Liberator For years tales ofDRAGONSfrom another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters world while for a slave girl named Koren the stories of a human world seem pure my

  • Title: Liberator
  • Author: Bryan Davis
  • ISBN: 9780310718390
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • For years, tales ofDRAGONSfrom another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost slaves home.The Time Has ComeAs the long awaited inFor years, tales ofDRAGONSfrom another world kidnapping and enslaving humans have been circulating in Jason Masters world, while for a slave girl named Koren, the stories of a human world seem pure myth Together, these two teens will need to bridge two planets in order to overthrow the draconic threat and bring the lost slaves home.The Time Has ComeAs the long awaited invasion of human forces looms, Jason, Koren, and Elyssa struggle to alert the soldiers to an unforeseen menace on the planet of Starlight a deadly illness that already has Koren in its grip Starlighter Cassabrie harbors a secret she believes can counter the dragon king Taushin s latest maneuverings, but she can disclose little of her risky plan As Cassabrie fights to save her people, the dragon Magnar works to move the Starlight prophecy in his favor His actions could make the plight of humans even perilous.Wishing only to free the slaves and bring peace, a few young warriors are poised to face three armies as they battle for control of two worlds Can love, faith, and courage be enough Will Cassabrie be humanity s last hope

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    1. I always approach the last book of a series with a certain amount of trepidation. Writing a review for one is also a source for anxiety. Somehow I need to convey how amazing a book is without giving anything away for its preceding books. So, for my review of the conclusion to Bryan Davis’ Dragons of Starlight quartet, I’m going to try to focus on what I thought of Liberator itself and not just as part of the series. I will simply note that once again Mr. Davis has managed to avoid both havin [...]

    2. Liberator is a wonderful conclusion to the Dragons of Starlight series. Packed full with lessons of sacrifice and love. Most of all It's about Mercy and justice and how the two go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other. It's a race against time for Jason, Koren, Elyssa, and friends to stop Taushin's rule, and they race to find a cure for a disease that threatens to wipe out the slaves and all humans on Major four. Major Four has sent an army to battle against the dragons, but are una [...]

    3. Sometime in the middle of Diviner, this book's predecessor, I gave up trying to understand the plot.  I justopped.  Now, I read the first two books of this series back last January and April, so I'd been away from the series for awhile.  But still.  I'm wondering if I didn't manage to miss an important plot element somewhere along the way, because much of what I was reading in Diviner and Liberator made me go "Umwhat?" At this point, I think not trying to understand the plot actually helpe [...]

    4. Wow, am I at the end of this amazing series already? It seems like just a short while ago, I was being introduced to Koren, a slave who's trying to find out the truth and Jason, a boy from Major Four who's trying to find out what happened to his brother. And now, Koren has realised that she's a Starlighter and Jason is playing a major role in the liberation of slaves on Starlight. And we've been introduced to so many characters, most of whom have grown throughout this series. In the final book, [...]

    5. tl;dr: Just don't.The only thing I liked about this book was that it marked the end of a horrible series. Now on to things I didn't like.Besides the bad pacing, flat characters and lack of a descriptive setting, there were a few things that really stuck out to me, which is remarkable, because those things are usually enough to completely kill any enjoyment of a book on their own. No, what I really disliked is that this book is trying far too hard to be of a religious theme, and still manages to [...]

    6. This is a complicated series, following various humans and dragons through two different worlds, some of them changing their loyalties as the story unfolds. It's definitely not a book you can pick up and understand without having read the three that come before it, and even then it can get a little confusing. I'd recommend not waiting too long between each book.There are spiritual truths sprinkled throughout this fantasy story about heroes and villains, hope and despair, sacrifice and risk. In c [...]

    7. LiberatorDragons of Starlight Book 4By Bryan DavisStarlight is about to change forever. The disease unleashed by Exodus is striking down the slaves. Jason and Elyssa are heading north to warn the soldiers of Major 4 of the deadly new threat. The usurper dragon king Taushin has a plan that will bring one of the Starlighters under his power. Who will succomb to his treachery Koren or Cassabrie? When Magnar crosses the border of the Northlands to aid the soldiers the Benefile are released to exact [...]

