The Blood

The Blood The riveting conclusion to a thrilling trilogy from New York Times bestselling master of suspense D J MacHale From Marshall s mysterious experiences in The Light to Cooper s haunting perspective in Th

  • Title: The Blood
  • Author: D.J. MacHale
  • ISBN: 9781442452350
  • Page: 279
  • Format: ebook
  • The riveting conclusion to a thrilling trilogy from New York Times bestselling master of suspense D J MacHale.From Marshall s mysterious experiences in The Light to Cooper s haunting perspective in The Black, the questions have intensified along with the action And now it is time for answers A final showdown is in order between best friends Marshall and Cooper and theThe riveting conclusion to a thrilling trilogy from New York Times bestselling master of suspense D J MacHale.From Marshall s mysterious experiences in The Light to Cooper s haunting perspective in The Black, the questions have intensified along with the action And now it is time for answers A final showdown is in order between best friends Marshall and Cooper and the terrifying villain Damon, who s determined than ever to break down the walls between the worlds of the living and the dead.Marshall is forced to make a brave and shocking choice when the battle is on the line, and he and Cooper might be rewarded with help from someone quite unexpected.As the gripping trilogy heads toward resolution, shocks and surprises await at the end of the long and winding Morpheous Road.

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    1. As always, D. J. MacHale was written a satisfying conclusion to a series. Okay, so maybe this book lacked the utter OH-MY-GOODNESS-WHAT-IN-HALLA-JUST-HAPPENED, Oh-that's-adorable!, I-DON'T-UNDERSTAND-THIS-AT-ALL-BUT-I-LOVE-IT-ANYWAY-WAIT-IT'S-PERFECT!* awesomeness of the Pendragon series ending (can you tell I like it? Just a little?). But overall, I enjoyed this series as a whole. I loved where the character development went with this book. Both Marsh and Cooper are fully fleshed-out, three dim [...]

    2. Marshall Seaver is just like any other teenager in his hometown of Stony Brook. Except for the fact that he has only 1 parent, the fact his best friend just died in a boating "accident", and the fact that Marshall Seaver is being haunted by a ghost from the time of Alexander the Great. So, you know, it's a pretty much normal life. Anyways, in the first two books of the trilogy, Marshall learns about what happens after you die- you go into a place called the Black which is essentially a waiting r [...]

    3. From the author of the Pendragon series, D.J. MacHale, comes this amazing trilogy that ends with The Blood. This book really wrapped up everything that you needed to know about this series. It left no questions unanswered. I really loved it because it really feels like you're apart of the experience of the difficulties they have to go through in the final installation of the Morpheus Road trilogy. Would recommend. Very good.


    5. The switch to the third person narrative for this installment took away all of MacHale's charm as an author. There were so many plot twists that it just started to feel like he was pulling the story out of his but. I hated that Damon turned good with absolutely no metamorphosis or character development, or at least not enough to make the ending believable. This book was far too long. I have no problem with tomes, but I need the story to keep my attention for the entire time. This just couldn't d [...]

    6. 3.5/3.75Not as good as the 2nd book, but still fun (and I still like it more than the first book). I definitely like Cooper more (and find him way more interesting) than Marshall but (view spoiler)[ I LOVELOVELOVELOVE the "twist" with the watchers because ohmygod Pendragon!! (aka my 2nd favorite book series of all time). (hide spoiler)]Definitely glad I finally got around to this trilogy and it was kinda fun to read it around Halloween for the death/ghost vibes going on

    7. My Review For All Three Books:THERE ARE SPOILERS. I absolutely LOVED this series! My friend recommended it to me, and at first I was skeptical, but later I began to get into the booksE LIGHT:The first book. I really connected to Marsh, since I'm a bit of a nerd too (more fantasy than sci-fi) and I totally get being attracted to books/enterprises that in high school would be considered "childish" (i.e. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, etc.). I didn't really connect to Cooper, since [...]

    8. When I started this book, it had been roughly a year since I had read "The Black". And within those 365 days I've read tons of books. I became a seriously obsessive reader. My views on themes and novels and symbolism and writing style and voice had matured. So when I read the first hundred or so pages of this book, I was somewhat disappointed in the over usage of words like "Dude", etc. But I seriously believe if I had read this book last year, or even a few months ago, I wouldn't really have mi [...]

    9. In The Blood, the third and final book in the Morpheus Road series, the wall that separates our world and the dead is in jeopardy of being torn down. Author D.J. MacHale takes us to Marshall and Cooper’s final confrontation with the very scary villain Damon. There is so much that happens in this book that it is really hard to explain without spoiling anything.The path for Marsh and Coop to Damon is not a lovely road. All of the questions that were set forth in The Light and The Dark boils down [...]

