Pit Road

Pit Road True love has no brakes Running Under Caution Book Denny Clay never had much going for him until the racing circuit took him out of the trailer park and away from his bigoted family Luck smiled on

  • Title: Pit Road
  • Author: Anah Crow Dianne Fox
  • ISBN: 9781609286736
  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
  • True love has no brakes Running Under Caution, Book 1 Denny Clay never had much going for him, until the racing circuit took him out of the trailer park and away from his bigoted family Luck smiled on him, and now he s settled down in the closet with his crew chief and boyfriend, Sully Price Though they re winning races and the fight to keep their relationship secretTrue love has no brakes Running Under Caution, Book 1Denny Clay never had much going for him, until the racing circuit took him out of the trailer park and away from his bigoted family Luck smiled on him, and now he s settled down in the closet with his crew chief and boyfriend, Sully Price Though they re winning races and the fight to keep their relationship secret, Denny can t shake the feeling he s going to have to pay up for all this happiness He never imagined reckoning would come in the form of a rare medical condition that might cost him his career And maybe Sully too For once, Sully s at a loss, with nothing in his fix everything toolbox designed to repair his broken lover or stop Denny s inevitable slide into a black hole of self loathing With a little creativity and a few kinky accessories, Sully shifts into overdrive in the race to get Denny turned around And prays that his stubborn persistence doesn t drive their love into a ditch Warning Broken heroes, hot sex, and one man s hardcore determination to keep his lover in one piece.

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    1. 4.5 stars because we never got the sequelDamn it, I knew I shouldn't have read this knowing Anah Crow isn't around anymore. This ended in a HFN with an obvious road to HEA and it is supposed to be part of a series and we obviously didn't get one.Regardless, this was fucking hot and full of passion. I loved it and miss Anah Crow with the power of a thousand suns.

    2. NTS: See Gigi's review. This ends with a HFN and though first book of a series, there seems to be no other book forthcoming according to Gigi's review.

    3. Denny is a sprint car driver. Quick to race, quick to temper. He has risen above his trailer trash roots, and is gaining a foothold in the racing world. He is a private man, quietly afraid to let anyone know the real him.Sully is a great mechanic - can fix anything, make anything better. Tall and masculine, a real man's man, he's part of Denny's pit crew. Takes care of Denny's car, his engine. And his heart.When a wreck causes more damage than anyone knows, Denny is faced with a harsh new realit [...]

    4. 3.5 - Sully and Denny are really good together. At first the story had all the earmarks of a complete fucked up angst fest with miscommunication, cheating and immature behavior. And guess what, it did not happen. While Denny had his moments, this story was well done and you could not help but really cheer for the two of these guys to pull through and for Denny to get his self pitying head out of his ass. (I am being harsh here. Denny's cards were stacked deep against him and he was after all onl [...]

    5. I really wanted t olike this. I was really looking forward to it - I had it on my TBR long before the release date adn I kept checking to see if I could buy it yet. And it started out really good; I thought I was going to really like it. But then it just died.This is not a bad book. It's just a long, monotonous book. There is some character progression that happens, but it's slow, and gets dragged out way too long. And there's no real plot outside of that. At some point, I just don't really care [...]

    6. 3.5 StarsDenny races cars and he's good at it. Racing got him out of the trailer park and a life that he'd rather not recall. He's with Sully now, who runs his crew and as much as Denny cannot bear to even think to admit it the man he loves.LOVES, like FOR LIFE in love. Sully won't cut him any slack though he WILL be Denny's man.So after a crash leaves Denny starting over and with his racing career possibly finished. Denny and Sully finally take the hard steps to face the world. The sex was so h [...]

    7. Denny and Sully are faced with serious life changing events in the book; there are life threatening illnesses, sick family members, and the issues Danny has with being gay and people finding out. Sully is the man everyone dreams of having, a man to take care of you when you’re sick and love you for better or worse, he’s also the man to anticipate when you need a good spanking. With Sully’s strength the couple prevails through all, besides if anything can take your mind off an injury it’s [...]

    8. I've really enjoyed work by these authors before, so I was sorry to be disappointed by this book. I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was underwhelmed until I read that the chapters were originally published as short stories, then revised into a whole for this book. I think this explains why I felt that elements of each chapter were repetitious and that while there was character and plot development, it was both limited and halting, as issues emerged and were resolved within each chapter. I [...]

    9. "Pit Road" tells the story of boyfriends Sully a mechanic and Denny a driver. The book is about an established couple and if that is something you do not like, I couldn't really recommend this story to you. In my opinion not all authors can write established character, they are very hard to write and when done well can be amazing. Unfortunately for Crow and Fox they didn't develop a very good story. Sully and Denny are in the closet, mostly because Denny still has that fear factor going on for h [...]

