One thought on “Pulp Modern Autumn 2011”

  1. Editor Alec Cizak has distinguished Pulp Modern by expanding the spectrum of its roster to include not only crime fiction, but stories with Western and fantasy themes as well. It makes for a pleasant change of pace, and exposed me to a couple of authors I may otherwise not have come across in the wild. A few standouts…“Legacy of Brutality” by Thomas Pluck features man-mountain Denny, previously seen in the short “Rain Dog” (Crimespree Magazine, Issue #43). Having come up hard – If th [...]

  2. A nice collection of seventeen stories broke down into three categories: crime, fantasy, and westerns.The set is led off by an old Lawrence Block tale, MURDER IS MY BUSINESS, the last story in the western section is a new Cash Laramie tale from Edward A. Grainger(aka David Cranmer).Sandra Seamans has one, as well Chris La Tray. The other writers were new to me, but none of this stories neatly fit into their categories. Each was a bit different.A worthwhile collection.

  3. I like Weird Tales and I like Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, but neither of them mix weird and crime together. This first issue of Pulp Modern does exactly that. If you like weird multi-genre pulp, this is definitely your new go to magazine.

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