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  1. Love and courage, sin and redemption - a new view of the world of boxingAmerican author Pete Delohery, born in Washington, D.C received both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech after which he taught classes at his alma mater. He has served as both Town Engineer of Blacksburg, Va and engineering consultant in Atlanta, Georgia. Though successful in engineering, his passion was always writing. Delohery died in 2011 but his urgency of his writing technique and his [...]

  2. Lamb to Slaughter, ISBN: 9781465339294, Xlibris e-book by Pete Delohery is an interesting look at the sport of boxing.Madge, the wife of “Iron Mike’ McGann, 32-year-old top contender for Middleweight Champion witnesses a report of a world famous neurologist condemning boxing after the recent deaths of two professionals. She has been asking Mike to quit for years and without her knowledge his manager had cancelled his contract because he believed he had fought enough. Managing himself, he has [...]

  3. “Boxing is about more than just how many opponents you can knock out. It’s not a way of life, but a way you view your life and the world around you.” Author Pete Delohery provides a glimpse into the world of boxing and what life in the ring is like in his new book, Lamb to the Slaughter, a novel about love and courage, sin and redemption.” The personal problems are unique and the ending is both thrilling and surprising.“Iron” Mike McGann, plagued by fear of quiting and violent nightm [...]

  4. I knew from the front cover that the book would be about boxing with the gloves for the front cover. After reading the book I know why the rose is also on the front cover to represent the love of his life. Did you know that there was a Jewish boxer named Salamo Arouch imprisoned at Auschwitz. While there, he was forced to fight bouts against other prisoners, the losers of which were sent to the gas chambers or shot. He survived over 2 years and 200 bouts, eventually being released when the camp [...]

  5. I know a little bit about boxing, but not the full extent of what they go through in the ring. I know It's tough work, and it takes a lot of time, energy, stamina and patience in order to become a successful and well known boxer. What I never truly got a grasp of, however, is how far these men will go to prove themselves. Pete Delohery writes a compelling book based on the lives of four people, all connected to the big Championship boxing match. Mike McGann promises his wife, Madge, that he will [...]

  6. Lambs for Slaughter isn't the usual sort of book I'll browse through the sample and decide to read. I've never been a big fan of boxing which the story circles around, but it caught my attention from the beginning. The writer merely uses boxing as a backdrop for a crossroads story.The first story really caught my attention and the others definitely kept up.As a reader I've always enjoyed character driven stories that inspire me and make me think. The main characters in these stories are all in r [...]

  7. Well this story starts off great; Mike McGann “Iron” is filled with hope and ambition in his boxing career. Just when he is about to reach the peak of all his hard work, he is thrown a curve by his wife. She is leaving him, because he had promised her the start of a family but with all of his dedication about to pay off, he can’t quit his passion. As Mike prepares for his next fight, his opponent Rufus who is undefeated has his own demons of self worth to battle before the match. What I lo [...]

  8. "Iron" Mike McGann is facing the twilight of his prizefighting career and has refused to honor his promise to his wife to quit the ring. Rufus "Hurricane" Hilliard, Mike's next opponent, is the most menacing presence in prizefighting, having won all 22 of his fights by knockout. Charles "Charliehorse" O'Connell, Rufus's cornerman, has been terrorized by a mob kingpin to sabotage him. O'Connell, who is an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler, blames himself for the ring deaths of two prizefighters. [...]

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