Şahitler Kulübü

ahitler Kul b New York Times n ok satan yazar Tami Hoag bu son ve en heyecan verici roman nda Kapal Kutu da yaratt karakteri Elena Estes i bir kez daha ya ama ge irirken Palm Beach in ultra zenginlerinin ba tan kar

  • Title: Şahitler Kulübü
  • Author: Tami Hoag
  • ISBN: 9789944983600
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times n ok satan yazar Tami Hoag bu son ve en heyecan verici roman nda Kapal Kutu da yaratt karakteri Elena Estes i bir kez daha ya ama ge irirken Palm Beach in ultra zenginlerinin ba tan kart c ya amlar ndaki ahlaki k nt y g zler n ne serip okurlar n n y re ini fkeyle doldurmay ba ar yor Bu varl kl insanlar n g r n teki par lt l ya amlar , pahNew York Times n ok satan yazar Tami Hoag bu son ve en heyecan verici roman nda Kapal Kutu da yaratt karakteri Elena Estes i bir kez daha ya ama ge irirken Palm Beach in ultra zenginlerinin ba tan kart c ya amlar ndaki ahlaki k nt y g zler n ne serip okurlar n n y re ini fkeyle doldurmay ba ar yor Bu varl kl insanlar n g r n teki par lt l ya amlar , pahal oyuncaklar ve d nya ap ndaki Polo m sabakalar yan nda i ledikleri g nahlar ve bir grup g l adam n birbirlerini kollamak i in bir araya gelerek Kad n bir r yayd Bir kabus lm t art k imdi tek yapmas gereken cesedi ortadan kald rmakt Ve bunu nas l yapaca n da gayet iyi biliyordu.Palm Beach in se kinleri kendilerini korumak i in bir araya gelmi lerdi Ve Elena Estes i de art k kendilerinden biri olarak g rm yorlard Bir zamanlar zengin ve ayr cal kl bir ocuk olan Elena o ya ama s rt n d nm t En yak n nda olmas gereken ki i taraf ndan aldat l p, g zden kart lan, bu y zden de ya am n dedektif olarak s rd rmeye karar veren Elena n n ba na gelen trajik bir olayla meslek ya am da sona ermi ti Art k Elena eski bir dostunun iftli inde at e iterek hayat n kazan yordu Ama unutmak i in ok abalad ge mi iyle de ba lant l korkun bir olayla t m ya am allak bullak olacakt nce kanalda, bir kad n cesedi bulmu tu Sald r ya u ram ve ld r lm kad n sadece bir cinayet kurban de ildi, ayn zamanda arkada yd Elena arkada n n l m n ara t r rken hem g l bir Rus Mafya babas yla hem de birbirlerinin g nahlar n rtmek i in bir araya gelmi Palm Beach li bir grup k t ocukla kar kar ya kalm t stelik bu grupta Elena n n eski ni anl s ve kad n n adaletin elinden en az bir kere ka may ba ard n gayet iyi bildi i Bennett Walker da vard.Arkada n n katilini bulma abas Elena n n eski ya am ndaki eki meleri de su y z ne karacakt Ama o ger e i a a karmaya kararl yd Palm Beach sosyetesini derinden sarsacak ama sonunda ld r lmesine bile neden olabilecek ger e i.Tami Hoag n romanlar , bas ld 1988 y l ndan beri d zenli olarak ok satanlar listesinde yer almaktad r Yazar ya am n Los Angeles ta s rd rmektedir Merak uyand rmay en iyi bilenlerden People Zaman m z n en iyi gerilim yazar Chicago Tribune

    One thought on “Şahitler Kulübü”

    1. Very quick readI got it done in two days! A lot of mysterya couple gruesome parts (if you are a visual person like myself you can only imagine what it would be like). Keeps you guessing til the endunless I'm just real slow on the uptake.

    2. This was a good follow up to the first book in the series. I was pulled into this book faster than the first one in the series since I was already familiar with some of the characters. Again, I liked the mystery that Ms. Hoag created and aside from the 1st person POV, liked the writing style. One of the few negatives again was the lead female character, Elena. Although I like strong females, she also managed to get on my nerves as she pushed everyone away and tends to be bitter carries a ton of [...]

