Justice Society of America, Vol. 1: The Next Age

Justice Society of America Vol The Next Age The world s first super team returns in this volume collecting the first issues of the all new Justice Society of America series written by Geoff Johns Green Lantern Action Comics with stunni

  • Title: Justice Society of America, Vol. 1: The Next Age
  • Author: Geoff Johns Dale Eaglesham Art Thibert Ruy Jose Fernando Pasarín Jeromy Cox Rob Leigh Alex Ross
  • ISBN: 9781401214449
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The world s first super team returns in this volume collecting the first 4 issues of the all new Justice Society of America series, written by Geoff Johns 52,, Green Lantern, Action Comics with stunning art by Dale Eaglesham Villains United Art Thibert Outsiders and a cover by Alex Ross Justice, Kingdom Come Determined to rebuild the Justice Society, foundingThe world s first super team returns in this volume collecting the first 4 issues of the all new Justice Society of America series, written by Geoff Johns 52,, Green Lantern, Action Comics with stunning art by Dale Eaglesham Villains United Art Thibert Outsiders and a cover by Alex Ross Justice, Kingdom Come Determined to rebuild the Justice Society, founding members Green Lantern, Flash and Wildcat initiate an unprecedented recruitment program, tracking the bloodlines of heroes across the world and bringing in the new Starman, Damage, Liberty Belle and But just as the Society welcomes the rookies into their ranks, an evil force sets out to destroy them.Meet new legacies, solve a mystery stretching into the far future, witness the return of the world s greatest hero and watch another one fall in this fantastic collection Collecting Justice Society of America 1 6

    One thought on “Justice Society of America, Vol. 1: The Next Age”

    1. The story is kind of meh. It was a little flat, and the villains were kind of cartoonish. The characters seemed to be written fairly well, though. Except Cyclone, who felt I don't know, like a caricature or something. Which seemed odd, in a book where all the other characters felt more realistic. She also seemed like she'd be really annoying in real life, and she could get kind of irritating just on the page. It wasn't actually terrible, just not for me.

    2. This was kind of cool. The idea is that the world isn't a simple place anymore. After Infinite Crisis everything is getting darker, meaner, and Justice Society is no exception. This was kind of a cool bridge comic. As if like saying "hey new heroes, we need you" but the thing is you might not know of any of these characters or least a few of them. It's all about getting a new crew of Justice Society members, both young and old members going together. Legacies getting passed down. New villains po [...]

    3. Well now, looks like I might have a new favourite team here! Geoff Johns creates a well written and engaging read, accompanied by the absolutely stellar art, it's one damn fine book.After reading the 52 series I enjoyed the parts with the JSA so much that I needed to read a title of theirs. I also happen to be a massive Johns fan so this seemed like the prime spot to kick off on, and boy was I right! The team is made up of Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Flash (Jay Garrick), Wildcat, Damage, Dr [...]

    4. After the previous volume of the JSA wandered off into irrelevance at the end of its run, it was good to see Johns return with this volume, offering a strong new start to the series. The decision to bring in more legacies — some new and some old — was great for a team that was always focused on legacy. Note that the we get the first part of the origin of the third Steel here, who's an influence on the Steel in the Legends of Tomorrow TV show.As for the plot: it's typical Johnsian traumatic a [...]

    5. Yes!!! clearly im exciting and the reason is that "the next age" was so much better than i was expecting!The new team gathered around for the first time and after the five first minutes a man drops dead on the table! who is that man? who killed him? well. not going to tell you.Find out your own.Trust me, im doing you a favor!Great job by Johns and Eaglesham and add the amazing covers by the one and only Alex Ross. So i think all the dc fans should read this!Oh and Starman is one of my favorite c [...]

    6. Longer review possibly comingTISTIC PRESENTATION: B to B plus; STORY/PLOTTING/PANELS: B minus to B; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B minus to B; ACTION SCENES: B minus to B; JSA FOCUSES/MYTHOLOGY: B to B plus; WHEN READ: end of November 2013; OVERALL GRADE: B to B plus.

    7. I love the golden age superheroes from DC and the new JSA brings these original heroes back into the modern age along with their legacy namesakes. Well above average art and plot keep these 70 year old comic characters interesting and entertaining. Very recommended

    8. After reading so many of those New 52 books, it's makes you forget that DC Comics used to create some really amazing well written stories. And this was absolutely fantastic.

    9. The art is good but I didn't think Johns lived up to his usual story telling in this one. The conflict is almost incidental to the reforming of the group and that leads to, I think, a weaker overall story. Also, he tells the story in pieces which makes it more difficult to follow as a coherent whole. It's an okay read, but I tend to expect more from Geoff Johns. The art is what redeems this one.

    10. About half of the characters in this book I had little to no familiarity with. If nothing else, this has piqued my interest enough to read some more JSA stories.

    11. I've read lots of books written by Geoff Johns through the years, but I've never read any of his JSA stuff until. What is surprising about that is that I absolutely love the JSA. Besides the West Coast Avengers and the X-men Blue team, the JSA is the one team that has the most characters in its lineup through the years that I love. Alan Scott, Power Girl, Jay Garrick, and Dr. Fate are all in my top-10 favorite DC Heroes and other members Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite wouldn't be too far behind. Of c [...]

    12. Reprints Justice Society of America (2) #1-4 (February 2007-May 2007). After the wake of World War III, a new Justice Society is needed. Now, as the Justice Society assembles a new team made up of family members of former Justice Society members, a series of killings begin targeting descendants of the heroes…bent on wiping out their bloodline! With a rookie team, the Justice Society must work quick to save their loved ones and find out the person behind the attacks.Written by Geoff Johns and i [...]