    10. 3.5 stars, maybe? Not sure. I really liked the characters and I learned something new, which is always a good thing. Anah Crow and Dianne Fox are fantastic authors and I really enjoy their work. I definitely want to read more about the characters, although I guess I'm at a wait-and-see about the overall arc of the story. Denny and Sully are likable characters and it's obvious they love each other. I find it interesting (in a good way) that they recognize that even love wouldn't have saved their [...]

    11. 3.5 Stars. I really loved the two heroes of this one. I rarely read m/m where the heroes are already together when the book starts, and this was both a plus and a minus for this particular book. It worked because we got to see their relationship tested by Denny's accident, and we got to see him basically grow up and into his relationship with Sully, and we saw him accepting himself as a gay man.The minus of their togetherness is I felt like I was reading a sequel, rather than a first book. There [...]

    12. An intense relationship story with essentially no outside storyline. Instead of a more traditional rise to a crisis and resolve format, this was more of a spiral. The same issues kept coming up, in various forms, through the whole story until they mostly had them worked out. With no big crisis at the end of the book, if felt a little anti-climactic, although you are left with a feeling that Denny and Sully are going to make it. They did most of their communicating and working things out through [...]

    13. This was a very interesting read. It was a constant battle for me between wanting to hug Denny or shake the stuffing out of him in frustration. At times I couldn't understand how Sully put up with it all.A few little niggles prevented this from being a 5 star read (and no, the frustration wasn't one of them). I honestly can't recall there being any mention made of ages in the book, but more than a third in suddenly it seemed that there was a fair difference in agebut never truly clarified. And a [...]

    14. synopsis: denny and sully are a closted couple. denny is a race car driver and sully is his crew chief. denny has an accident while driving and walks away from the accident. later that evening, he collapses in pain and goes through extensive surgery on his leg to repair what is wrong. denny keeps pushing sully away during the healing process.what i liked: the book was well edited and had interesting characters. denny and sully were well drawn, the writing was well done, but i just couldn't get i [...]

    15. This book was nothing but a tiny bit of plot and a whole lot of sex, where the little bit of plot that was introduced was never resolved one way or another. There were several times in this book that I found myself skipping ahead, because it was just another pointless sex scene that came out of nowhere and made no sense as to why it was happening in the first place. If PWP is your thing, then, yes - I recommend this book. But if you want character development with a good story line where the sex [...]

    16. 2.5 stars. I usually adore these authors; Slow Bloom and Uneven are among my all-time favorites. That being said, this story was pleasant enough but lacked the spark of some of their other work. It felt a little aimless and disjointed, and I wish it had more of a focus. Additionally, the reader is dropped right into the main characters' already-formed relationship, and I felt that the sparse background knowledge really prevented me from fully connecting with them. I'm curious as to how the serie [...]

    17. Meh! I felt like this book should have been better than it was. It in the past these writers have turned my brain into pudding a very good way. This book had the potential to do that but something went wrong. I felt like I was missing the back story of Denny and Sully. I kept wondering if there was a novella out there that I didn't know about that went deeper into thier history. This story seems jumpy at times, almolst as if the writers just sort of gave up the ghost and moved on to the next cha [...]

    18. Ends @91%. Different from the norm, as these two guys are already in a committed relationship from the start of the book. All the tension comes from Denny recovering from a career ending race car crash. While trying to come to grips with being gay, and what that means outside of his relationship with Sully.

    19. For some reason this didn't capture me quite as much as other Crow & Fox's books have.I liked the story and the main characters a lot, butmething was missing for me. I wish I could've given it more stars.Not a bad book, just missing the magical "thing" I've come to expect from these authors.

    20. I loved seeing Denny's growth and the development of the relationship. Their love for each other was beautiful and inspiring. I just wish it had been a little longer so we could see him get back into racing (or not). Maybe a sequel?

    21. Way too much sex for my taste. Seemed like that was the answer to every problem. Overall it was a sweet story of love.

    22. I liked the short stories, but loved this expanded version. Amazing characters! Looking forward to book 2!

    23. The story felt kinda abstract in the beginning, slow in the middle and chopped at the end. But I love these authors and the characters were really enjoyable even if the pacing felt kinda weird.

    24. The dialect used in Pit Road became grating after a few chapters and one of the main characters uses the term 'sugar' so many times for his partner that I am amazed the boyfriend didn't get diabetes.

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