    8. My main problem is that this series started out with so much potential and the author dragged this out between four books (and it doesn't work split up, you basically need to read it all in one go), when it could have been cut down to 3 or even 2 books.Magnar's sudden change CAME OUT OF NOWHERE and, personally, I related more to the dragons throughout the book cause the human characters throughout most of the series state "We cannot trust them, they are evil" when the dragons they are allying wi [...]

    9. I really enjoyed the ending to this series. It was sad at times but very satisfying. Bryan Davis even left enough stories untold that he was able to create a trilogy to finish them off. I really enjoyed his writing and while it is not my all time favorite series of his, it still beats most books hands down. The characters were developed, the connections made, and justice served by the end. The struggles were real, and while in another world, were fully accessible and relateable to the the reader [...]

    10. Selfless love and sacrifice, adventure and action, dragons. What more could a girl ask for? Jason, Elyssa, and Koren are fighting to free the slaves from bondage still, with the climax coming up, as they also learn to set themselves free from bondages that don't have physical chains. They also learned to turn to the Creator in their time of trials and to trust in him. There were only a couple of things in this series that I felt was strange but this was a good ending to a series that I followed [...]

    11. This is the final book in the Dragons of Srarlight series by Bryan Davis.I really loved this book. It was such an amazing adventure and an even better conclusion. It rapped the series up for me and I could not put it down for the last 5 chapters. It was that amazing for me. Throughout the whole series I could not have imagined what would happen and how it could end. I loved the characters even more in this book. Even though I did not understand some of their decisions till later, it was exciting [...]

    12. Liberator by Bryan Davis is the fourth and final book in the Dragons of Starlight series. Though it is always sad when a favorite series of mine is done Mr. Davis does a great job with the conclusion. I loved the book and look forward to reading more of his books. Specifically his newest book in the Children of the Bard series, From the Mouth of Elijah. If you haven’t read any of Mr. Davis’s other book I would suggest doing so ASAP! But back to Liberator. All in all this is a must read if yo [...]

    13. Good book and I give it a 3.5. This has been a good series but it's hard to get attached to Koren as a character when all she does throughout this book is object to everything everyone else says and rejects all the help they offer in favor of her own methods.The religious analogies in this book were too obvious and heavy-handed as well. Bryan Davis would have been better off making things far more subtle. This is an ok series but it was hard to get into the characters sometimes.

    14. Fantastic conclusion to a terrific series! Picking up right where Book #3 left off, Liberator takes us again into the world of Starlight where dragons and humans battle not only with each other, but sometimes with themselves. I was a tad confused in the beginning of the story as I couldn't remember exactly where the characters were at the end of the last book, but about a third of the way in I was once again fully immersed. Recommended highly for young and old alike!

    15. Very good ending. I hated how my library took FOREVER to get it. I loved the way the author wraped everything up and it brought a good sense of closure to the series. However, does Koren ever get married? At least Jason has a happy ending (married) and with his whole family too. I just love christian fiction, especially when it had dragons!

    16. Despite this being the only book I've read, I still feel in love with the characters and felt the themes.The thing I most one to know that I didn't find out is the ages of Jason and Elyssa and Koryn. I first imagined them to only be early teens but they must somewhat older than that.I'll have to read the rest of the series someday.

    17. A beautiful finish to the Dragons of Starlight series. It is my favourite of the series, and Mr. Davis' works never fail to impress me. I'm eager to begin reading Tales of Starlight, in which I hope will lie the solutions to many unanswered questions.

    18. What a great conclusion to a thrilling series! Every moment was filled with action and suspense right up to the end.

    19. I enjoyed this book even though it's been quite awhile since I read #3 and it took me awhile to remember everyone and what was going on. Definitely a series I would recommend.

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