    10. I loved The Blood. I really liked that even though throughout the book Evil seemed two steps ahead of Good, Good won in the end. I liked that the last hope for the Good side was the original Bad. I loved that in the end, most of the souls (people?) who had fought for the Good side got to move on to Solara. I liked that this book explained the good side of the Morpheus Road, whereas The Dark explained the bad side. By the end of the three books (trilogy, whatever) you had a good idea of the entir [...]

    11. I have been reading books from Machale for quite a while now. It started with the pendragon series (Which I would seriously recommend), then I heard of a new series he was writing. Morpheus road. I loved this series. It had connections to the original Pendragon series, and it was always exciting. The main characters were being terrified and constnatly in the face of death. It was a pleasure to see the way they developed. This book was written in a way that as soon as I started reading, I HAD to [...]

    12. 2.5 stars. If this book had ended about halfway through, I would have given it 3 or possibly even 4 stars. But things just started springing up from nowhere. The entire series has been talking about the Morpheus Road and its three parts: the Light, the Black, and the Blood. And suddenly, this fourth piece shows up and is really where things are supposed to end? And why was the Black so… lacking? This was supposed to be the uber-scary, hellish place where the eternally evil literally lived and [...]

    13. In my experience reading the novel “Morpheus Road: The Blood” I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish. With this being the third novel in the trilogy, all lose ends are tied at the conclusion of the story. I started this series when I was in elementary school, and now years later, the captivating atmosphere and story which gripped me as a child continues to today. The beginning sets up the events which had been built for the past two books. A cataclysmic battle determining the fat [...]

    14. For a YA book, the uplifting message and character development, while somewhat predictable, don't feel stale or preachy. I was bummed that there wasn't much of Sydney in this book though, especially how the opening was framed. Overall it's a decent conclusion to a cleverly situated story, and even though I started it many years ago, the trilogy is still delightful.

    15. Good solid finish to a good solid series. High five D.J.! This last book was not a scary book at all. This was a fun fantasy adventure. It's a good clean five star Y.A. title in my option.

    16. Honestlyok I'm torn. I enjoyed this series a lot but I was really bummed in to find that D had a change of heart and everyone lives happily ever after. My son adored it.

    17. **The Bellow review was written for a personal blog where ratings are given in pages rather than stars and is rated for all readers rather than just myself. I have given a rating of 5 stars here as my personal opinion rather than an overall opinion.**Having just finished this book, I sit here reeling over a fabulous story, convinced that D.J MacHale is a master of his craft and am envious of his skills. I hoping to be able to manage even a small fraction of his ability to craft a compelling stor [...]

    18. This is the conclusion of the Morpheus Road trilogy, and I’ve been waiting for it eagerly. The author built up an incredible sense of suspense with the first two books. The first book, ‘The Light’, was told from the POV of teenaged Marshall Seaver. The next book, ‘The Black’, the same events were narrated by his lately deceased best friend, Cooper Foley, and we got to see what was happening on the other side of death. In ‘The Blood’, we get a third person viewpoint that brings them [...]

    19. DJ MacHale has done it again. This author is so amazing I can't even believe it. This was such a good finale to the Morpheus Road trilogy! Everything comes full circle - literally - because a character or two from his Pendragon series makes more than an appearance in this book!!I gave both "The Light" and "The Black" 5 stars each, and it only makes sense that "The Blood" deserves it too. The only complaint I had with this book was that there was A LOT going on. Not action-wise, because it's grea [...]

    20. I swear, if I ever get to meet D.J. MacHale, I am going to give him the biggest hug and tell him that he entertains me! This has to be the best book of the summer, hands freaking down.So The Blood picks up right where The Black (The second Morpheus Road) started. Its really hard to write a review for this because there is so much that I don't want to give away to the possible reader trying to decide if they should read this series or not, and you should! Admittedly the first book was no cake wal [...]

    21. I love D.J. MacHale's books. Though they are for ages ten and up I think they are more suited towards twelve and up. Morpheus Road the Blood is the final book in this trilogy and I was so excited to read this one. Marsh Seaver and Cooper Foley had caused so many problems in the previous two books and they were all finally coming to a head, along with additional problems. My little brother is the biggest reluctant reader and I was able to hook him on this series because the writing fits that of t [...]

    22. this one was probably the best out of the three, even though it lacked much of the horror aspect, which was what drew me in in the first place. it was very much a fantasy novel, and a good one at that, i just really missed the freaky stuff. beyond that, it was great. one of my favorite parts was how the morpheus rod trilogy connected with pendragon, uncle press, solara and all. usually when authors do a crossover like that, it ends up being total crap and make no sense at allis one was actually [...]

    23. The Blood is a suspenseful and satisfying conclusion to the Morpheus Road trilogy, written by the author of the popular Pendragon series. These books are definitely best read in order as they are each building blocks for the author's intriguing premise about the afterlife. Those who have read the previous two installments will enjoy the story's surprising plot twists (especially Pendragon fans) and all remaining questions will be answered. Marsh and Cooper are authentic and relatable characters, [...]

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