    3. Second installment in the Elena Estes series is solid.I think Elena's character has more depth in this particular, partly because we learn more about her past and thus her vulnerabilities. The romantic tension between her and Landry is also well played out.Should enjoy this if you are a Hoag fan.The only downside to Hoag's writing is that she often reuses some of the same devices between books and between series. For example, this is the second series in which the protagonist's best friend has b [...]

    4. By F. J. Masterman "The PlanetCare Discoveries" - See all my reviewsAlthough I have been a fan of Tami Hoag for her former novels, The Alibi Man has put her at the top of my favorite writer list. This fast-moving story, centered on the corruption of wealthy Palm Beach society, is one of long-overdue justice finally coming home. The protagonist, the former detective Elena Estes, is one of the most compelling characters I have come across in reading. She is flawed, fearless and entirely engaging. [...]

    5. The Palm Beach elite go to great lengths to protect their own-and their own no longer includes Elena Estes. Once upon a time a child of wealth and privilege, Elena turned her back on that life and chose the life of an undercover cop. Then a tragic, haunting mistake ended her career. Now Elena exists on the fringes of her old life. But a shocking event is about to draw her back into the painful vortex she's fought so hard to leave behind. Elena stumbles upon the body of her groom (horse farm) and [...]

    6. I usually like Hoag. The mystery in this is good, but the main character, Elena Estes is obnoxious.I am not the type of person who has to like a character to like them. I mean like in terms of, like to have tea with them or something. Some of my favorite characters of all time are awful people and I detest them, but they're compelling. . . There is nothing compelling about Estes. She is whiny and mean spirited and so terribly sorry for herself. She is the type of person who loves their own pain, [...]

    7. Great book.ough I didn't realize that I should have read Dark Horse 1st. Oh wellI am looking forward to more of Elena Estes' adventures.

    8. καλό και πολύ γρήγορο αστυνομικό χωρίς ιδιαίτερη πρωτοτυπία γυναικεία σκοπιά πολύ ευχάριστο στο διάβασμα για παραλία

    9. Enjoyed the continued adventures of Elena Estes. Really liked her character in the first book, though it has been quite a while since I read Dark Horse, this book seemed to flow pretty seamlessly from that story line to this one. Definitely had me guessing as to who did it, was surprised by some twists and incidents, some were quite shocking. Enjoyed it!

    10. Elena Estes is working on a horse farm in Palm Beach polo country, recovering from psychic and physical injuries received during her final days as a cop. While exercising one of the ponies, she is horrified to discover the body of a co-worker submerged in a swampy canal, badly mauled by alligators. An experienced detective, Elena is not content to leave the investigation to her former department, even though it's lead by the man with whom she recently ended an affair. The dead woman, Irina Marko [...]

    11. I thought the depiction of polo society was well done. However, the rich guys as bad guys felt sort of cardboard, as did the Russian mobster. I enjoyed the twist at the end as to who the killer was, and while I saw it coming, it wasn't so early on that it spoiled the ending for me. I liked the main character, Elena Estes, for the most part, but sometimes she acted overly aggressive for no particular reason. I preferred the moments when she gave in to her softer side and was less jaded.

    12. Listened to this abridged audio version on a long road trip back from house hunting in California. I kind of zoned out when I was listening to it but overall a pretty good thriller.

    13. A slow start left me debating whether this was for me. If this had been the first Tami Hoag I had read I would probably have given up.However I persevered and it paid off. A fast paced ending and an ending I wasn't expecting tidied everything up nicely.I liked Elena Estes and wanted her to win. She is broken from a past that is explained through out the book and as this is the second book she is in I might have understood more if I had read the first one. However I don't think I was left disadva [...]

    14. It may be me. I've been avoiding thrillers lately because "thriller" seems to be synonymous with gruesome. Tami Hoag is one of my favorites, but this one was lacking for me. It was missing depth and surprisingly for her, there was too much repetition. It felt like it was written in a mad dash to make a deadline.

    15. 3.5 stars When I first started the book there was several times when I wanted to stop reading. The beginning is why it is 3.5 stars and not 4. As the book went on I really enjoyed it and couldn't to find out how it was going to turn out.