    13. This was first true foray into seriously reading comics. Comics have always been daunting to me as much as Batman or Superman may be known it's hard to try to get into the series when their in the mid #600 issues.I learned that the Justice society of America(J.S.A.) is the original super hero group but less well known than Justice League. I did not want to get into something extremely mainstream and as the team was getting a reboot and starting at issue #1 again I thought I would keep up with it [...]

    14. Christ, I don't think I've ever read anyone more pretentious and empty than Geoff Johns. He's not as bad as Jeph Loeb, mind you, but that's merely because every now and then he manages to place a cheesy scene in the right place and you get a little sense that he knows what he's doing. Otherwise, Johns thinks his every sentence has to have an impact (in that Frank Miller way, although Miller, even when he's writing fascistic crap propaganda still knows how to write), even when it's something comp [...]

    15. While the old guard is busy recruiting new members for the JSA, someone is killing this younger generation. This is one of the earlier books from the reboot of the JSA and it's a place where we get introduced to some of the newer members like Damage and Cyclone and see their beginnings in this super team.The backstories for the new characters flowed seamlessly with the narrative as a whole. I'm finding that I really like Cyclone a lot. She's bubbly and excited, yet even when faced with death on [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this. I was a big fan of Johns' work on the last volume of JSA, and this volume starts off with no letdown. The sense of family is really enjoyable, and gives off the impression that the DCU isn't so big - everything and everyone is seemingly connected by their heirs and influences. Also, it's funny - I'm not sure if it's PC to make jokes at the expense of a schizophrenic Starman, but I was laughing anyway. I'm interested to see what becomes of a brooding and seemingly out of co [...]

    17. This was pretty good, but seemed rather redundant. The basic story, that new heroes being killed by a mysterious foe and the survivors sign up to become members of the Justice Society, is pretty much the same as the as story James Robinson wrote for the first volume of the previous Justice Society series, simply titled JSA (and collected in the JSA: Justice Be Done trade). Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad book - Geoff Johns can write an amazing superhero book in his sleep at this point - but i [...]

    18. This story arc is what made me such a fan of the JSA series, and to this day I find myself returning and reading this story arc time and again, even more than I do my favorite Avengers stories under Busiek's reign. The writing is really down to earth, and it puts a human face on the super heroes of the DC universe, doing so in a fashion that is very believable. This book made me a life-long fan of the series, constantly seeking out new stories in an effort to feed my addiction. If you haven't al [...]

    19. Not bad. This is the first 4 issues of the JSA reboot. A few new characters. Nothing pretty ground breaking. The whole super hero group dynamic is fun to read though the villains are pretty laughable even though the level of violence is quite high with many non-powered characters being pretty much eviscerated in-panel. You shouldn't really be able to find bad guys and Nazis so one-dimensionally evil like this outside of wartime propaganda. Too slim a volume not to drop a star and the cliche driv [...]

    20. Way too big a cast is introduced and most of them don't get to do anything, a bunch of people get brutally killed just for shock value and there are nazis with a really feeble, evil plan.What the hell happened to Geoff Johns?His previous JSA series was pretty brilliant, but this was painfully bad.I wouldn't have minded his adding so many new heroes to the team, but they take over and most of them aren't that interesting. Liked Hourman/ Liberty Belle, but hated the bit about Wildcat's son.

    21. The JSA reforms in the wake ofInfinite Crisis and52 with a bigger lineup than usual, and a stronger emphasis on the heroes' family tree. The team now includes Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman, Power Girl, Mr. Terrific, Hourman, Liberty Belle, Dr. Mid-Nite, Sandman, Stargirl, Starman, Obsidian, Damage, Cyclone, and TWO Wildcats. Somehow, Geoff Johns makes it all work. Maybe it has something to do with the team fighting a Confederate villain and superpowered Nazis.Eaglesham's art is great, and fi [...]

    22. This series really blows out of the gates but doesn't seem really coherent as it keeps relying heavily on backstory or other event related plots. Luckily the main thread is easy to follow - anyone related to the Justice Society, past or present, is being hunted down and killed by Vandal Savage and his hired goons. So we are introduced to an entire new cast of characters while heading a new direction. The major downside: this volume only collects issues 1-4 and you still want to read more!

    23. I don't know what's going on!!! Who are these people? Superman thinks the world needs better heroes? So many characters!? And we are almost always in one or another characters first act. But damn if this was not fun. So many cheesy one liners. So many random battles. And Nazi raids at a picnic. Hilarious. I thought I'd hate it but man I'll admit that I had fun reading this. Starman's nonsense is hilarious. Superhero enthusiasts need only apply.

    24. Enjoyable enough, I can see why people like Geoff Johns. Some really solid character work (Wildcat and Cyclone are standouts), and well structured plot. But the mix of "gritty" tv-esque murders mixed with people in ridiculous costumes (Mr. America, I'm looking right at you) kept me out of the narrative more than I would have liked.

    25. La ripartenza del mio supergruppo DC preferito, insieme alla Legione dei Super Eroi, è decisamente ottima, con una buona trama, disegni superbi, idee non scontate e l'unica pecca di forse troppi personaggi per ogni numero, una situazione di non facile gestione.

    26. Before the previous volume ended, I thought I was finished with JSA, but when the book returned with this volume, it really knocked it out of the park for me. Fantastic super-hero stuff steeped in DC continuity but not in a divisive or exclusionary way.

    27. Wow - a lot going on in this issue of the JSA - basically 3 of the original JSA'ers have to pick a new roster of teammates at the same time that someone is hunting down the families of the early JSA members and killing them. P.S. It's continues in the JLA: The Lightning saga (yes, JLA, not JSA).

    28. Richer.The members of the JSA have richer everything.Someone is gunning after the legacy, looking to end their line.Could it work?Hey, its the JSA. There is going to be a fight. A big fight. And well worth the read.

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