O Príncipe da Neblina

O Pr ncipe da Neblina O primeiro livro da trilogia Neblina Um diab lico pr ncipe que tem a capacidade de conceder e realizar qualquer desejo a um pre o muito elevado O novo lar dos Carver numa remota aldeia da costa sul i

  • Title: O Príncipe da Neblina
  • Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  • ISBN: 9789896572198
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • O primeiro livro da trilogia Neblina.Um diab lico pr ncipe que tem a capacidade de conceder e realizar qualquer desejo a um pre o muito elevado O novo lar dos Carver, numa remota aldeia da costa sul inglesa, est rodeado de mist rio Respira se e sente se a presen a do esp rito de Jacob, o filho dos antigos donos, que morreu afogado.As estranhas circunst ncias dessa moO primeiro livro da trilogia Neblina.Um diab lico pr ncipe que tem a capacidade de conceder e realizar qualquer desejo a um pre o muito elevado O novo lar dos Carver, numa remota aldeia da costa sul inglesa, est rodeado de mist rio Respira se e sente se a presen a do esp rito de Jacob, o filho dos antigos donos, que morreu afogado.As estranhas circunst ncias dessa morte s se come am a perceber medida que os jovens Max, a irm Alicia e o amigo Roland v o descobrindo factos muito perturbadores sobre uma misteriosa personagem de seu nome o Pr ncipe da Neblina.

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    1. A big change of pace from my nonfiction reading about World War II, The Prince of Mist is a middle grade novel by acclaimed Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I'd read Zafon's The Name of the Wind, a brilliant adult novel blending Gothic horror and magic realism, but I wasn't aware that Zafon actually began his career writing middle grade fantasies. The Prince of Mist was his first book, and it did not disappoint.The war in Europe plays only a background role in the book, much as it does in The L [...]

    2. Read for the 2015 Reading Challenge #27 A book you can finish in a dayI wish I had read it when I was 12. This is just the perfect mystery for the young ones. Seriously people, read a Carlos Ruiz Zafon book, asap! His style is unique."Habrían de pasar muchos años antes de que Max olvidara el verano en que descubrió, casi por casualidad, la magia."Hace ya un rato que quería releer este libro porque DIOS SANTO con la reseña que tenia antes XD Susto al miedo! Ademas quería leer algo bueno y c [...]

    3. 3.5Buen libro. Tiene sus errores, el inicio es bastante lento, el final se me hizo largo, pero tiene ese toque Zafón que tanto me encanta.

    4. Who would have thought that Zafon, best known for The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game, started his writing life as a young adult author? Now that he has achieved fame his publisher is bring these back in English translation, some of which won YA awards in Spain. I picked it up without knowing it was a YA book.The story is a spooky mystery based around the main character, a pre-teen boy, his older sister and the boy’s older friend. It is set in a coastal village in Spain just before W [...]

    5. This novel was originally written for people at all ages, but it was published as a YA novel. It is the first book ever written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and it is a ghost story! All of the above-mentioned reason made me curious to read it and see if it would scare me as much as I was hoping for. Having now read it, I have to admit that while it was a good enough story, it was also quite predictable, and it didn't scare me at all. I'm not even sure that it would've scared me when I was younger, just [...]

    6. Original read: June 2012Re-read: January 2016----Some samples of the beautiful writing:“Age makes you notice certain things. For example, I now know that a man’s life is broadly divided into three periods. During the first, it doesn’t even occur to us that one day we will grow old, we don’t think that time passes or that from the day we are born we’re all walking toward a common end. After the first years of youth comes the second period, in which a person becomes aware of the fragilit [...]

    7. This was my first Ruiz book and it was fantastic! I recommend the audio book, it was very well done and even features music from Ruìz's own compositions. It almost had an Alfred Hitchcock feel to it. Just really good!

    8. Wow, I am NEVER. EVER. going to watch Paranormal Activity.Several scenes early in this book were SO SCARY that I had to put the book down to read something lighter to de-creep myself before I could fall asleep*. So, at least until I start living with other people again, I'm not allowed to read/watch anything scarier than this. :) So yeah, it's creepy. As soon as the creepiness is explained, I was fine, so it really was just a few early scenes, but I'm an anticipation person and the unknown creep [...]