    16. Μου φάνηκε αργό στην αρχή αλλά μετά σελίδα τη σελίδα έγινε πιο γρήγορο και οι τελευταίες σελίδες με ενθουσίασαν.

    17. The Alibi Man, the second book in the Elena Estes series, has its suspenseful moments, and Elena Estes is her usual caustic, incredibly flawed, self-loathing, reckless (but somehow likable) self. The book starts off after her recent break-up from her relationship with Detective Landry. She goes out on horseback to get away from her troubles and finds even more trouble -- a dead body. The body happens to be her friend's groom, Irina. And of course Elena gets herself in the middle of the murder in [...]

    18. Perfectly satisfying Tami Hoag fare. The Alibi Man gives us a troubled heroine, damaged and, yeah, a little bitter, but with a fixed core of humanity and a fierce sense of justice. We root for and identify with Elena Estes as much as we're interested in untangling the murder mystery. As for the murder plot, it mixes in your standard rough and scary criminal types alongside the smooth-talking, no-one-would-suspect-me nasties that are all the more dangerous for their ability to get away with murde [...]

    19. In ultra-chic, ultra-rich Palm Beach, Elena Estes stands out for three things: her beauty, her talent as an equestrienne and her troubled past. Once a sought-after show horse rider and trainer, she now works as a stable hand for an old friend. While riding her horse one morning, Elena discovers a woman's body dumped in a canal. Who killed her? Every Palm Beach playboy, including Elena's former fiance, is under suspicion. Hoag is a master of plot twists. Just when you think you know who the kille [...]

    20. In Alibi Man, a young woman who tends to horses working at an affluent estate is killed. Elena Estes finds the body. A former cop, she begins to do her own investigation of the murder. Meanwhile, Detective Landrey, Elena's love interest is also performing an investigation. The investigation leads to a group of ultra-wealthy, socially elite individuals who have a club, which will always give an alibi to one of their members. At the heart of this book is class warfare. The members of the upper cru [...]

    21. I should have read the prequel before reading this =_____= way to go, me!Typical and simple mystery but gruesome and intriguing --with a nice dash of romance.Nothing surprising about the murderer. That person was my first guess and figured Ms. Hoag would do something to throw that idea off and make readers point their gun at the wrong person. It was hard holding onto my suspicion. I must admit, that murder weapon really struck me!The characters were alive and depicted well I grew quite fond of t [...]

    22. Wow! This is the follow up to Dark Horse, which I was also "wowed by." I've read all of Tami Hoag's mainstream releases and feel that she's hit her mark with her character Elena Estes. Elena is edgy, sarcastic and fearless, but has a tender side for those she feels warrants it. I found that even the smallest details of a premises search kept me glued to the page. The dialogue was captivating, and the description of the worlds of Polo and Dressage were written by someone in-the-know. This book ke [...]

    23. A good murder mystery, but nothing much likable about the characters. The heroine makes Sue Grafton's Heroine look like a princess. There's no real romance at all, and that's okay in some books but would have made this one a little more palatable. I can't see this heroine having a romance, though, and the character of Elena made me pretty sad at times. I got through it fairly fast, and so it gets three stars. It's probably more like 2 and 1/2.

    24. Quick read with some particularly loathsome individuals who have money, power and looks in some cases and are used to getting what they want.When a young woman is found murdered by Elena, she finds herself investigating the crime. A few twists, a few red herrings and a go off ending.

    25. I downloaded this audio as I haven’t read a Tami Hong is a long time. We are a water polo family so I thought the Palm Beach’s “Other polo” plus the Russian mob would make an interesting story. It did somewhat but I hate profanity and f-bombs - worst for me on audio. I get when the bad guys use it but why does Elena have to be so foul? She was already unlikeable and her “potty mouth” put me over the edge I did like [book: The Bitter Season} I mentioned I didn’t like the “color [...]

    26. It is the height of the winter polo season in Palm Beach. Elena Estes is a former police detective working as a rider for one of the many stables. When one of the grooms at her stables is killed, Elena follows the instincts of her former profession and investigates the death. In the process, she works around the official investigation being conducted by her former boyfriend, Dectective James Landry.

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