Broken Child

Broken Child This powerful tale takes readers on a harrowing unforgettable journey into the nightmare of parental abuse and the darkness of mental illness Written by a woman who endured horrendous abuse from her

  • Title: Broken Child
  • Author: Marcia Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781575660004
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • This powerful tale takes readers on a harrowing, unforgettable journey into the nightmare of parental abuse and the darkness of mental illness Written by a woman who endured horrendous abuse from her mother and became a split personality by the age of five, here is the story of her agonizing childhood, the conflicting personalties, and struggle back to sanity.

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    1. Be prepared to be disturbed by the things humans can manage to do to one another and still look at themselves in the mirror and sleep at night. Not a book for someone with a weak stomach, she goes into great detail about the horrific things that led to her developing a multiple personality disorder. Just when you start to think that she has finally gotten some luck, fate spits right back in her face.

    2. This book was absolutely harrowing. I have an iron stomach and there were parts of this that I had a very difficult time getting through. That said, it is a story of profound hope that left me feeling very optimistic and blessed. It also gave me a much deeper understanding of the effects of childhood abuse. I HIGHLY suggest reading this one.

    3. this book is actually very disterbing. But what i got out of it was that my life isnt this bad.Even though the story very closely borderlines what was going on in my life its high pintacles go a bit further than mine at times. Which is a comfort when its really hard to be worse than my torment. Very hard to top what ive been through and the strain on my heart. The ending is dissapointing though where she is happy in the ending and my pain burns on. I would write what it is i keep reffering to [...]

    4. This is a true story of a lady diagnosed as a multiple personality disorder (known now as Dissociative Identity Disorder) due to severe physical, sexual, and psychological abuse from her mother. It is also a story of her healing process once she found a competent therapist/psychiatrist. I had a difficult time reading it but I am glad I finished it. This is one example of the power we all possess to heal from whatever we have gone through in life, no matter how horrible or painful.

    5. I don't believe this story at all. I think it's exaggerated by a child/adult who wasn't acknowledged by her mom and resents the attention her brothers got. I'm only 15% thru the book and I already want to send it back to the store I got it at.

    6. Without a doubt, the most harrowing memoir on Disociative Identity Disorder EVER! She was abuse, rape mutiple times, tired to commit suicide, and after all that hell she's alive and recovering! Painful read but totally worth it!

    7. I read this book many years ago but never finished it. A lot of the acts committed upon the child i found hard to stomach. Began to make me feel wrong for wanting to read it at all. :x

    8. The first few pages have been hard to get through. I could not get myself interested in it and choose to ignore it for a good time. I read something else and picked it up again a few weeks later. Suddenly I found myself in this really interesting and shocking Biography. She isn´t holding back or sugar coating anything when she tells us about the abuse she had to endure. I don´t have a weak stomach but one time I even feared continuing reading because I was anxious about what would happen next. [...]

    9. Hard to put into words. However, let's try. For all those who didn't make it ,thank you Marcia for your memoir. Someone to tell the world that such depths of evil existed and still exists today . Such depraved behaviour that defies belief. When people talk of mental illness and being crazy what do they mean? Marcia apparently was mentally ill and crazy?! Yep but she was not born that way she became crazy because of years of pain and abuse. Thanks for being so shockingly candid. A well written me [...]

    10. I have read numerous child abuse survivor memoirs and I have an iron stomach. This one, however, was a difficult and emotionally draining one to read. The most horrific story of abuse I've ever read. I can't say it's a book that's hard to put down because I could only read so much and then I needed to put it down to take a mental break. With that said, I highly recommend it. It's an important story of human resilience, hope, and perseverance. An incredible story!

    11. This horrific but compelling book is amazing . I own 128 copies and still purchasing them to give as gifts. It has changed so many lives and deserves notariaty. I am in contact with Marcia and Dr. Steinman and currently writing a movie script so look forward to this becoming a visiual tool for all those abused as hope there is life after abuse. I hope you all can apperciate my efforts and cherish it as I do.

    12. This was a very emotional story. The depravity of some people astonish me. This woman went through pure hell and survived. She is extremely brave to tell her story and is an inspiration to all. I highly recommend this book, especially if you are interested in psychology. This is a great account of what a person lives with, who suffers from DID (dissociative identity disorder).

    13. I read this book in high school and had my copy stolen from me. I recently found a second copy and couldn't be happier! This book is so disturbing but a very interesting case of MPD/DID (whichever you prefer)If you've ever read any autobiographies dealing with abnormal psychology I would add this to your list.

    14. Amazing! This book took me awhile to read, it was emotionally draining at times (in a good way). The fact that the author is still alive and functioning as well as she is, is a miracle. Very strong woman there and her doctor is just as amazing, so happy she finally found someone that could help her.

    15. This book was mind boggling to me! The abuse and torture this child felt almost daily made me feel extremely blessed!! If you want a book that will stay with you for a while, I DEFINITELY recommend this book!

    16. It's one of those books you'll never forget you read. A story based on a woman who went through a lot and overcame her problems, little by little.Disturbing yet overpowering.A great book to read and a page turner.

    17. Broken Child is a story of a child so badly abused that she learns to hide within herself. Abused by the one person who should love her and never hurt her, every hope of being saved is crushed. Very difficult to read. Makes you wonder how a person survives!

    18. Highly recommend this book. The author gives the reader an inside look of how she lived with multiple personalities.

    19. This book literally had me in tears. I had to take breaks because I couldn't emotionally handle it at all at one time. It was a great book, though.

    20. I read this book 15 years ago for a book report in high school. I have never forgotten this book nor do I think I ever will. This book has stuck with me and I will never forget it.

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