desegregated?", "The Foxhole Manifesto" and "The Everlasting Staircase".

    21. I am so happy to have discovered Jeffrey McDaniel's work- This is an absolutely amazing compilation of poetry!!-"Once I believed the heart was like a bar of soap -- the more you use it, the smaller it gets; care too much and it'll snap off in your grasp." (The Everlasting Staircase)

    22. Poetry to read when you're feeling sad or angry. Jeffrey McDaniel will make you laugh with dark humor in one poem and have you on the verge of tears in the next. Personal poem recs from the book: Dear America and The Benjamin Franklin of Monogamy.

    23. Poems bristling with brilliant metaphors and wordplay to the point of overload, that make you laugh out loud and then punch you in the gut.

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