    9. 3.5 stars.“In an infinite universe, there were too many things that escaped human understanding.”Initial Final Page Thoughts.Um… so no one thought to ring the police or tell any grown-ups what just happened? We’re just going to look back on it as if it was just a crazy summer mad-cap adventure? Um…High Points.Max. I’ve been acquainted with a lot of Maxs recently and I have to say… it’s a good name. Beach houses. Roland. Alicia. Cats in wardrobes. Genuinely creepy. Beautiful writi [...]

    10. I stumbled upon this book at my daughter’s school library thinking that it might be fun to read a magical, adventure story. Yes there was magic and adventure, but it also had one of the scariest and horrific sounding ghost that truly frighten me. I felt sensations that I hadn’t felt in years. Reading this sent shivers up my spine, put goose pimples on my arms, and it had me screeching like a little girl.The book starts at a nice steady pace when Max Carver’s father decides to move his wife [...]

    11. Nice little story, although I wonder if it has enough excitement to satisfy young'uns raised on the Harry Potter series. This was Ruiz-Zafon's first novel, originally published in 1992, so don't expect the depth and genius of The Shadow of the Wind. Still, there are a lot of elements I think will appeal to kids: the weird cat, the sunken ship, the old film reels, the clown (somewhat reminiscent of Stephen King's Pennywise). The first half of the book is fairly ordinary. I kept wondering when it [...]

    12. The latest of Carlos Ruiz Zafón's works to be translated into English is also the first book the author had published. It was originally intended for teenagers, but this edition is clearly being marketed towards the author's adult fans; it has the same cover design as his adult titles, and a preface explains that it is designed to be enjoyed by readers of any age. I didn't go into this with high expectations, and I expected it to be kind of immature, but I still found it very disappointing.The [...]

    13. This was creepy and scary but wonderful. My only regret was that I statrted reading it in the night. ( had to sleep with the light on ; ))Moving unto The Midnight Palace by Mr Zafon I'm hoping to finish most of his works by the first week in April.Actual ratings: 3.75

    14. Un libro estupendo; me ha mantenido muy al pendiente y ha sido un gusto leer una novela que fue la primera de un autor que me gusta tanto.

    15. First of all, this book is labeled YA but it reads like a middle grade book. Other than one scene in which the main character spies on his sister and sees her making out with a boy, the whole book is written for a younger audience than YA. And btw, I'd probably call it 2.5 stars.And yes, as some of the negative reviews say, this book is full of plot holes. Big ones. Things that should have been explained, but never are--like how the statue garden came into existence. It drove me NUTS that I neve [...]

    16. “O Príncipe da Neblina roubara-lhe o melhor amigo de infância, a única mulher que amara e, por fim, furtava-lhe cada minuto da longa maturidade, transformando-o na sua sombra.”Mais uma vez, Zafón brinda os seus leitores com uma história misteriosa, cheia de cinzentismo, e com algum terror à mistura.Tudo começa quando a família do jovem Max se muda para uma pequena cidade à beira-mar, na tentativa de uma fuga de uma chamada para a Guerra que se avizinha. No entanto, outras guerras es [...]

    17. É mais um 4,5 do que um 5 mas é impressionante como este autor mexe comigo. sempre que leio Carlos Ruiz Zafon lembro-me como é importante ler bons autores!

    18. So good.I really liked this book-it was mysterious,interesting,with great twists.I loved the characters,the story,and that endingoh,man.But seriously,I really enjoyed reading this,mainly because the story was very captivating,I just had to find out what will happen next and what is the truth about Orpheus and the Prince of Mist.Also,this book doesn't contain a love triangle or an irritating main/supporting character.Overall,a really great book.

    19. Si no cuentan los días que estaba en exámenes, sería el libro que he leído más rápido en estos días. Sí, la universidad quita tiempo.Carlos Ruiz Zafón, aunque es su primera obra si no me equivoco, es capaz de crear un escenario tan creíble para el lector. Toda la vida admiraré su prosa. Además, en este libro, introduce algo de suspenso que, evidentemente, está muy bien planteado.Le iba a dar un puntaje de 3.5 porque sentí que los momentos del bote fueron más largos que los de susp [...]

    20. No sabía que esperar de este libro porque no sabía de lo que trataba ni había leído nunca nada de Ruiz Zafón. Ahora, después de acabarlo, puedo decir que me ha sorprendido mucho y para bien, y que pienso leer todos los libros de este autor.A pesar de que es un libro corto, presenta muy bien a los personajes, a los que acabas cogiendo cariño (o todo lo contrario).Está lleno de sorpresas y a pesar de no querer acabarlo no podía parar de leer. Estoy deseando poder empezar la segunda parte [...]

    21. Não poderia ter corrido melhor a minha estreia com os livros de Carlos Ruiz Zafón.O mundo fantástico da Zafón faz-nos mergulhar numa aura e ambiente de suspense e mistério, com apontamentos de terror à mistura.Estou ansiosa para começar "O Palácio da Meia Noite" e continuar a leitura desta trilogia

    22. Fantástica trama y fantástico modo de mantener la tensión. He disfrutado mucho su lectura y lo he devorado en poco tiempo porque realmente me ha enganchado. Muy recomendable para un público juvenil.

    23. Tiene bastante el espíritu de La sombra del viento. Las últimas páginas son para sufrir. En resumen, me encantó.

    24. OMG! I love and can't out down Zafon's Shadow of the Wind, so I was excited when I finally found the English translation of his first published novel, Prince of Mist. Zafon's writing put me right into the character's soul, describing everything in such a way that I can almost feel and see what the characters are seeing and feeling.The story starts out in a light note, though war was mentioned several time, the main character, Max, is a young teenager whose point of view is both innocent and posi [...]

    25. If only I haven't read THE SHADOW OF THE WIND in the first place Yes people exactly this is the main issue with me whenever I pick up a Zafon novel. Most of the time this thing happens in the reverse. Like if you have read an author for the first time and you hated the book then I bet you will ever give the author any chance soon for your readership of his/her next book. But not here. I adoreTHE SHADOW OF THE WINDso much that I expect the same perfection from every book of Zafon which is wrong.I [...]

    26. I didn't pay much attention to genre tags or even the synopsis before I picked up this book, so the story came as quite a surprise to me!Well-written with an interesting storyline that keeps you wondering for a great deal of the book.Max didn't strike me as the typical 13-year old, in a positive way, and I enjoyed seeing him develop and grow up a little. His older sister Alicia is still pretty much a mystery and I would have enjoyed getting to know more about her background, but since the book i [...]

    27. Prva Safonova knjiga koju sam pročitala i imam samo reči hvale za nju. Iako je pre svega namenjena, kako sam pisac kaže, tinejdžerima, nema nikakvog tinejdžerskog preispitivanja, spasavanja sveta ili ljubavnih mnogouglova. U pitanju je gotik roman smešten u vreme Drugog svetskog rata, kada porodica trinaestogodišnjeg Maksa beži pred užasima rata u malo primorsko mesto. Mesto obavijeno maglom i misterijom. Iako naizgled već mnogo puta viđena priča, Safon ju je ispričao veoma lepim i [...]

    28. 4,5 —Este otoño cumpliré setenta y dos años y, aunque me queda el consuelo de que no los aparento,cada uno de ellos me pesa como una losa a la espalda.La edad te hace ver ciertas cosas. Por ejemplo, ahora sé que la vida de un hombre se divide básicamente en tres períodos. En el primero, uno ni siquiera piensa que envejecerá, ni que el tiempo pasa ni que, desde el primer día, cuando nacemos, caminamos hacia un único fin. Pasada la primera juventud, empieza el segundo período, en el qu [...]

    29. 9 de 10*“O Príncipe da Neblina” inicia a trilogia que me faltava ler de Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Num registo um pouco diferente da série do “Cemitério dos Livros Esquecidos”, mas com a mesma qualidade de escrita e capacidade de criar ambientes diferentes, Zafón escreveu uma história mais juvenil mas igualmente interessante e que mexe com o leitor!Comentário completo em:abibliotecadajoao/

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